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  1. jacobite

    uniformly scale multipal objects

    I love it Jed, takes a great deal of work out of what I had do, I was not looking forward to going through each model and adjusting it. Maybe MAXON will include a mode it R20 as I'm sure lots of people come across this little problem. Thanks Guys for your help and support, you have been Magic! Alan
  2. jacobite

    uniformly scale multipal objects

    Cheers Jed, it looks good to me. The logos don't have to exactly be the same height for what I’m doing. The objects are going to be placed on a 3D map at their city locations with a camera flyby. I just assumed that C4D would be able to deal with this task. I should’ve checked first before modelling. As you said, interesting subject (problem). I really thought someone would have solved it with a script. Cheers Jed
  3. jacobite

    uniformly scale multipal objects

    Thank you ever so much Jed, I never imagined anyone would take the time to record a tutorial. The C4Dcafe is an amazing community. You have hit the nail on the head, that is exactly what I was hoping to achieve. I hope your solution works on my setup, I uploaded a sample file. Again, thank you so much in taking your valuable time in explaining your solution. I’m sure many users will benefit from your tutorial.
  4. jacobite

    uniformly scale multipal objects

    Sorry maliohammad, I have unintentional confused the issue. I have used the word Scale rather than Size. I now know C4D has a different relationship between these two coordinates. Indeed, I have the exact commands as illustrated in your picture. However, this command will scale the whole project. What I’m trying to achieve is: Let’s say we have 5 logos in a project at the same time. Each logo is at different sizes on the Y. I want all logos to be the same height on Y. I was hoping that I could enter a number, let’s say 10cm into the coordinates manager at Y and automatically C4D would calculate the correct ratio for X and Z. I have tried Transfer, with no joy. The only thing that almost works is changing Y in the coordinates manage with the size changed to “Size+”. In this mod C4D will calculate the ratio for Z but not X. I have uploaded a sample file for anyone to mess with. I hope I have cleared up the misunderstanding and thanks again for you help and support. Logo_Temp.c4d
  5. jacobite

    uniformly scale multipal objects

    Thanks, maliohammad for your speedy reply. In the project settings I only have Project Scale and not Scale Objects, (am I missing something)? I thought I found the solution through the Coordinates Manager. I change the scale for XYZ to Scale+ and entered a value for Y. This calculated the ratio for Z but not for X. After many hours of head scratching I know I can’t see the wood for the trees.
  6. Scenario, I have modelled 44 football (Soccer) Logos for a project. Each was created from Illustrator vectors; therefore, they are all at different scales. Each logo is contained separately in its own null. I now have them all in one project and want to uniformly scale them all to the same size. It would be magic if I could enter a Y size and it would workout X an Z and scale all models proportionally. Perhaps someone knows of a plugin to achieve this. I looked at CDTransferTools and in his video he does not mention this function and UniformResizer doesn’t look promising. Any help is very much appreciated.
  7. jacobite

    Content Browser Delete Problem

    Cheers HSrdelic, Managed to recover some files but not the most recent ones. Mad how MAXON does not move these to the trash. Guess I'll put it down to experience. Thanks again for your speedy reply.
  8. Back Story: C4D R18 Mac. I created 42 3D models (Logos) for a project. I have to have all 42 files merged into one file. To do this, I imported them into the content browser them merged them into a new C4D file. I then saved the file, worked a treat. Problem came when I deleted the files from the content browser. This function deleted the folder containing the original 3D files together withe the new merged file. I thought, no problem, I’ll retrieve the files from the trash. However, C4D did not move them to the Trash and has deleted them completely. Has anyone else experienced this problem or has a solution to the recovery of the files? Any Ideas?
  9. jacobite

    Scroll / Motto

    Thank very much, your all amazing.
  10. jacobite

    Scroll / Motto

    Thank you Cerbera, Good solution I'll give it a go. Could you please upload your file so I can experiment with it. Thanks for your quick response
  11. jacobite

    Scroll / Motto

    Trying to get my head round this little problem. The Scroll or Motto at the bottom of this image is causing me problems. Tried it with a spline but the Z Axis was causing problems. Tried it with a bend deformer, things got messy. There must be a simple solution to this or a plugin. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  12. jacobite

    Lights, Stage & Targets.

    Thanks Cerebra, it took me a few minutes to understand what you ment. I did not realise that a target tag could be keyframed to make it interchangeable. Tanks also to westbam for his method.
  13. jacobite

    Lights, Stage & Targets.

    Using the stage as a target does not seem to work for me. The only way around it I think would be to target Camera 1 and render x amount of frames, then change the target to Cam2 then render the the next x amount of frames etc.. I was wondering if anyone else have faced this problem and found a solution. Thanks Cerebra for the speedy reply.
  14. I have a project ready to render. The problem is that I have multiple cameras used. I am using flashing lights to simulate career flashes. For this effect to work correctly the lights have to point to the camera via a target tag. While using multiple cameras via the stage, I am attempting to use the stage as the target, hoping that when the stage switches cameras, then the flashing lights will switch to the active camera. I am having poor results, can anyone advise. Alternatively do I have to render each camera indivisuly? Thanks in Advance.
  15. jacobite

    Ocean/Water Material/Scene

    Magic Great Work.