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  1. I'm making watchfaces for the Huawei smartwatches, and I'm finding it very difficult to achieve attractive, realistic results when lighting a watchface head-on. I can't use GI most of the time, because for one reason or another, I need to use a shadowcatcher material. I'm having to use Keyshot to render, so I suppose I'm getting my money's-worth out of it (or the person who kindly bought it for me, at any rate), but I'd like to do it all in C4D if possible. The attached is a (naff) example of one I made earlier, and rendered in KS. I suppose I could render the face using GI, and just r
  2. Thanks folks. I knew it'd be something simple.
  3. I've always just put up with this, but I thought it was finally time to ask the question. Occasionally, I'll forget that I'm in a 2D viewport (top, right etc) and rotate the view. I've always just eyeballed it when returning it to level, but is there a simpler way? Thanks.
  4. Thanks. That's what I did eventually, so it's nice to know I didn't do something stupid and convoluted in order to achieve the result. Incidentally, I can see a lot of these in my future. I've tried Photoshop, Illustrator, and Affinity Designer, and none of them seem to have the tools for creating dials/meters/whatever you want to call them. Can you suggest any other options? Preferably something that will allow me to knock out a lot in a short period of time. There's obviously a large variation in design of small dials on watch faces, so a high level of customisability would
  5. For some reason, one the cloner with 3 (and I assume the other will be the same), I can't get it to place one on either extremity of the arc, and one in the middle. With start and end on 0% and 100%, the spread isn't enough.
  6. That's weird, it wasn't working at all without it. Thanks again mate, I should put you on retainer.
  7. Hi. As you can probably guess, I'm trying to come up with the easiest way to create accurate markings for a meter, and I thought that aligning flat objects along an arc with an object cloner would be pretty easy. Sadly, as may happen for you, when moving the objects along the spline with the Start and End sliders, when they reach roughly the halfway point, they flip through 90 degrees. I haven't used the cloner much (as you can probably guess), and 30 minutes of frantic Googling hasn't turned up a solution, mainly due to me not knowing the right question to ask. Could
  8. Good call! I'd missed a space. Thank you.
  9. I'll give it another try mate, thanks for testing it.
  10. My PC is only sending a signal to one monitor 90% of the time. All I would like to do is create a desktop shortcut to C4D with a command (if it exists) to start C4D with a specific layout. So, I would have one shortcut for my 3 monitor setup, and a second for the standard layout, when I only need one screen. I have 2 shortcuts on my taskbar; one which extends my desktop onto 3 monitors, and one which sets Windows to single display, as I don't want applications opening on a screen that's off when I'm only using one, which is 90% of the time. The only times I extend my desktop is
  11. This seemed the most logical place for this post. I'd like to be able to start C4D with a specific layout. Sometimes I'm just too lazy to turn all my monitors on, and if I have a quick idea, I don't need 3 monitors. If I start up with 1 monitor, I know all I have to do is close 2 panels and select Standard from the drop down, but It'd be nice not to have to. I've tried creating a shortcut with "-layout <path to layout file>" but I still get my 3 screen startup layout. Am I doing something wrong?
  12. I suppose I've become over-reliant on GI for "realism". Which is another way of saying I'm too lazy to learn how to light scenes correctly with "normal" lights. I suppose I really should spend more time on this, but with C4D being just a hobby now, rather than something that I used regularly, it's difficult to justify the time.
  13. Heck of an investment just to render Minecraft exports. Blender does a much better job with the .obj files that most Minecraft exporters such as Mineways generate.
  14. Thanks mate. It only requires simple lighting, so I'll stick with normal lighting. I suppose there's nothing stopping me rendering once with normal lights to generate the shadow, then again with GI and a transparent background, and overlaying the normal with the GI.
  15. Feel free to hold your head in your hands and sigh, it's so long since I've had to do this, I've honestly forgotten the simplest (or any) way of doing it. Literally all I need is a png of a simple object (a watch hand) with its shadow, on a transparent background. My memory is saying this used to be simple many years ago, but I honestly can't figure out how to do it. Please help! <edit> I should probably mention what I've tried so far: I have a box with a plane below it. The box has a standard material, and the plane has a s


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