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  1. C4D future info & development

    Well, I like the blogpost about the rewrite of the core. It seems to me that this is exactly the way it has to be done. Bring in the new core as the new foundation and then switch step by step the functions to this new core. Better it takes some time rather than getting unstable. Cinema 4D is and will be the software of my choice (after 20 years of 3dsmax). What I need is a swiss army knife for all my jobs, not a specialist for one or two things. Is everything optimal in C4D? No, but then again, where it is? Big thanks goes to HSrdelic, kbar and RBarret for the insights. Very interesting to read. A short little tip for cutman: If C4D does not meet your requirements in so many points, go ahead and buy Houdini. You already know everything about Houdini, because you have read the feature list on their website, right? And I have heard, they have the greenest grass of all! Mehhhhh