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  1. hi guys, im super desperate ... i tried everything and i cant get it to work ... please please help!!! I got an asian dragon rigged via spline IK. now i need this joint chain to PERFECTLY ride along a spline. NO DYNAMICS ... NO HOCUS POCUS ... JUST SIMPLY JOINTS ALONG SPLINE ... sorry for shouting but i lost days figuring this out ... please please help me!
  2. hi i rigged a chinese dragon (the ones that look like a snake) ... got a splineIK ... everything works well. how can now animate the spline along another spline? cheers
  3. hi guys got a problem with the inherit effector 1) i got a tower of cubes ...they are rotating constantly 2) now i want to transfer the animation to another tower of cubes ... to achieve this i use the inherit effector in morph mode ... so far so good 3) when i now animated the strenght or the weight of the inherit effector the cubes start to rotate accordingly but the are kind of jittery too i tried everything in my power to solve this problem (mograph cache morph for example) but nothing worked. any hints? thanks guys cloner_inherit_problem.c4d cloner_inherit_problem.c4d



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