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  1. hi, my all time favoritve plugin is "steadycam pro" from tca studios. http://tcastudios.com/?p=17 i use this plugin for so much stuff not just for camera work. unfortunately it doesnt work with R20/21 anymore. i would love to get in contact with the creator of the plugin but i cant figure out who he or she is and how to contact him/her. any leads are very much appreciated. thx
  2. of course i tried that ... but the animation attribute is not smooth at all. it just changes it rapidly. example:
  3. hi guys, trying to animate a cell noise .... reference picture attached ... i want it to be smooth crawling animation. i tried a regular animated noise inside a pixel shader but for some reason the pixel shader only recognizes bitmap textures. i got it working rendering a fractal noise in AE as a sequence and then import it into c4d for use in the pixel shader but i would love a more elegant solution. thx guys
  4. I am a late adopter. Just upgraded to R20 and I am trying to wrap my head around the mograph fields. They are AMAZING!!!! I got a small problem though, and was hoping you guys can help me out. Lets say I have a cloner grid 3x3x3 and I want some Clones move to the right and some move to the right. In R19 I would have used a shader effector in weight mode and two time effectors. Tried to recreate that with fields and cant get it to work. It works in either direction but when both time effectors are at work it gets jumpy. Here is my demo scene file. Would love to get some insight got it to work with a random field but how would i go about if i want both moving at the same speed ... very curious time_effector_01.c4d time_effector_02.c4d
  5. hi guys, im super desperate ... i tried everything and i cant get it to work ... please please help!!! I got an asian dragon rigged via spline IK. now i need this joint chain to PERFECTLY ride along a spline. NO DYNAMICS ... NO HOCUS POCUS ... JUST SIMPLY JOINTS ALONG SPLINE ... sorry for shouting but i lost days figuring this out ... please please help me!
  6. hi i rigged a chinese dragon (the ones that look like a snake) ... got a splineIK ... everything works well. how can now animate the spline along another spline? cheers
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