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  1. I saw your other video...

    I need to do exactly this but with a lot of pressure going through a sliced in half pipe.

  2. Really!? I called them and they said NAY! You must pay! They say no free upgrade. I try again a bit later.

    Looks like I will need your helping hand sooner than expected. I have to mock up fluid mixtures going through tubes with water, foam and gas through pipes.

    I tried to use liquid solver and within the container, I attempted to generate fluids down the pip...

  3. Haha, Finally is a big word here. It took me a while to even get approved to be on this site. But it is well worth it and people are super smart here. I am a bit bummed out because we just purchased C4D R12 and R13 is coming out. They wont offer upgrade even if we just bought it. Hating MAXON right now. Anyhow, Glad you are on board. Add me as friend.

  4. Hi, i finally registered in.

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