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  1. Thanks guys...you're all super-helpful and generous with your wisdom. It's really remarkable. I've decided to explore another route for my character animation. I will post my file to this thread if I come back to my previous rig.
  2. Hi, Sorry for that. It's a 4K monitor I exported to 1080p. Thank you for the reply. I have tried Auto-keyframing but to no avail. I was going to try deleting my preferences, but it would take a while to rebuild them so I was hoping I might ask alternatives from the Cafe first.
  3. I create animation keyframes using the Timeline F-Curve mode and/or Attributes Manager, but Cinema 4D doesn't seem to be storing them. In this video, I create two keyframes, edit them in the Timeline, and switch to the Attributes view. The keyframe identifier is no longer red, but back to yellow. The track's Animation Curve can change, but the object is not animating. These elements were soloed to create the video, but I've experienced this issue with other files. I've tried copying and pasting the elements into a new scene and double-checked to make sure Animation is Enabled in my Layers view. Any ideas what might be happening? Is this a bug? Thanks.
  4. Hi Jennifer, I added stretchy limbs to everfresh's rig and zeroed out the controllers (robot_simple_rubberhose.c4d, attached). This has Rubber Hose-esque controllers that should be easier for you to animate. I animated a walk demonstrating the rig (robot_simple_walk.c4d, attached). robot_simple_rubberhose.c4d robot_simple_walk.c4d
  5. I agree about the difficult logic...for me, I was thinking that if the Skin Object was handled before the other Generators, that would fix its lag. But clearly it was more a complex relationship than that. Is this specific to Cinema 4D? I don't think I've encountered these issues with Maya. I pray that Cinema 4D hardware-accelerates its viewport as Maya has done so things can be computed in parallel.
  6. THANK YOU, everfresh! I really need to learn more about priorities. I found this video that I'm going to watch right now before doing any more rigging: Thank you, again!
  7. Hi, Thank you for the reply. The scene is attached. If you use Go to Next Frame in the Timeline, you can see the Jaw animation and lag. Skin_Lag.c4d
  8. Hello, I am experiencing a lag from my Skin Deformer. I am using Cinema 4D's Character Object along with some custom face joints/controls. As you can see in the above image, the joints and controls are one frame ahead of the Skin. Some notes on the Priorities: The joints are rigged with an IK Spline tag that has its Priority set to Generators 0 The Skin is at the top of the Object Manager and its priority is set to Generators -1 (see image, below) Can anyone please help me to get the joints and the skin in sync? Thank you!
  9. Hi jed, I hope it's okay to ask another question. I'm now experiencing the same lag with the Skin object. Changing its priority to Generators 0 or -1 (or changing its order in the Object Manager) does not fix it. Could you please shed light on what's happening with this? lag3.c4d
  10. Thank you again. Will this improve performance at all or is it just a simpler set up?
  11. Hello, I am distributing cubes along a high-res spline using Xpresso. I am using a lower-res spline and a Spline Deformer to deform the high-res spline. There is a significant lag between the Xpresso and Spline Deformer. In the image below, you can see the lag when using the Timeline's 'Go to Next Frame' or 'Go to Next Key' buttons. The cubes do not distribute to the deformed spline until the button is pressed again. I have tried using a Cloner (rather than Xpresso) to distribute the cubes, but this does not fix the issue. I have also tried changing the Expression priorities, Object Manager order, and using the Shift Priority tag, but these did not work. I have attached my scene file if anyone can offer any help. Thank you! Lag between Spline Deformer and Xpresso.c4d



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