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  1. Hi, I'm having two issues: First, my custom Viewport Filter Presets do not show up until I open the 'Save Preset...' dialog. My second issue is that I now have multiple presets named similarly but do not see a way to delete them. Can anyone advise me on either issue please? Thank you.
  2. That's what it was, thank you @deck! Turns out my card cannot
  3. Hello, I am cloning lights along a Spline. For some reason, only the first 7 clones show a reflection. The rest do not. Can someone please explain if there is a setting to allow all of the clones to create reflections? Thank you!
  4. Hi, that's a cool setup, but I'm not trying to create a roll. I want one object to follow the other in just one dimension, even if it's a child. The matrix is being skewed by the code, but I don't think it is skewed beforehand.
  5. Hello! I want to have one object follow another object in just one dimension (e.g. position.x), maintaining their offset, even if the follower is a child of the leader. This needs to be done in a Python Tag (so no Constraints). I asked this question on the SDK forums and got to this point with Manuel at MAXON (Follow.zip). Before hitting play, you store the initial offset with a User Data button on the Python Tag. There’s some strange wobbling happening and I’m a little stuck. Any help would be tremendous, thank you! import c4d from c4d import utils storedData = 123456 # baseContainer offsetInitializedID = 1000 # Bool offsetID = 1001 #Vector matrixLockID = 1002 #Matrix def WriteOffset(obj, vec, init = True): # write the offset in the BaseContainer global storedData data = obj.GetDataInstance() if data is None: print "None" return False bc = data.GetContainer(storedData) if bc is None: print "No BC" bc = c4d.BaseContainer() bc.SetBool(offsetInitializedID, init) bc.SetVector(offsetID, vec) data.SetContainer(storedData, bc) for cid,val in bc: print cid,val return True def ReadOffset(obj): global storedData data = obj.GetDataInstance() if data is None: return False, c4d.Vector(0) bc = data.GetContainer(storedData) return bc.GetBool(offsetInitializedID), bc.GetVector(offsetID), bc.GetMatrix(matrixLockID) def ClearOffset(obj): global storedData data = obj.GetDataInstance() if data is None: return False bc = data.GetContainer(storedData) if bc is None: bc = c4d.BaseContainer() del data[storedData] for cid,val in bc: print cid,val for cid,val in data: print cid,val return True def message(id, data): if id == c4d.MSG_DESCRIPTION_COMMAND: if data['id'].GetDepth() > 1 and data['id'][1].id == 2: # get the target's matrix target = op[c4d.ID_USERDATA,1] obj = op.GetObject() if target is None or obj is None: return #Get the object's matrix' tmg = target.GetMg() objmg = obj.GetMg() diffMatrix = objmg - tmg offset = diffMatrix.off if not WriteOffset(obj, offset): raise ValueError ("couldn't write value in the basecontaier") if data['id'].GetDepth() > 1 and data['id'][1].id == 3: obj = op.GetObject() if not ClearOffset(obj): raise ValueError ("couldn't clear value in the basecontaier") def GetGlobalScale(m): return c4d.Vector( m.v1.GetLength(), m.v2.GetLength(), m.v3.GetLength()) def main(): followX = op[c4d.ID_USERDATA,6] # Retrieve the object # option 0 all param # option 1 only rotation # option 2 only offset # option 3 only X axis # option 4 even if B is child of A only X option = 4 obj = op.GetObject() objMg = obj.GetMg() offsetActive, offset, oldMatrix = ReadOffset(obj) if offsetActive: target = op[c4d.ID_USERDATA,1] tmg = target.GetMg() if option == 0: # Get the global coordinate of the offset. tmg.off = tmg * offset elif option == 1: # Only add the offset to the target's matrix tmg.off = objMg.off elif option == 2: # Build the new matrix based on the object's matrix and the global coordinate of the offset objMg.off = tmg * offset tmg = objMg elif option == 3: objMg.off = c4d.Vector(tmg.off.x + offset.x, objMg.off.y, objMg.off.z) tmg = objMg elif option == 4: oldMatrix.off = c4d.Vector(tmg.off.x + offset.x, oldMatrix.off.y, oldMatrix.off.z) tmg = oldMatrix # remove the scale by normalizing the tmg.Normalize() if (followX): obj.SetMg(tmg)
  6. I haven't seen a consistent direction amongst the 3D applications. In Maya, the characters face +Z and in Blender & 3DS Max it's -Y, all facing their default cameras. I am still curious why Cinema 4D chose to face -Z when +Z, though maybe less important, makes more sense (to me anyway).
  7. Hello, I'm curious if there is any reason that the Character Object's default facing direction is -Z. It seems more logical to me that if an object is moving forward, the values would be positive and backwards, the values would be negative. Perhaps it is because Cinema 4D's Viewport is looking at -Z by default? If so, why is that? Thank you.
  8. Wow, @FLima and @Rectro, those are some very thorough responses. A very sincere thank you!!! Cloth seems much less scary to me now. I'm going to try all that was suggested and find what works best for me in different situations.
  9. Hi! I'm starting to think more about clothing for my character and I could really use some advice from more experienced users. Here are some of the questions I have. Answers to any of these would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! What's a good rule of thumb for when to model the clothing into the character and when to simulate cloth dynamics? In the case of cloth dynamics, are any of you using Marvelous Designer? It's pretty expensive for me at the moment. Can Cinema 4D's Dress-O-Matic & Cloth Dynamics get similar results? In the case of modeling the clothing into the character, how do you typically handle the body geometry? i.e. if the body is covered by clothing do you keep the underlying geometry and weight both the body & clothing or delete the covered geometry? In the case of modeling the clothing into the character, How would you mimic the bunching of the fabric in the elbows and knees? Pose Morphs? Displacement maps? How do you typically handle ornamental geometry like buttons, patches, badges? So far I have tried Skin Deformers (copying the weights tags with VAMP), the Surface Deformer, and Constraints. I would like to hear others' approaches to this.
  10. I am experiencing lag when sculpting in S22 and not R21: post.
  11. Hello, I'm experiencing a 0.5 second delay with every brush stroke when sculpting in Cinema 4D S22 that makes it very difficult. Here is a screen capture of my experience which is a Sphere primitive (type: Hexahedron) with 900 segments made editable (540K polygons): At the time of this message, I have the latest C4D build, S22.016, and the latest driver for my GPUs. This is happening with my regular USB mouse and my Wacom Cintiq. I have attached screenshots of my Input Devices, Viewport Hardware, and Viewport Display Preferences. I also tested this with Cinema 4D R21 and did not experience these issues: Thank you. System Info: OS Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Version: 10.0.18362 Build 18362 HD Model: Samsung SSD 850 PRO 1TB Processor: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 0 @ 2.70GHz, 2701 Mhz, 8 Core(s), 16 Logical Processor(s) Installed Physical Memory (RAM): 64.0 GB GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN Black
  12. @DMcGavran Hi Dave, I thought this year showed a lot of potential. First, it was so cool being able to use the new Cinema 4D features you announced right away. That was much better than having to wait several months. It would allow future presenters to do a live/more interactive tutorial with new features if they wanted. Second, there wasn't the loud noise from other booths bleeding into the MAXON booth which made it better as a viewer (a few presenters did have some distracting background audio though). Third, I thought it was generally better for the presenters to prerecord their presentations because having to share a machine & setup with other presenters often leads to technical issues with differing operating systems, renderers, and keyboard shortcuts. A couple of considerations: I felt the chat wasn't a great tool for sorting the questions for presenters. The questions got lost in the shuffle and were sometimes unclear. My advice would be to have a live question poll system that the audience can upvote rather than YouTube chat. Here are some examples of those tools: Slido, PollEverywhere Also, the networking aspect of the live presentations is HUGE. Artists getting to meet MAXON and each other was my favorite part of these events. It makes this C4D world feel smaller. Maybe you could bring the artists to these events for live Q&A and to meet new people but prerecord their presentations and make it interactive with the Internet like this year? Or you could do new online events with the model used for this year's NAB outside of SIGGRAPH & NAB and change the in-person events' model? Because of their length and technicality, I don't think the presentations grab many new users at these live events. I think they more inspire existing users and help them as a tutorial archive later for Cineversity. Who is going to come into a dense tutorial halfway and understand what is going on? It seems like Q&As, short quick tips, and motion reels would be better for live events for users who aren't familiar with C4D/Red Giant/Redshift - those are much more exciting, inviting, casual, and less daunting to a new user who happens upon the MAXON booth.
  13. Hi @bezo, Thank you for the message and that's a cool look, but as mentioned in my original post, I'm not looking for cases with texture projections. I want them to be one solid color based on the object's texture. Thanks!
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