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  1. I have found the fix (link below): my Wheel Suspension Connectors needed to be rotated in H by -90°. I also had to bring up the Friction in my Dynamics tags.
  2. Hi, I have a super simple setup for a Dynamics-enabled car. I've been following a tutorial and my Wheel Suspension is working, but my Motors are not. My car drops but doesn't move forward. Could some kind soul out there have a look at my scene file please and tell me where I'm going wrong? Dynamics_Suspension.zip
  3. Hello, I'm trying to mirror weight for a single, centered joint from one side of a symmetrical mesh to the other. I'm using the command button 'Mirror + to -' in the Weight Manager, which works great with joints that use 'L_' and 'R_' prefixes, but doesn't currently work at all with my middle joint. All of my joints' influences are unlocked. No components (points, edges, or faces) are selected. I have tried with Auto Normalize on and off Could you please advise me on how to mirror this single joint's weights? Thank you!
  4. Thank you for the offer, @bentraje! I don't have one ready at the moment, but I'll post here when I experience the twist flip with IK Spline.
  5. Thanks again for the responses. Yes, I'm trying to recreate the NURBS Loft rig from Maya in Cinema 4D. **Update** I tried a rig with a spline instead of a polygon ribbon and there is still lag between it and the Skin Deformer. I'm not sure where the Skin Deformer gets computed. Your message is a reminder to move on with a simpler rig rather than waste more time on this issue. Thank you.
  6. Hi @bentraje, Thank you for the reply and for looking into the file! Yes, you're exactly right about using the Skin deformer as a driver object. By using the Ribbon's 5 joints, I am able to get twist on all axes with falloff in driving the mini controls which isn't possible with the IK spline tag. With twist enabled, the IK spline tag also jitters a lot. What was your idea for an XPresso rig with this effect (a few controls driving many joints' position and rotation)?
  7. Hello, I'm experiencing a lag with my Ribbon Lips rig that I have spent the entire day trying to fix. Could you help me understand what is going on, please? The Rig I have a Lip Rig with the following order of operations: 12 bind joints constrained to 12 "minor controllers" by PSR Constraints A polygon "Ribbon" plane bound by a Skin Deformer and 5 bind joints. 5 "major controllers" for the 5 bind joints, constrained by PSR Constraints. 12 minor controllers clamped to a "Ribbon" polygon plane by Clamp Constraints Mouth geometry bound by a Skin Deformer and the 12 bind joints I am using a Ribbon driver to be able to get twist with falloff on all axes without flipping as is common with IK-Spline. Polygons also seem to do better in the Viewport than Splines. It's working fine except for the final step: the mouth Skin Deformer. Here is the file: Ribbon_Lag.zip Object Manager & Priorities The priorities for the Constraints are all set to Expressions 0, except for the Minor Controllers, which are set to Generators 0. Questions Why do the minor controllers need to be in Generators priority? The only generators are the Splines. I tried a version with Null Objects and there was still a lag. I was told on this forum to not use Priority: Generators 0 except in rare cases, so I put them at the bottom of the Object Manager, but they don't work that way. Is it possible that the Skin Deformer isn't being executed at Expressions 0, but still at its default, Generators -1? I was also told that Cinema 4D can't change the Priority for Skin Deformers. The help manual says Skin Deformer Priority only works with Force enabled, which only works with point objects that are not polygon objects. How can I fix the lag between the rig and the Mouth Geometry? If the issue is because I need the Constraint expressions to run between the Ribbon and the Mouth Geometry's Skin Deformers, is there a workaround? I've tried Loft and Extrude NURBS. The Loft NURBS allowed for twisting like the Polygon Ribbon does, but the parametric geometry was unstable...its U divisions changed when I manipulated its Splines. The Extrude NURBS provided more stable geometry, but I couldn't twist the points of the Spline. I've tried so many things. I am now coming to the community for help. Thank you.
  8. Wow, thank you! I'm going to give this a go. Have a fantastic weekend and thanks again for the huge help!
  9. Also, thank you so much for doing this. It works! And now that I know what went wrong, I can try a simpler setup
  10. That's awesome! So is the center controller controlling one joint? Is there any aiming or rotation happening to the joint?
  11. Thank you, everfresh. I'd learned Cartoon Eye Rigging in Maya and was trying to implement some of those concepts. I believe my jitter issues are from the Spline-IK tag. In researching this issue, I've read about it affecting other people's rigs as well. Do you (or digitvisions) use it at all? It doesn't seem worth it if the joints aren't going to reset to correct positions.
  12. Possibly. I can try a version where every object has its own Skin Deformer before adding the Weight Tags. I thought the Skin Deformer was just like the other C4D Deformers where it can be a child of an object or in the same group and have the same effect. It has an Include tab which makes me think that one Skin Deformer can affect multiple objects. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think the Skin Weights tags are independent of the Skin Deformer. If I export them, the Weights file doesn't have any reference to the Skin Deformer. Have you encountered issues because of this in the past?
  13. I have the Skin Deformer in a group with the Head mesh, which seemed to be working. If I parent the Skin Deformer to the Head object, I'm still seeing the issue.
  14. Hi digitvisions, Thanks for having a look. I'm concerned with the geometry shifting that happens in the eyelid area after playing the animation several times. If you play the timeline 10-15 times, then go to the Head object, click on the Skin Weights tag's "Reset Bind Pose" button, you will see how much the vertices shifted.



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