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  1. Hi @DMcGavran, the Feature Suggestion form is still down unfortunately. It would be even better to have a way to share ideas with MAXON and the community for Cinema 4D features.
  2. @bezo Hi Bezo, thank you for the reply (nice sketch by the way ) I was hoping I could leave it off, but if that is the only way to get Polygon Snapping to work correctly, then I will turn it off. Thank you.
  3. Thank you for the reply. I didn't drag off the edge of the surface. It was drawn onto the surface and should have stuck to it. I have uploaded my scene file and it's kind of you to offer to have a look. It seems like the scripts I'm using for retopology ( HB Modelling Bundle 2.3) turns on Backface Culling which is causing the Polygon Snap to get confused with not just the Sketch tool but also the Polygon Pen. Polygon Snap.c4d
  4. Hello, I am retopologizing a model for the first time in R21 and Polygon Snap doesn't seem to be as accurate as it was in R20. Is there a new setting of which I'm not aware? Shown in this image are some splines I drew with the Sketch tool with Polygon Snap on. My Stroke Smoothing is at 100%. The strokes aren't smooth and the points are almost always shooting off into space at some point. This is the same when using the Polygon Pen tool. Can anyone advise me on what might be going wrong with Polygon Snap in R21? Thank you!
  5. Updating this thread with what fixed my issue: Dan very wisely suggested exporting the weights and re-importing them. I had to: Save the Weight Tag's joint selection with a Selection object Save the weights from the corrupted Weight Tag (from Weight Manager's File menu) Delete the corrupted Weight Tag Create a new Weight Tag Re-select the joints with the Select object Add them to the new Weight Tag Load the weights (from Weight Manager's File menu) It's a lot of steps, but this worked! It's a LOT faster than having to repaint weights for all of my characters using this rig. Thank you, thank you, thank you @Rectro for going above and beyond! You helped me a lot. EDIT: For those with Cineversity, these scripts made it very easy: https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaylist/cv-weight_scripts/
  6. Hi @Rectro, Thanks for the reply. I cannot share the file on the forum I'm afraid. I tried sending you the file in PM, but I see you cannot receive messages. Is there another way I can send this to you privately? Thank you!
  7. Hello, My rig's Weight Tags have stopped working. I have tried replacing the Skin Deformers, but that didn't work. I have verified that the weights are normalized and when I hover over the geometry, the vertices are associated with the correct joints. I have tried deleting superfluous joints from the Weight Tag, but nothing has fixed the issue. If I drag the Weight slider from 0% to 100%, the geometry goes to the correct position of the joints, but does not move with them. If I add a new weight tag and repaint weights, the Skin Deformer works. This is very undesirable though as I have finished weight painting. These Weight Tags were working previously. What has changed: my rig uses XPresso to disable the Skin Deformers and hide skinned geometry. I tried disabling the XPresso tag and even deleting all of the nodes inside it. In this image you can see the new weight tag working with the boot of the character, but the pants (which are showing weights from another tag) do not move (the other joints in the image are the FK joints from the Character Object, not the bind joints). Is this a bug or does anyone have suggestions for how to get these Weight Tags working again? Thank you. SYSTEM INFO: Cinema 4D R20.059 (Build RB272827) Windows 10 Pro (10.0.18362 Build 18362) Intel Xeon CPU E5-2680 NVIDIA Driver: 441.12 64GB RAM
  8. Got it and thanks again. This way's a lot more hidden than the standalone page.
  9. Thanks for the reply, @kbar. Support is different (in my mind) than a Feature Request.
  10. I was looking to submit a Feature Request and saw that the MAXON suggestions site is no longer up: https://www.MAXON.net/en/support/suggestions/ Does anyone know if there's a replacement? I searched Google and didn't find anything. If user ideas for improving Cinema 4D are no longer valued by MAXON, I really don't like this decision. It seems like most other apps welcome such input. Many user feature requests get implemented! Blender Maya Procreate After Effects
  11. Hello, I have a linear type Spline in a Sweep object. All of my spline's points have hard interpolation. I cannot figure out how to get the Sweep to turn in perfect 90° angles without it twisting. In the scene attached (below), the corners labeled 1 are twisting. The corners labeled 2 are not twisting. I do not understand why and how to control the twisting. The difference I can see is that there is a subdivision between the two Spline points at a greater distance apart. When I add subdivision points using ‘Number’ in my Spline object’s parameters, however, the angles aren’t straight: the corners still twist. I have tried using a rail spline but I wasn’t able to get clear, consistent results with it. I’ve also tried rotating my Spline’s axis, but that didn't work. Can anyone help me to achieve straight 90° corners? Thank you! Spline_Twist.c4d
  12. I found the Snapping settings in the Move/Scale/Rotate tools. I am curious: Why is Snapping unavailable for the UV Transform Tool?
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