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  1. @jed Engineers using C4D around the world thank you. This is also just cool motion to watch.
  2. @BoganTW Is it weird that I thought someone bought MAXON? That seems unlikely though: aren't they a pretty big company? Also, I saw something recently about Apple getting Cinema4D + Redshift working with Metal. Seems like a pretty big partnership for the future. I've been to SIGGRAPH several times and never seen the CEO. Maybe he'll open with "GPU Viewport" and drop the mic.
  3. @Icecaveman It is! I love watching C4DLive for conferences. They have giveaways (which I've yet to win)!
  4. Is anyone going to SIGGRAPH 2019?
  5. Has anyone heard what we might expect from R21? Only a couple weeks away from SIGGRAPH.
  6. Very cool of you to do! Nice to have for posterity.
  7. Man, you should publish this with a link to the scene file! No videos existed about Universal Joints for Cinema 4D (or I couldn't find any). I'm sure it would help the next person who searches for how to do this in Cinema.
  8. The master! Thanks, @jed! Have a good weekend.
  9. Hahahahahaha! I saw that! Did you get the idea from the expression in the Maya tutorial or was that on your own? Great work!
  10. That looks good to me: Thank you! So everything is parented to the inputShaft and the journalCross and outputShaft have upVectors only? I wonder why this solution (which I think works well) is so different from the Maya and Blender ones. Are Cinema 4D's Aim Constraints/UpVectors inherently different? Maybe the Aim/UpV combination is redundant, causing the flip? Thank you again, @jed!
  11. Hello, I'm trying to rig a Universal Joint in Cinema 4D based on some tutorials I found for Blender & Maya: How to Rig a Universal Joint with Blender How To : Rig a Universal Joint in Maya For some reason, with my version, the Journal Cross is flipping. I think I have the axes correct with my Aim Constraint & Up Vector, but maybe not. Could it be because of an order of priority? My scene file is attached. Thank you! Universal_Joint.c4d
  12. I found the Roll-It plugin in the Object Manager > Tags! It is working. Thanks @Cerbera!
  13. Exactly what I was after @Hrvoje, thank you very much!
  14. Thank you @Cerbera for the response. It doesn't work with my version of Cinema 4D (R20). Does it work for you? Are you using the Insydium Bridge?



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