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  1. Relying to myself in case anyone is interested - posted the same at Creative Cow, got a helpful reply. The tag I was referring to was the generated bake (cached) tag. What I should have been looking to do was add a mograph cache tag from the object manager, from where I can now bake and offset time.
  2. Hi all, baked a mograph cloner / dynamics animation into a cache tag. Need to shift it in time - tried nitrobake which bakes my thousand clones to keyframes but trying to drag the keyframes in the timeline is sticky / impossible. I want to keep it as a cache tag (not to keyframes) but simply to offset when the animation starts. Found a post about offsetting time in the cache tag but can't see that in the cache tag dialogs (in R15, at least). Anyone come across a way to do this? thanks!



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