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  1. It's one extra step, still wish this could be a customised preference but that's a really nice workaround and far better than the alternatives. Thanks!
  2. Hey, finally got around do making a bunch of custom render settings after years of going in and changing everything manually every time. Yeah, I know... I've saved them in the default 'New.c4d' file so they'll at least appear in every new file I make but I'd really like them to be available globally, like a preference, for older files I open. I know I can load them in one-by-one via the content browser but that seems to be a weird limitation. Anyone know a way to achieve this? thanks.
  3. Thanks for the underlines, had already checked them out. Again, they only refer to R21. Sorry, this is still not a clear, unambiguous answer about any post-R21 commitment but we're going round in circles so I give up, will stop asking. If MAXON is really going to take cues form the userbase and not just from a business decision, I've been your user base since R6 and MSA since it started, won't ever be renting software, so yes please, keep perpetual available. Still holding a little hope that this isn't Adobe all over again but not really being given much comfort here.
  4. Agree. RICK, please clarify this one point that I think we still don't have a clear, unambiguous answer to.
  5. RICK, (sorry to shout, having some trouble attracting your attention). Will perpetual licenses still be available to upgrade / buy in the future? If this is something you don't want to answer, let me know and I'll stop asking. I'm kinda responsible for this stuff in my organisation so would be good to know so I can advise. Also, for those of us who won't personally rent software, can I ask that Cineversity and CV plugins be reconsidered for perpetual users? Seems more punitive than practical to take those away.
  6. Rick, in those three years (and onwards), will perpetual licenses still be available to upgrade / buy? If this is something you don't want to answer, let me know and I'll stop asking. Also, for those of us who won't rent software, can I ask that Cineversity and CV plugins be reconsidered for perpetual users? Seems more punitive than practical to take those away.
  7. Thanks for getting back. So going forward, there will still be the option of perpetual in the future? I would imagine this definitely has been discussed (as there's lots of 'Adobe' fears going around). Have to admit, not happy with being penalised with a higher cost than MSA and Cineversity being taken away (any chance you could explain the reasoning behind this decision as it just seems like a punishment for not going the 'permanently-rent / own-nothing' model). I've an existing MSA that'll take me through R21 till the following August. I'd image MSA folk will be eligible for 'in that 'year' upgrades? Is that something you could clarify?
  8. Rick, if you're still on the thread, could you answer my/Adrien's questions (think the post's on page 35)?
  9. I'm just going to copy these unanswered questions as they would be the same as mine. Kinda need specifics here. The lack of info about perpetuals past R21 as well as the weird (and incredibly skinflint) removal of Cineversity for perpetual - yay, less stuff for a lot more money, well.. sorry, but it makes me think this is just Creative Cloud all over again and we'll be encouraged ever more firmly to subscribe or go home. Would love to be proved wrong if you could address these questions.
  10. Ach, this is Creative Cloud all over again. A year or two of perpetual, probably forcing up the price to frogmarch us to the pay monthly, end up owning nothing business model. The plaintive cries I'm hearing are kind of the same as far as I remember with Creative Cloud (and I'd be surprised if they are wrong) but I'm guessing those unhappy voices have been weighed in terms of profit/loss and decided already. CC at work, CS6 at home for me (I'll never rent software that I'll never own), didn't think I'd end up hating MAXON as much as I do Adobe, but I guess we'll see. Hurrah for the shareholders, too bad for the creative industry.
  11. Relying to myself in case anyone is interested - posted the same at Creative Cow, got a helpful reply. The tag I was referring to was the generated bake (cached) tag. What I should have been looking to do was add a mograph cache tag from the object manager, from where I can now bake and offset time.
  12. Hi all, baked a mograph cloner / dynamics animation into a cache tag. Need to shift it in time - tried nitrobake which bakes my thousand clones to keyframes but trying to drag the keyframes in the timeline is sticky / impossible. I want to keep it as a cache tag (not to keyframes) but simply to offset when the animation starts. Found a post about offsetting time in the cache tag but can't see that in the cache tag dialogs (in R15, at least). Anyone come across a way to do this? thanks!

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