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  1. black on vray renders

    come to the support forum or our support email and we help you, as user you have a free acoujtn there V-RAYforC4D
  2. Chaos Group Purchased Corona

    " The material integration of Corona seems to be better than the Vray integration. So maybe the Vray integration will benefit from it. " can you tell me in what exactly it is better? best you send us ifnos+examples to support i love corona much beside vray but not see corona mats better (cor mats mat preview is much slower here for me at least p.e) and yes the merger can benefit also the c4d versions of both products of course. we are already connected to the corona team. Stefan
  3. Vray - 2 textures same object

    lestrade use a recent version, it will work fine, and use official support if you need more ehelp (forum , email etc)
  4. "Splotchy" Render

    use best 3.4 V-Ray which is available to all users on c4d and just default settings. it will not make any splotches and is amazing fast. if you need help on that ask us in the user forum, you have an account and login as user. or ask us vai email support best regards V-RAYforC4D