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  1. I've been using zync for a while now but have grown frustrated at its inability to play nice with windows. Windows doesn't like to download its plugin, run its plugin, swears it is a piece of malicious software. I'm looking for a plug in solution to render the occasional set of stills, no animation. There are times when I have a lot of work to do + rendering jobs and it was nice to out put my ten or so takes to a bigger machine and get back renders in about an hour. This was usually on their ~96 core machines. Can anyone recommend a service for this type of work? I see a few advertised on this site, but I don't really know the pros and cons of what I'm seeing...
  2. Is there a way to but plugins and layouts in one place (like a dropbox folder) so that I can use two machines and always have the setups be the same? I have a laptop I use for field work and am finding it cumbersome to copy the user prefs file back and forth between my two machines whenever I make a change.
  3. Is there a way to either: automatically have the object manager scroll to the currently selected object OR bring up the tag information in the attribute manager of the selected object?

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