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  1. Is there a way to either: automatically have the object manager scroll to the currently selected object OR bring up the tag information in the attribute manager of the selected object?
  2. I'm playing around with prorender this week. While I'm excited by the real time aspect of this renderer, I'm disappointed by how grainy the textures all seem to come out. Is it just the case of needing to up the samples and filtering to a higher count (I'm previewing at 400 samples and 2x filtering)? It also is a bummer to not be able to get good brushed metal textures. Are there resources for pbr textures that work in c4d prorender?
  3. grantpd

    R19 ProRender

    I have the same issue, but on a pc. GTX1070 card. Is it the card? I get renders to the picture viewer instantly but my viewport just goes black and gives me the error message. I'm using a stupid simple scene too. Any advice greatly appreciated. test.zip
  4. grantpd

    Has anyone tried MaxtoC4d?

    Wondering if anyone has used this plugin. I have a client who is married to 3ds max and wondering if we can use it for file exchange. http://www.3dtoall.com/products/maxtoc4d/
  5. grantpd

    Unable to edit 16/32 bit exports in PS

    Still very much worth it to export at 32 bit and get the color correction you want.
  6. grantpd

    Unable to edit 16/32 bit exports in PS

    Typical workflow would be to import 16/32, and then downsample to 8 bit, getting the correct colors you wanted along the way, save a copy.
  7. You will need a drafting program like Vectorworks or AutoCAD to create drafts for events like this. Rendering can be done via a program like C4D/3DS max etc. Vectorworks favors C4D, AutoCAD of course goes for more autodesk like programs like 3DS. I'm a Vectorworks guy and can say that Lighting people love it for the lighting libraries and all of the paperwork that it can generate.
  8. grantpd

    explanation of ray threshold?

    That is what I had thought. I think that the manual is misleading in it's explanation. I always turn it up to 10% anyway.
  9. I've been reading through the manual and am confused about the ray threshold settings. I cannot determine whether setting the threshold higher or lower is meant to decrease rendering time. Can anyone explain?
  10. grantpd

    Spline Sketching

    super cool!
  11. grantpd

    Rotated top view

    https://1drv.ms/v/s!AlTo8dmwYKuKj_ZLGx4J72OozIWgEQ I shot a video of me doing what I'm talking about.
  12. grantpd

    Rotated top view

    Clearly they are not in c4d. I can rotate the top view and all other views no problem.
  13. grantpd

    Rotated top view

    Yes. Plan view is Top view. I am aware of the working plane view. I'm talking about the standard Top view in the viewports. If you go to the Top view and click and drag on the rotate button, the Top view will rotate about the Y axis. In my enclosed capture I have it at roughly 45 degrees. I'd like to know if I can rotate like that by entering in a number somewhere (it's not in the viewport configuration, at least not as far as I can find).
  14. grantpd

    Rotated top view

    No. I had a model that in plan view was rotated about the Y axis by ~45 degrees. So I went to the top view and rotated it by eye so that a lot of stuff was more or less lined up. I'd like to be able to do that and undo that with a bit more precision.
  15. grantpd

    Rotated top view

    I rotated the top view (by eye) 45 deg. to help me with a layout. Is there a way to set this manually? I looked in the viewport configure pallette but don't see anything that has to do with that.