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  1. Not sure if this would work right, but what if you put a null at the origin, group all your objects and make the tracking camera it’s parent Then set up a new camera as your lock off. Ive done some tracking with c4ds tracker for client work earlier this year. I could sworn there was a way to set this up. Not in front of my computer at the moment.
  2. @everfresh Can I ask you a question? What is the green ring that you have in your wireframe here? I understand if you want to keep your methods close to the vest so if you don't want to say it's all good.. I just can't quite figure out how you made the sort air pockets and stuff. Wondering if you used subtraction objects in the volume.. that sort of works for me.. I think the green ring might be deforming some geometry for the larger splashes maybe? Thanks!
  3. Hey! Yeah man, amazing work you're posting! Thanks for sharing your time as well I've never really been too inspired to try cel shading until I saw your work. I think I've sort of got it figured out..I didn't realize sketch and toon render settings is mostly for outlines but the magic still seems to come from the the standard materials? I've been playing with the cel ramps in the Lumanate channel. Going to watch your shading tutorial today. Thanks for showing me that @digitvisions Again great work! Love trying to solve the puzzle of your genius.
  4. HI, for fun I'm trying to re-engineer one of EverFresh designs cool animations he's been posting here.. https://twitter.com/everfreshdesign I'm trying to figure out how he made the sketch and toon show up behind glass.. when I do it.. the lines come in but the color looks shaded as a normal material.. Any idea on how he did this? Thanks!
  5. I've been pretty happy with the logitech craft keyboard but I don't really use the crown as much as I thought I'd might.. except for volume. but it also controls 3 computers that I have. Good stuff. Still though.. would love to know how they made that graphic.
  6. I saw this really cool animation on Logitech's site for their new MX mouse and keyboard. https://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/mx-keys-wireless-keyboard Would love to figure out how they did this, I can see using spline masks in a way to sort of get the cubes to conform to the shape to the font. At least conceptually.. Maybe somebody here has a better idea on how they may have done this?
  7. I'm adjusting the colors of the UI and for the life of me I can't figure out which selection is for the tab BG color. I can change the Tab text color but can't find the BG inactive color for the tabs. Thanks!
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