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  1. I've been pretty happy with the logitech craft keyboard but I don't really use the crown as much as I thought I'd might.. except for volume. but it also controls 3 computers that I have. Good stuff. Still though.. would love to know how they made that graphic.
  2. I saw this really cool animation on Logitech's site for their new MX mouse and keyboard. https://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/mx-keys-wireless-keyboard Would love to figure out how they did this, I can see using spline masks in a way to sort of get the cubes to conform to the shape to the font. At least conceptually.. Maybe somebody here has a better idea on how they may have done this?
  3. I'm adjusting the colors of the UI and for the life of me I can't figure out which selection is for the tab BG color. I can change the Tab text color but can't find the BG inactive color for the tabs. Thanks!
  4. Thanks guys. Yeah it's not the texture, I've just been considering using the diffuse in the reflectance as apposed to the color channel. Thanks Cerebra, I've never considered using auto mode.. and yeah it still seems pretty fast. I noticed on the the standard render that cranking on the ant aliasing setting kills some of that noise.. Was just wondering what the thinking was behind the noise in the first place. Thanks to you two!
  5. Does anyone know why the reflectance diffuse shaders are so grainy? Is there a way to eliminate this? Thanks!
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