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  1. I'm adjusting the colors of the UI and for the life of me I can't figure out which selection is for the tab BG color. I can change the Tab text color but can't find the BG inactive color for the tabs. Thanks!
  2. I can’t imagine any reason to get the 18 core. Team render works great. The 10 core is the best option at full retail. I have an i7-8700k hackintosh 6 core overclocked to 5ghz paired up with my 8-core iMac pro for team renders and it just screams.
  3. I'm into Hackintosh's big time, I've built 3 and they're all pretty solid. Building and i7-8700K at the moment. I also bought the new iMac, there's something to be said about Mac that just works, no fussing with kexts and clover settings, the 15 port limit headache etc. I was a bit concerned too about leaving Nvidia but software developers like Jawsets turbulence FD have always recommended using a dedicated graphics card just for simulations. No reason the same shouldn't go for redshift. With eGPUs finally here it makes more sense than ever to just use a Mac at this point and use my hacks and team render machines.
  4. I just picked up the base model iMac Pro yesterday, I wasn't going to get one but micro center had it for $3,999 so I said what the hell. I'll do some tests with X particles and get back to you. Theoretically x particles should be good because it's multi threaded. So the more cores the better. I don't use real flow so I won't be able to comment on that. On the down side for me anyway is that I'll have rely on the CPU for Turbulence FD as I don't think there's a gfx acceleration mode for AMD cards with this plugin. I may be wrong but will check. It may make interactive preview a nightmare. However, with all these thunderbolt external Graphics card enclosures coming online we may be in luck since nvidia has drives for the mac that work quite well. So yep, so far I've just done a couple of render tests and it's pretty damn fast. It took the 8-core to render the grape scene in about 4:15. This machine will sit really nicely with a couple of other team rendering machines. One downside that bugs me is that apple throttles the CPU to maintain a noise free machine. I tried using the (Macs Fan Control) app to take control of the fans but this program isn't working not he new iMac. I think 4k is a pretty fair price for this machine, if you went out to buy an current chipset 8-core Xeon with 32GIGs DDR4 ECC ram, 1TB SSD, decent gfx card with a 5K display to boot you will easily drop something close to that if not more. I spect the parts out and I could't build desk a top for that. I would be closer to the 5K -6K range. Of course the downside is upgradability. It's confirmed that Ram is upgradable, GFX is not, CPU is possibly. If Ram and CPU is upgradable then this is good for C4D and AE users. Video card, we don't really take much advantage that and if there is a case for a better GPU, then we've got some thunderbolt GPU enclosures as an option. TurbulenceFD recommends a dedicated GPU Just for that plugins with as much memory as possible for simulations. iMac pro, is good to go.
  5. Thanks guys. Yeah it's not the texture, I've just been considering using the diffuse in the reflectance as apposed to the color channel. Thanks Cerebra, I've never considered using auto mode.. and yeah it still seems pretty fast. I noticed on the the standard render that cranking on the ant aliasing setting kills some of that noise.. Was just wondering what the thinking was behind the noise in the first place. Thanks to you two!
  6. Does anyone know why the reflectance diffuse shaders are so grainy? Is there a way to eliminate this? Thanks!



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