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  1. Wel, this could be an interesting sollution. But how can I solve it, when the box is at the end of the assembly line. I want it to drop down....
  2. Hi There, I want to create a loopable assembly line, where multiple objects are being dropped on the line and follow the path to the end. How can I achieve this the best. Dynamics are maybe an option, but do I have full control if I want to make it the animation loopable (with multiple objects on the line? Greets spline_wrap objects.c4d
  3. dijklarg

    sweep nurbs with falloff glow

    A cone moving over the spline would be great, but Then I still don't have the glow effect. I think post is the only sollution. Are do you have any clever ideas?
  4. dijklarg

    sweep nurbs with falloff glow

    Well, I've change my mind. I've chosen for a spline wrap and a cilinder... Almost there... Only thing I want to have is a falloff on my glow... Anybody? Sweep met Glow.c4d
  5. Hi There, I have create a route animation and for this I've chosen an Sweep. The animation is complete and now the texture the sweep where on the beginning of the sweep its glows (like image below) and further to the end the glow disappear. So the texture should also animate with the growth of the sweep. How can I achive this? And is a sweep clever? (maybe is a box with an path follow better?) Any ideas/thoughts?
  6. If a plane doesn't have the exact X/Y ratio as my Flat projected texture map, there's always some stretching or squeezing of my texture. Is there a way to use "Fit to Object" for a texture, but have it scale proportionally? I work with texture maps that contain text or logos and I want to make sure I'm not distorting the source artwork.