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  1. Hey, I've got a grid array 20x20x20 with objects, made with the cloner. And now I want to have some Space in the middle, where no objects is places/visible? The push apart with a new object (where I could push away some objcets from the inside) don't seems to work. How can I archive this the best? I can make my cloner editable, and move some object, but what else is possible?
  2. I want to model this ribon... And also animate it. HOw can I achive this the best, so the 2d look will remains. The ribbon should move slowly. (not grow) Should I use IK or not?
  3. Iv got multiple cylinders placed into a cloner. Now I want to rotate every cilinder, with a small delay. Therefore I've used and "spherical" field, moving from left to right. When I hover across the cloner, all of the objects move exactly on he same time, so the is no delay. This is because of the pivot of all of the objects, is at the same place, right? But how can lds, so all of the object move slight from each other? circels.c4d
  4. Any Tips How I can approach this?
  5. Hi There, I'm animation camera which is moving over a highway. For this I'm using the multipass, so I can adjust the amount of blur with the RSMB plugin. But there i'm getting some bugs... When rendering I'm getting this result: ON the bottom you can see some strange colours, and also some black parts, which RSMB the result is terrible... What I'm I doing wrong? Is it the clipping of the camera? of other settings? Please help? highway.c4d
  6. I've got a PSD file with tranparancy (logo). How can I fade this material in or out? Many say to animate with the transparency tab of the material, but there I've already got the Alpha layer of my PSD file... So how can I solve this?
  7. I Can't get it right... How can I create an emittor with bubbles, which are go up in the air... and also collide trought an cylinder? When I add a dynamics tag, they collide trough the cylinder, but also fall down. I want to achieve to get some water bubbles go trought a cylinder, going up Bubbles omhoog.c4d
  8. Wel, this could be an interesting sollution. But how can I solve it, when the box is at the end of the assembly line. I want it to drop down....
  9. Hi There, I want to create a loopable assembly line, where multiple objects are being dropped on the line and follow the path to the end. How can I achieve this the best. Dynamics are maybe an option, but do I have full control if I want to make it the animation loopable (with multiple objects on the line? Greets spline_wrap objects.c4d
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