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  1. I hope this is appreciated on here - a little nervous to post my work on this forum. Nevertheless I would appreciate comments good or bad - thank you! https://vimeo.com/300498965
  2. That's amazing StCanas! Thank you so much. But I'm sorry to say, there's still the issue of distortion in the centre, it's a very slick method, but I think I would need greater control. The client is quite insistent that it looks right. I have been playing with the pose morph tag and whilst it's a really time consuming task getting each iteration correct, I'm getting some joy. See attached Foil pose morph 5.c4d
  3. Thank you Deck, that looks promising. Again I never would have considered this approach. My concern is that the client requires a very specific laser cut in the foil and I don't think I'll get away with any variations on that theme. I will have a mess about with your model and see if I can reconcile the two. Really good suggestion :)
  4. Hi StCanas, the problem with this method is that it is vertically distorting the foil in the centre, then throw in the requirement for a curved laser cut and I'm just not sure it's going to work - huge thanks, but so sorry :(
  5. Yup, I'm glad someone else sees how much of a rod I've made for my own back! My contingency plan is to use creative camera angles to mask the sh*** bits ...
  6. This is my best attempt so far - pretty shabby TBH Lid IK model 3.c4d
  7. Thank you Mjohnny, yes I tried the pose morph tag and I couldn't get it to play ball. But maybe I should have another go now that I'm desperate! Really appreciate your help.
  8. I never would have thought about that solution StCanas! I will have to do some messing about to see if I can get it to fit, I think the main stumbling block will be the requirement for the curved shape of the laser cut on the foil, will let you know if I have any success. But thank you! I really appreciate that, proper outside-of-the box thinking!
  9. I'm not exactly a newbie, but I could do with some advice regardless. I need to peel the seal off a coffee jar in a convincing manner, but due to the shape of the foil, I cannot get a perfect peel action. I want this to look awesome with no stretching or distortion. Has anyone got any suggestions as to how this would best be tackled? I have tried character rigging it, I have tried various deformers. I used vertex mapping to control the transitional shape. I have tried building the foil with different meshes to make it more efficient, but can't really get it to behave as I want. Admittedly I'm no great aficionado with character rigging, deformers or vertex mapping, so I concede, I'm probably missing a few tricks. Here are some images that I used for the storyboard - hopefully these explain the shape of the foil and the peeling action that I want. It's quite a satisfying feeling when you peel it in real life and I want to get that across as best as possible. Please help me C4D geniuses! Huge appreciation in advance
  10. Anyone? I have updated the information in the job description.
  11. Apologies for not replying to any of you. I was told to put the recruitment drive on hold, whilst we were awaiting the results of our tender. We have been successful and I have been also asked to open my search up to people from other countries. If any of you are interested still, please do send me a pm.
  12. Biggest marine archaeology project ever ...
  13. • Role operating state of the art 3D scanning technology on an important marine archaeology project - starting early to mid 2018. • All expenses paid opportunity of a lifetime to learn modern archaeology processes in a tropical setting. • Applicants should have an interest in computer generated 3D technology, creative skills - an interest in maritime history an advantage. • A life changing experience recovering artefacts from a very prominent shipwreck, for a minimum of 3 months. • Good work ethics, an easy going and positive mental attitude essential. • Wages @ £1750 Sterling per month Please pm for more information
  14. Our 3D animation and video production studio based in Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire is looking to recruit freelance 3D talent in our area. All C4D skill levels considered, but an eye for detail, boundless enthusiasm and unfettered creativity are essential. Vray knowledge would also be an advantage. An exciting opportunity to get involved in 3D modelling and animation for video, please pm me with your details.

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