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  1. With so much excellent work on here I have always been a little hesitant about posting any of my own work, but I thought what the hell. I put this intro together a year ago and keep meaning to get back to it - it's still got plenty of dodgy bits that need fixing, but there's nothing like the passing of a year to highlight my shortcomings I know cogs and all that are a bit of a cliché, but hard to get away from cogs and clocks with my company name. I designed the logo a long time ago and had to come up with a way of animating it ... I think it works. Maybe I'll get round to finishing it one day ... C4D, Vray and after effects.
  2. Toggling beziers on my PC

    Cerbera - so sorry I didn't reply, I missed this. You were absolutely right of course, just like you this kept catching me out - knowledge is power! Thanks!
  3. Toggling beziers on my PC

    It might have been something like that Westbam - I deleted my prefs and now it's fine. Obviously not a PC thing at all - just me being an airhead as usual - ha ha ha! Thanks for replying :)
  4. So I am posting this in New users section because I have just moved from Mac to PC. Whilst I am loving the increase in power and speed on my PC, this is truly doing my nut in! I cannot seem to toggle my beziers on my PC, on my Mac I would just use the move tool, click and drag the handle and it was all good. On my PC, it just moves the anchor point. I have tried left clicking, right clicking, holding down shift, all combinations - yet I can't grab hold of that damned handle. I'm not a newbie and am a little ashamed to be asking such a basic question, but such is my annoyance. I am sure I will feel utterly stupid when someone points out I have missed something totally obvious, but I just want it sorted - please help guys!
  5. Yeah I was kinda hoping someone would say - Ah you just need to hit the refresh button in the options tab or match the editor render subs settings or something. No matter how much I learn on C4D, there's always something else to learn - not to mention all the stuff that my brain has forgotten. But yeah wingeing aside C4D rocks my world ... until I find something else to start flapping about!
  6. I am on R18, I just haven't updated my status. I'm trying to apply a checkerboard pattern in Vray 3-4, using the C4D checkerboard material, I have overlaid a grunge texture that I generated myself to make the edges look dirty as they fade out to the edge of the screen. So I set the frequency of the check squares and overlay the grunge in a Vray blend material. I am using Flat projection, the UV's are stable, I should be able to see a pretty close preview to what I have set up, but no. Maybe it's a Vray thing or maybe it's C4D or maybe I have to spend another couple of hours that I really haven't got trying to work out these cryptic disparities. Of course there is a trick to it, there always is. I truly love C4D, it rocks, but I feel that something like this should be a core requirement of 3D software, it should not be complex at all - the editor should match the preview ... end of. If there's an issue with the material, there should be an error message or some indicator to alert us as to why the two do not match. Sorry to moan - just creaking under the strain right now - aaaargh! Anyway if anyone could help me shed some light on this, I would be very grateful.
  7. I have lived with this nightmare for too long, now - it's really starting to bug me - has anyone got any workarounds or plug-ins that actually do work? This is a massive glitch that makes a C4D a really awkward tool, it wasn't always like this ... This guy sums it up in a nutshell- Please help!!
  8. Our 3D animation and video production studio based in Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire is looking to recruit freelance 3D talent in our area. All C4D skill levels considered, but an eye for detail, boundless enthusiasm and unfettered creativity are essential. Vray knowledge would also be an advantage. An exciting opportunity to get involved in 3D modelling and animation for video, please pm me with your details.
  9. Mac Mini Render farm

    OK thanks everyone! So I have wired in two of the mac minis and already render times are sufficiently faster. I don't know why I thought I should run them as servers, they run fine in the standard desktop mode. I have set them up with a screen sharing pref so that I can switch them off remotely without monitors or keyboard 'headless'. So far no issues, but as I am currently still running R15, I will get myself some dongles as suggested - thanks SC :) I now need to look into Vray DR and get that up and running, will report back. So far so good and an extremely happy Mac monkey here!
  10. Mac Mini Render farm

    Well exactly Jimh, what are Appple thinking? That's why I am buying 2.6ghz quad core i7's from 2012, great little machines and I can sell em for the same price I bought them if needs be.
  11. Mac Mini Render farm

    Reassuring - thanks CAprezzese!
  12. Mac Mini Render farm

    Processors are fine, if anything they lack RAM upgradbility, but there are many advantages to using Mac minis, anyway, that is not what I wish to discuss, but thanks for the comment Vozzz
  13. Mac Mini Render farm

    There are so many posts all over the interenet about this, I read a load saying that TR doesn't work on OSX server but I think you're right TR is OK, which is a relief. I'm not even sure I have run server anyway, it seems I am OK just keeping a standard desktop set up. I've not heard about the dongle issue though, that's new to me, I expect I will come across that soon enough. I thought this was going to be simple enough ... hey ho. Really apprceiate your advice Scottishcpt - thanks
  14. Going a little crazy here trying to get info on setting up a small mac mini render farm. I am committed to using the minis, so I just need some specific advice on software mostly. What server OS is best for team render? I hear that OSX server isn't compatible - that's a pain in the butt. I'm still running R15, may have to upgrade I guess ... I will also wish to run Vray DR, hopefully that will not complicate things further. Thanks in advance guys