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  1. I came to the Cafe back in the days of Release 8 I think it was, I'd have to go look at the discs to be sure, the time of the flight school comp when he and 3D Crew were the owners, and Nigel's tut's were what got me going. That he has kept this place running for so long and so well deserves nothing but praise and thanks, but it's not a huge surprise. There must have been times when the whole enterprise must have seemed like too much work and aggravation to continue and now here we are. Not entirely for being fed up with MAXON I stopped at R13, personal circumstances at that time played their part, but not properly maturing some of the basic tools and including, to me, unwanted features made the continuing upgrade not valuable. Nothing remains the same. We await developments but maybe not with baited breath. Thank you.
  2. SKP

    2nd Place - Nixie

    Very nice. I like the limited palette, the glow and highlighting on the spheres and the blurring at the edges.
  3. SKP

    2nd Place - Ion

    My favourite but agree about the pilot. Maybe the canopy could have been hinged open with an umbilical snaking out of picture to imply a little 'roadside' difficulty, but I still love the concept and the execution of this.
  4. SKP

    1st Place - SKP

    Yes. Pay me £500 for it.
  5. The aerodynamics of the floats may not be as bad as you imagine. At least they're a streamline form. The struts and brace wires may have been worse. And the Schneider trophy was not about outright speed but speed for a seaplane, this at a time when seaplanes were probably seen as the future.
  6. Thanks. The Macchi MC72 had a contra rotating prop. I took the inspiration from that. This is a blend of the MC 52 and MC72.
  7. SKP


    Excellent script. Works in R13.
  8. No, the seat provides support.

  9. Hey SKP do you always provide support inside a cockpit :)

  10. Been UV'ing, er, painting my hall today

    1. 3DKiwi


      Hope there's no seams :)

  11. SKP

    3rd Equal - Cappuccino

    Well done. Most original of the lot.
  12. SKP


    Excellent work. Love it.
  13. SKP

    Sport Shoe

    Top notch!