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  1. @HSrdelic Thank you for this. I think I get where MAXON are going with C4D and it'll probably be an extremely high performance application just not having the low level access like Houdini provides which is what I need ASAP. That's fine I'm sure it'll continue to be extremely popular and successful when it does come to fruition it just no longer fits what I want to achieve with more dynamics based generative design style work. I can see I'm creating a negative atmosphere on your forum so I will not post anymore. Wishing you well and continued success. Cheers
  2. It's marketing 101, one must never mention or acknowledge the competition to do so invites comparison....whoops.
  3. How is wishing that C4D competes with the competition on features burning the world down? I clearly do different work to you and have greater aspiration which is the real problem for you. I've used C4D since 8 or 9 and personally owned it from R11 so I have a lot invested in it and a myriad of plugins so I don't take lightly having to move to a competitor and the MAXON communication is lacking that I have no assurances that features that I need are forthcoming so I don't have any choice. When we choose a piece of software like C4D and invest in it year after year we do so in the expectation that it is going to be kept current with market trends and with competitor products. 3D DCC applications are very deep and not really like any other software so we invest time and money and they are not applications we change on a whim but when the progress of updating and renewal is so glacial in pace one has to look elsewhere. If you can point out anything untrue in what I say about certain features of C4D then please point them out and we can discuss them and you might even change my mind. I doubt that you will because your real intent is to be the snide and paint my criticism in the darkest possible tone. You also don't get to choose who is a forum member and who isn't. What is it that you contribute after all?
  4. Dear Snowflake, you don't have to read the thread and there is even an ignore feature in the forum so you never have to read another bad thing about C4D. It'll be kittens and cotton candy for you from this point forward.
  5. @deadpixelx Your only real choice is to learn Houdini. It may seem like a vertical cliff learning curve at the beginning but as soon as you get a few principles locked in you can make progress but it is an application that is going to take years to become a master of. But you'll probably become a master of Houdini long before MAXON brings equivalent features to C4D if they ever do. The Houdini user base has exploded and there's plenty of learning material on YT and Vimeo from official tutors and helpful users consequently there's never been a easier time to learn Houdini.
  6. What an incredible human being you are. This forum is honoured to have you here.
  7. Bang on the money @RLaskey. The C4D release videos are bordering on false advertising and I'm sure they couldn't be broadcast on UK TV. They'd never get away with it even with disclaimers on screen. *None of the good stuff in this video was made with C4D...* All of the high-end features depicted in the Versus were done with third party tools, mostly Houdini, and external renderers not C4D. The rather obvious stretching of the truth actually shows how far C4D has fallen behind the competition. The message people should be taking from films like Versus is, why would you choose C4D?
  8. I can say with absolute certainty that I know what my needs are and you do not. I am making projection mapped or AV installations which visualise huge datasets and I want to combine a more physics based approach to showing the data interactions and growth and decay. C4D's physical systems are floating islands that do not interact well with each other and not to mention systems like cloth are so unreliable they are next to useless. I want to show in one sequence these data meeting together to form a billowing cloth. Then you realise the limitations not just with speed but also and you then start to look for workarounds then before you know the artistic vision is compromised and the product looks like an approximation rather than exactly what was intended. So that's why I've begun to learn Houdini because MAXON have failed to keep C4D competitive in low level tools. Xpresso is a joke.
  9. You like to define what others should be doing by your own lack of ambition for C4D or expertise and you read what you want into what I write so it gives you an angle. I'm not sure why anyone who uses C4D shouldn't desire equivalent tool to other competing packages? As I said previously I have been learning Houdini for the last few months but Indie is not an option so I have to make the decision to invest in HoudiniFX and the training time to bring me up to speed. I'm not going to continue to keep C4D if and when we move to Houdini, there would be no point as I can do much of what C4D does in realtime in TouchDesigner.
  10. Notice the MAXON commissioned Versus appearing in a SideFX marketing video, the irony. Certainly sounds like Simon has moved on. If many more high profile C4D artists are seen to be moving in the Houdini direction aspiring artists will do the same and be picking up Houdini Indie for a fraction of the price of a license of C4D Studio to put their showreels together. This video perfectly illustrates my dilemma in needing low level tools to go beyond the high level tools MAXON provides like the new Fracture object which is a great tool as far as it goes. Why not provide me the low level access to build my own fracture tools or extend the MAXON one? I needed more than TP could provide so I bought XParticles now I need more than XParticles now, I need a level up in tools if only to keep things fresh. You can see in the video below examples not too dissimilar to the Extrudifier but they've been crafted through Houdini's nodal programming. If C4D was going to have Houdini level tools for manipulating geometry then there would be no need for Extrudifier. For a whole heap of reasons I'd rather stay with C4D but if the depth of tools are never going to exist then we have to look elsewhere.
  11. I thought this thread over at the other place was pretty indicative of a lot of current C4D users I see turning to Houdini. My twitter stream is very active with former C4D artists posting Houdini work. It won't matter how good the new C4D core is if people have already moved on. So MAXON can stay silent about the future and then hope they haven't lost users for good if they deliver the goods down the line. But once users invest in the full Houdini FX (because Indie can't be used for real clients) MAXON will find it near impossible to get them back. The 3rd release of C4D after the core was finished simply has to show some huge architectural improvement in either object handling or a complete overhaul of Xpresso. Users have been exceptionally patient because object handling has been an issue for the last decade and Xpresso has barely been touched since it arrived, it's time to deliver.
  12. If you buy Nitroman's NitroMoFracture he does include breaking connectors. It's not perfect but does make the fractures and breaks much more plausible. This should've been built in from the start though along with all the Mograph cloners and fracture object etc.
  13. I was just using a bit of sarcasm to illustrate that AD have told Maya users their intentions with Mash and bitfrost and what MAXON have shown. Architectural change vs a plugin level feature. I happen to think MAXON can do much better with communication and go beyond the 'several more releases' statement. I have been learning Houdini for the last 5-6 months and it'll be a fair few more months before I will feel comfortable working on a paid project with it from start to finish. But as a Thinking Particles on acid it is allowing me to think differently how to undertake VFX shots. If you look at the speed of development in Houdini even if MAXON have the ambition to provide an equivalent level it will be a decade before it reaches parity with today's Houdini. R19 could be the time I decide to go all-in with Houdini and invest in Houdini FX. If C4D had an equivalent to SI's ICE or Houdini's nodal system the whole community could be busy developing and extending C4D. Maybe MAXON have plans for a C4D Engine or C4D Assets but it's strange to see something so low level as Extrudifier written in python if a next-gen nodal programming feature is in the pipeline. As a curio Extrudifier is fun but as a example of 'Innovation' in C4D it's a bit odd.
  14. I think you've, possibly, inadvertently shown that MAXON's public position of saying they want to be more open is not the same as the private position. After the furore after the release of R17, the limpest of C4D releases, there was a stated intent that MAXON would provide users more information about what they have planned for C4D and improve communications, hence the ridiculous Blog was started to give a long view of what is coming down the pipe. There was hope that we would get some answers to when MAXON will sort the abysmal object handling out and give an indication that our concerns are actively being worked on. The Blog is nothing more than dressed up Corporate PR and not what users wanted. Let's wait and see how the Labs turns out but, personally, I don't see this being any more than a superficial half hearted endeavour given the choicee of examples it launched with. You might sneer at Autodesk's Subs but they have the advantage of easily changing course and if they decided to substantially drop the cost of Subs or even go back to more affordable paid updates, they could massively impact C4D overnight if they so decided. Maya has acquired some great tools and AD have the advantage of already shipping superior technology from the viewport, to object handling, to physics/cloth and fluids things that will take MAXON the next decade to catch up to at the current glacial development speed. Showing Extrudifier doesn't really compare favourably with architectural changes AD say they're making to Maya by combining MASH and Bifrost. Not in the same ballpark. It's pretty clear to me that the rewrite of the 'core' was not the great landmark moment that we convinced ourselves it would be because we've seen absolutely no tangible benefit so far and no signals that is going to change through the official communication. I'm going to be mighty interested to see what is announced in R19 because 3 releases after the core rewrite without the significant architectural bottlenecks being addressed will leave MAXON little room to pass off Extrudifier as the must have feature this year. There's only so many times MAXON can commission a C4D Release video which uses more Houdini, Realflow and Arnold than C4D itself before the user base wakes up and smells the coffee that the C4D that they want is still at least 'several more releases' (MAXON's words) away.
  15. No worries. The more open MAXON really didn't live up to much, that blog eh?