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Hey guys, check out new PolyGnome tool for Cinema 4D from our long-time member C4DS. You can find PolyGnome in our Store and we hope you like it!! :cowboypistol:


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  1. Xparticles 4 release date

    Indeed, I've overspent the equipment and software budget this year and there's no way I'm going to miss out on XP4! XP is invaluable to me and it has become C4D's Mograph and has been the only reason I haven't jumped onto the Houdini bandwagon sooner. Insydium are a solid company producing solid tools for professional workflows and it would not surprise me one iota if they started replacing whole sections of C4D that MAXON have ignored or are incapable of developing further. It would not surprise me if Xparticles did in time become a mini Houdini running inside C4D meaning they'll keep adding more and more features to XParticles that answer all the workflow needs of those people who are currently switching to Houdini.
  2. The best bet for benchmarks for something like an 8 GPU renderbox would be to scour the GPU developers' forums benchmark threads, I've seen such builds on the Redshift Benchmark thread. I think there is more a physical limit than anything when building a renderbox and trying to keep everything cool enough to run at full speed without thermal throttling. Due to the proximity of the GPUs cooling is much more of an issue than in CPU render farms for obvious reasons. I believe there's an 8 GPU limit with a Redshift license and at the moment it doesn't work with Team Render which could be a limiting factor. I'm hoping that 2x 1080TIs will do most of our renders as they render the Redshift benchmark scene in about 5 mins which is a tough interior lighting setup beyond that we'll use an online farm otherwise I'm going to end up being an IT support tech to a growing GPU farm. :(
  3. Xparticles 4 release date

    Well, the performance of the Xplosia looked pretty rapid even on modest hardware but the stream was really bad during this part of the demo so I couldn't see if they were cached sims or live as I'd missed the setup. If it was the latter it's even more impressive. Congrats on XP4 it looks fantastic with some nicely thought through additions to the toolset.
  4. Xparticles 4 release date

    If only a MAXON update would get me as excited as this XP4 update. Xmas is most definitely coming early this year... Anyone know what MAXON were doing with the demos? There was a MacBook Pro on the lectern but some demos were being run live on Windows others being played back as screen captures. Was the XP4 demo being run on the MBP in Windows or was there some dualboot/VNC/remote desktop wizardry going on? The XP4 smoke demo looked very quick for a laptop. I know ExplosiaFX was CPU based on XSI but it looked pretty good if running on the laptop.
  5. Xparticles 4 release date

    Despite the stream outs XP4 looks awesome and a definite upgrade.
  6. Xparticles 4 release date

    I've just been refreshing like an idiot hoping that'll make it return. Well done to the tweeters! OpenVDBMesher looks like it could be close to Mesh Fusion with enough subdivs.
  7. Xparticles 4 release date

    Stream off in EU too. Amateurish.
  8. Xparticles 4 release date

    Stream is up!!! Someone has thrown more coal on the fire.
  9. Xparticles 4 release date

    The stream has been dead for me today...it's been pretty unreliable for the last couple of days. MAXON, reboot your streaming computer or put some more money in the internet meter! How difficult is it to provide a reliable stream these days? Answer, it isn't...
  10. Xparticles 4 release date

    Was there any GPU acceleration in the demo you saw? Spill the beans!
  11. Xparticles 4 release date

    1. A complex question/answer XP system can be a bloody nightmare to debug even if you're very careful about naming etc. A nodal scene graph would be much easier to track the associations IMHO. I don't think it would be a case of one or the other so those who prefer to put a rig together with nodes can and others could carry on as usual. I prefer nodal programming, it clicks for me. 2. If you're dealing with a lot of particle dynamic, collisions and constraints the simulation can crawl. You can't just reduce the number of particles as this completely changes the dynamics calculation so you need to be calculating with the final amount of particles. My understanding is that this sort of thing is still better done on the GPU than CPU as they're relatively simple calculations that many GPU cores can burn through. XP runs in its own world as far as possible but has to use C4D's drawing routines and whenever it comes into contact with the host it hits the object handling roadblock. Another example is if you've ever tried to use XPresso with XP you immediately kill performance because XPresso is a massive roadblock. The C4DLive stream has been dreadful, it was OK early on but was down from about lunchtime and I gave up.
  12. Xparticles 4 release date

    Heads up. Xparticles4 sneak peek by Mario Tran Phuc at IBC on C4DLive.com on Sunday 1.00pm and 10.00pm CEST.
  13. Xparticles 4 release date

    Dave I hope you've got some killer news about GPU acceleration in XP4 and maybe even a nodal interface for XP4? Without XP I would no longer be a Cinema4D user in fact XP has effectively become C4D for me. I nearly always first turn to the XParticles menu to start a mograph project. In the many years of MAXON dilly dallying over performance improvements XP really has been the go to tools for me and if MAXON ever deliver a C4D with better object handling XP will be in prime position to exploit that performance. Have an excellent IBC and I hope you won't be too shy in publishing demos for those of use who can't make it there. You sold me on the cloth solver because I've turned down cloth work on more than one occasion due to the state of the native cloth tools but this update looks massive and I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on it.
  14. Xparticles 4 release date

    So a cloth simulator, Explosia, flow fields, open VDB and FluidFX. I'm upgrading just for the cloth.
  15. Thanks, Nerv. Depending on what XP4 might bring having both Redshift and Cycles4d might be a good option and certainly Cycles looks a lot more interesting with the new denoising filter. The rather ugly noise in Cycles has put me off until now. I'm looking forward to finally getting Redshift but I'm still a week away from getting my new workstation because of difficulty in getting the GPUs I want. Damn those bitcoin miners!