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  1. in the Princibled BSDF just put the metal slider to 1 and spec to 0 and you have instant metal
  2. you might be better using the INSYDIUM online forums or Discord. But that said. Try FluidFX and constraints to get that effect.
  3. Hi Chip, You will be better off getting user and INSYDIUM help from either the official forum or Discord channels. https://community.insydium.online/ https://discord.gg/tyKUkn7 To see particle data you can use the xpconsole to view what particles are doing, or you can create your own custom data ids
  4. Hi There Your best option for X-Particles or Cycles4D help and support is the official support forum https://community.insydium.online/ or our Discord Channel. RE this you can see all the Data is loaded if you add a Field Map but there is a lot of data and you have to define what you want it to do to the particles EG control position or scale etc.


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