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  1. DonnyFuture

    S&T multipass without lines?

    Can I try and bump this? I've still not figured out how to render a pass without the Sketch and Toon lines. Anyone? :-)
  2. Hey, So Im running TR across 5 machines (iMacs) connected thru our SAN (3TB free atm), and Im rendering an image sequence to the centralised storage that all nodes have fast access to. Im getting errors on the iMacs telling me they are running out of disk space, and I can see the available disk space going down and down. It seems as though they are rendering their frames locally, although the path is definitely to our shared storage. Does TR save the frames locally then move them over to the SAN? It all seems a bit odd to me, never noticed this before... Cheers!
  3. Hey all, Im working on a sketch and toon job that needs composited in AE, so I've been rendering out multi passes for depth, AO, S&T lines, etc. I just can't seem to get a pass without the S&T lines. I must be doing something daft because in my render settings I've got Depth, Ambient Occlusion, Post Effects and RGBA image selected. Also in S&T multiples settings I have Separate Depth, Separate Alpha, Split line types and Outline all checked. But what I basically get is an AO pass, a S&T lines pass on Alpha, and a combined pass with all the effects on it. There's no pass without any of the above. My workaround so far is to switch them all off and render a pass without any effects and then one with, but that seems to defeat the purpose of a multipass render! Its gotta be super simple, anyone help me out?! Cheers.