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  1. Thanks Deck. It's not an easy one...at least doesn't seem the way so far.
  2. The grab below is like 95 percent of the way there, but mapping blindly using the world mode and 3D gradient is atrocious. Very little control. We need the air to be cold about 3/4 of the way around the loop then start to turn red as it warms. Using the 3D linear mapping it is tough to map properly no angle which is what we need. We have only been able to get it to map vertical. Tried sphere and cylindrical as well. No bueno either way...
  3. Hello all. Been a long time since posting on here, but have always found good solutions. We are doing a massive air flow animation for a warehouse. We are using thinking particles to generate streams of air and using mograph tracer to create the splines we want to texture. We are almost there but issue we are having is mapping the color along the spline with any level of accuracy. We are using world mode to map the gradient on the particles/tracers paths, but cannot get it to work exactly how we want. Any solutions or ideas as an alternate? Due to the sheer volume of particles we need to generate, we are trying to avoid using any geometry at all costs. We just want to be able to adjust the gradient along the tracer path so the air temp goes from cool blue to warm red at end of path. Any help is much appreciated. scene file attached Air_flow_test.c4d
  4. Not as I expected, but works. I do need to control the transparency and position with slight offset using effector.
  5. Hello all. I feel like this should be simple. I have put a section of a fan shroud in a cloner to make it a circle. The shroud has 12 section of 30 degrees increments along the circle. I want each section to build on sequentially. I was attempting to use a plain effector to have them fade in and drop slightly into place. Not sure what the solution is here. Any help would be much appreciated. Tried cloning linear and using spline wrap on circle but had to make them editable. Really need to control them using effector. Seems like Mo-spline may be the answer, just not entirely sure the best way to setup. Chris
  6. We're looking for someone to modify a stock C4d character. We had to model some additional clothes that will need to be integrated into the rig. We have one more piece of clothing that needs to be added in addition to the hat, harness and gloves. Will need work delivered in next week or so 05/22/18 - 05/29/18 If interested, please email chrisa@revelmotion.tv
  7. Thanks everfresh. I may not be communicating well, what exactly I am trying to do. I don't want to drop the spinning bottle. I want to keyframe the spinning to have control over start, stop, ease etc. While spinning, I want to be able to control the wobble of the bottle using a target somewhere above the bottle. The bottle needs to interact with the floor in a dynamic way. In other words (when changing the pitch/angle of the bottle it cannot penetrate the floor. This way I can animate the spin and animate a target which controls angle/pitch of bottle while it's spinning. I can get this result with dynamics, but have very little control over start/stop which I need. I also need the pills to swirl inside the bottle so some dynamics must be present. I suppose I could use helper geometry over the top of the bottle with a vibrate take on it and attach that to a circular spline. Animate rotation of the spline and this would allow me to control the top of the bottle pitch and rotate it along with the spline. Worth a try I guess. I'll post if it works. Hopefully that is more clear and thanks agin for the help.
  8. Thanks. Really appreciate the help. I can get most of what I want with initial velocity, I did set the bottle to moving mesh and backed off friction but it's not easy to control as you said. I'll take a peak at the tutorial. Got to be a really simple solution. Thanks again
  9. Hello to all. I am doing a project using a pill bottle filled with pills spinning on a surface fast. I want the bottle to have an angular wobble as spinning but not penetrate the ground. Similar to what a penny would do if you dropped it on the ground. It would wobble/bounce in a circular motion till resting. Just looking for a way to target the axis of the base of the bottle while allowing the bottle to honor the surface it sits on. I need to have control of the wobble. This can't be a drop to surface and let is just settle. I am animating the spin and letting dynamics control the pills inside the bottle. Pill Bottle_Wobble.c4d
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