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  1. Vray or Octane ..

    Thank you Munna and Rectro for your opinions. Rectro, looks like there is a big improvment on this 3.5 version, I really like to put my hands on it and try some renders :D About the IPR, is good to know that, for the moment doesn´t work pretty well..so, if you don´t get similar resoults with the IPR like the Final render, may be it's better to wait a little for a bugfixed version of the IPR.. I mean, make no sense to visualize a different resoult of the final render. Thank you guys!!
  2. Vray or Octane ..

    Sorry for my late reply, I had some holydays.. I can't wait til R19 get out with the new Pro Render, we have to buy Cinema License now, but may be we can get the license with this upgrade option..will see I have to check out the VRay Forum and read about the last Version wich works with GPU and CPU together. I would like to know if you can setup the distributed Rendering nodes to render with CPU or GPU, or VRay do it automatically..because maybe we are gonna setup a little Farm here and it could be interesting to know if we have to go for CPU or more GPU..or maybe some good balanced computers ..
  3. Vray or Octane ..

    Sounds good! So probably for the next Computer update we gonna buy some GPUs and change everything to GPU rendering, but for the moment we have some Xeons setups here and we gonna try to approach it :)
  4. Vray or Octane ..

    Thank you for all your replys!! Is the first time that I have heard about Redshift, I asked some friends here in the company and told me that is very similar to VRay (the core). Anyway I was checking the website and looks like for C4D there is a Alpha version...so, actually I don't have time for bug reporting and been crazy looking for a solution..But looks really interesting for the future. Because of the CPU base rendering, VRay it's gonna be my choice. I used it 3 years ago for a little personal project, and on that time I founded it really powerfull.. Also, the license includes 5 DR Nodes, which gonna be awesome for rendering :)
  5. Vray or Octane ..

    Hi! I know there are some discussions out there about this topic, but some of them are a little bit old and both engines have new features. In the company there I´m working for, like to buy a C4D license and a 3rd party render engine, the fight actually is between VRay and Octane. The computer used for rendering will be the next one: Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3 2.40 Ghz x 2 (2 Processors) 32 Gb Ram Nvidia Quadro K4200 In terms of quality, VRay and Octane are awesome, Vray is mainly CPU and Octane GPU.. What about rendering for animation? Any big diference? What about Bugs/Support? Thank you very much :)
  6. Motion Graphics Course

    Thank you HSrdelic, sure, do it, give me please the Site :)
  7. Motion Graphics Course

    Hi! My Boss gonna give me about 2000€ for a Motion Graphics Course/Master online. I have some knowledge with Cinema 4D, so don´t need to be a beginer course, could be a bit more advanced. Do you know someone? I would like something better than just tutorials, I'm looking for something where I can get some feedback from a Tutor. It could be also something specific, like a Mograph course, or Riging and animaiton course, etc.. Thank you guys, Duud
  8. How much does it cost?

    I understood, there are so many variables. Thank you very much. Wooooouuwww :o
  9. How much does it cost?

    Hi guys! A friend of mine ask me about the price of an animation like this one, and I don't have Idea about Animation prices..can someone tell me more or less how much does it cost? 1000, 5000, 10.000€, more?: thank you guys