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  1. Move R13 material library to R18?

    Thank you! Everything went well!
  2. Move R13 material library to R18?

    Thanks so much. I'll give it a shot after I make a backup. I'm just worried that all of the materials that I have purchased and created over the last 4 or 5 years aren't all gone...that would be horrifically bad at this time of year with all of the new work coming in. Thanks again!
  3. Hi guys, I recently purchased C4D R18 for a terrific price...and I LOVE it! However...I have an extensive body of materials and textures for R13 that I cannot seem to load into my R18 materials browser. I've added the new texture path in R18, but I'm hoping to delete R13 since I'm upgrading and do not want to have to load everything from scratch. Is there a safe way to copy and paste all of the texture/material data and then delete R13?
  4. One last thing before I crash for the night...would it be too much to ask to have you dissect the rig down to it's standard core, IE...remove the "bendy" parts so that I can try to recreate what you've accomplished? I can see the way that it functions and I'm getting the controls down, but I'm still not able to build one from scratch without getting a spaghetti arm. Thanks so much for everything!
  5. Got the message. Being that it's 4AM and I'm finally getting ready to get some sleep, it will be later in the day, but I'll have something in your account by Saturday afternoon. As an aside, I cannot find the thumb and finger controllers for the life of me. I am trying to get some finite control over the character's ability to hold on to an object, but I can't seem to find the thumb and finger controls. Do I need to be in the "complete hierarchy" to see them?
  6. While I'm at it, how complex is building a viewport "animation" control interface? My understanding is that it is much easier when you start with a character tool derived rig. I'm certain that it will require Xpresso, but is this something that I could create as I go forward? I'm focusing my attention on creating sliders and/or those little "joystick" interfaces for things like making a fist and holding an object specifically. I'm on a roll with this and I just want to take in as much as I can while I'm still teachable! THANK YOU!
  7. Hey, DigitVisions, do you have a PayPal account? I'd like to send you something for the work. The more time I spend looking at this rig, the more thing I see that I've done incorrectly in the past. Besides, I may bother you again once I get into the fine tuning :)) (Kidding).
  8. Is it safe to add simple loop cuts once rigged, or does that violate the rig's integrity? I'm asking because I can see now where the rig would benefit from a few more flexible areas...and would like to try to get a spot-on view of where the most effective place to put those loop cuts while posed and then flip back to the t-pose to see the exact area that the cuts appear for future reference.
  9. Very true. After taking a good look around, I see that I wasn't really that far off the mark. One of my biggest problems with my initial rigging was bone placement. NOW I can see that error with the rig that you provided and correct my own accordingly. The "bendy" rig works entirely different than mine, so I've still got quite a bit to learn in that area. Again, I really, REALLY appreciate the time guys! I might still have a shot at being useful yet!
  10. Thank you for the time and effort. I'm going to look it over and see what I can learn from this. The first thing that I notice is that the shirt at the waistline still "tips" when the character walks, so I guess that's a geometry error that I need to work on....maybe add a loop to further confine the polygon movement? Also, I still see that the arms look like they gain mass as they are rotated down, so maybe I can "slim" them down a bit by working more weight onto the clavicle and elbow areas to fine tune the weights a bit. At any rate, I really appreciate you going through the trouble to help me out.
  11. Thank you for the input here. That all seems to be pretty sound logic.
  12. So keeping the model all quads is easier for C4D to articulate? I was actually wondering if I needed to triangulate the whole thing...but the mesh kept coming out with loads of mesh problems. Thanks for the pat on the back. I've been working at this every night for the last 2 months...and I've come a long way...but man, the tiniest things can seem like tidal waves when you try to cram too much in all at once.
  13. I'll be forever grateful! I KNOW that I must be doing something entirely incorrect, because I am constantly coming up with a really sloppy looking rig. Once you see the model, you can better understand if it's ME, or some form of limitation of the software (But I know it's me). Anyway, I just want to see where the rig and bones meet the model and how proper placement gives a better result. The biggest problem area is the hips and waist. A simple walk cycle makes the clothing (which is built into the model for simplicity) go WAY out of proportion to the walk...and don't even get me started on the toes. I'd considered just saying that the model was the victim of a tragic wood mill accident to avoid it...but it's time to REALLY put some effort into understanding what I'm NOT doing so that I can do it properly in the future! THANK YOU!!!
  14. Hi guys! Listen, I don't know any other way of asking but, I'm in need of a rig for a character and I'm CLEARLY in way over my head. Is there anyone here who might be interested in using the C4D character rigging tools to create an advanced rig with "bendy" IK arms and legs so that I can reverse engineer it? I've spent too much money on tutorials and too many countless hours...but I keep hitting a wall when it comes to fine tuning the character weights. If you can help an old dog learn a new trick, MAYBE I won't feeling like jumping into traffic! Please save my life... Here's the raw t-pose model. Need_To_Learn_This.c4d
  15. Absolutely confounded with this rig!

    While I was looking it over just now, it DOES appear that the pelvis bone got jostled or rotated. I may have hit it with my mouse by accident. My GOOD habit of constantly saving the build as I go forward sometimes overwrites the file. I saved the master rig over a week ago, so once I saw that everything APPEARED to be as it should have been, I dumped all of the superfluous versions. Maybe I'll hold on to those variables for a bit longer next time! THANK YOU!!! You are appreciated!