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  1. I'm in need of a very good C4D rigger for a trio of characters. They are very blocky, do not have hands or feet, but need to be able to be VERY functional to "speak" with their actions. I'm specifically in need of a rig that will allow me to keyframe and use MoCap to get the necessary performance from each of these characters. There are two that need to be able to effectively dance...swivel knees and all and the third needs to be able to "flex" various muscles to show off his prowess. I understand that it's a tedious job and I expect to pay well for the service, but I'd like to communicate directly to see if we have the same functionality in mind, so please message me directly to talk about your fee and my expectation. I need this project completed by the end of September. Thanks so much!
  2. What is going on with this HN model?

    Not really, but the client doesn't understand motion blur...and literally asked me to "turn off the blur effect so that I can see the car clearly...then turn it back on"...so... Thanks so much!
  3. What is going on with this HN model?

    OH...MY...GOD! I cannot believe that I'd never thought of the optimize command! Thank you SO much! I've been trying for hours to explain how rebuilding the model would take me about 48 hours to a client who is less than receptive to the idea of spending more money. THANK YOU! Thank you SO much for your input here. As I fine tune this model, I'm sure that the weld settings will need to be dialed in as well!
  4. Hi all! This is by no means an "emergency", but the faster, the better, especially since I might have to rebuild and entire vehicle in 48 hours without a bit of help I've got a model supplied by the client made in Sketchup. It's a rather simple, reduced poly model, but it'll pass through the frame relatively quickly, but it needs to have some resemblance to the actual car...and hypernurbs is literally exploding the model into disconnected polygons. How do I reconnect all of these loose edges and place it in a hypernurbs without spending a year connecting every edge? I've attached a screen cap of each for reference. THANKS SO MUCH!!!
  5. R17 pre-renders are very dark?

    Okay, so I just realized that if I leave linear workflow checked and turn the input color profile to "disabled" I can get a good result. Is there a way to modify the startup workspace to have that set to "disabled" by default?
  6. Hello again guys! I'm finally getting around to educating myself on the motion tracker in R17, but I've got a problem...and cannot find a solution. So, I tracked a 5 second shot of the Miami skyline with the intention of adding a airplane towing a sign. After I've got a confident track, I can import a 3D object...and it looks great, BUT, I need to be able to change that object's motion axis so that the airplane can move through the scene independent of the camera and tracks. It appears that I can rotate the object axis, but when I click back to the move tool...it snaps back to the camera axis. How...on God's green Earth do I get the 3D object's axis to allow for that kind of movement?
  7. Ivy Grower help...

    I apologize for taking so long to say thanks. Thanks so much!
  8. R17 pre-renders are very dark?

    THANK YOU for replying! The problem is that the preview window, while "linear" is active is nothing like the rendered result. When I turn "linear" OFF entirely, I get exactly what I'd expect. For some reason, linear workflow does not give me an accurate preview of the actual rendered files. I've tried every GPU driver combination and even swapped out my GPU, but with "linear" checked, I get a poor representation of the actual render.
  9. R17 pre-renders are very dark?

    I turned OFF "Linear Workflow" and it appears to have make the image as it should be. Why would working outside of a linear workflow model provide a more accurate result?
  10. Hi all. I finally plunked down the coin to buy the R17 Studio version (Close-out price that couldn't be ignored) in preparation for a near future upgrade to R18. I've run into an issue that I didn't see in R13, or R16 and it's just kind of annoying. No matter what I build or how I light the scene, my area renders ALL come out looking heavily saturated and have a luminance drop in the range of 35%. Basically, it's very hard to get an accurate representation of what I've got until I render out a full-on sample file which, by the way renders flawlessly and with 100% accuracy. Is there a means to switch the viewport gamma/brightness without changing the render output? THANKS SO MUCH! PS - You guys were absolutely correct in telling me that the R17 motion tracker had "grow-up". It's hard to get a bad track with R17!!! THANKS AGAIN!
  11. Hi guys! I've got a problem and I'm hoping that you can help. The Ivy Grower plugin doesn't seem to offer an obvious solution, so I've opted to try you guys to see if there is something that I'm missing. I've got what is often called a "sky island" which is supposed to have vines and shrubbery growing over the edges and hanging downward away from the polygon mass. I'm able to grow the ivy on the exact spot, but no matter how much gravity or mass that I give it, they always grow up and inward. Since I would expect that to be what most people would want, there isn't a lot of chatter on how to grow dangling vines. Do any of you have ideas as to how to get the Ivy Grower to do this around the entire perimeter of the polygon mass edge? THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!
  12. Set selection tool shortcuts options?

    This would be great except I typically texture after I've got all of my rigging and selection work out of the way....so it doesn't help in the heat of assigning selections. Any other ideas? What key do you press to deselect a set selection tag? All I've found is a mouse click in an area devoid of tags. I'd love to know the key that you're speaking of. THAT would be great!
  13. Hi all! This is probably a pretty amateur question, but I've yet to find the proper way to do it...so here we go. Let's say that I have an editable sphere and I'm selecting certain polygon faces to map a material. After selecting the area I'd like to apply that material, I use "set selection". Nothing in question there, but when you DO set the selection, C4D automatically selects that polygon tag, and if you're working on a project at 3AM, it's pretty easy to accidentally set a new selection to the previous tag making the first selection disappear. So, is there a way to have it release that tag so that I don't have to manually deselect the polygon tag selection while building selections to apply textures to? Like I said, it's probably elementary, but I can't seem to find the answer I'm hoping for in the literature. THANK YOU!!!
  14. That might be even better than my initial thought. THANKS!
  15. I was going to give that a shot, but then I realized that there would be thousands of frames of animation that would later require motion tracking or compositing at some pretty awkward angles...so I'm probably far better off by just figuring out a means to do it within C4D. Thanks so much for the reply and the tutorial.