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  1. Hi guys! I've got a problem and I'm hoping that you can help. The Ivy Grower plugin doesn't seem to offer an obvious solution, so I've opted to try you guys to see if there is something that I'm missing. I've got what is often called a "sky island" which is supposed to have vines and shrubbery growing over the edges and hanging downward away from the polygon mass. I'm able to grow the ivy on the exact spot, but no matter how much gravity or mass that I give it, they always grow up and inward. Since I would expect that to be what most people would want, there isn't a lot of chatter on how to grow dangling vines. Do any of you have ideas as to how to get the Ivy Grower to do this around the entire perimeter of the polygon mass edge? THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!
  2. This would be great except I typically texture after I've got all of my rigging and selection work out of the way....so it doesn't help in the heat of assigning selections. Any other ideas? What key do you press to deselect a set selection tag? All I've found is a mouse click in an area devoid of tags. I'd love to know the key that you're speaking of. THAT would be great!
  3. Hi all! This is probably a pretty amateur question, but I've yet to find the proper way to do it...so here we go. Let's say that I have an editable sphere and I'm selecting certain polygon faces to map a material. After selecting the area I'd like to apply that material, I use "set selection". Nothing in question there, but when you DO set the selection, C4D automatically selects that polygon tag, and if you're working on a project at 3AM, it's pretty easy to accidentally set a new selection to the previous tag making the first selection disappear. So, is there a way to have it release that tag so that I don't have to manually deselect the polygon tag selection while building selections to apply textures to? Like I said, it's probably elementary, but I can't seem to find the answer I'm hoping for in the literature. THANK YOU!!!
  4. That might be even better than my initial thought. THANKS!
  5. I was going to give that a shot, but then I realized that there would be thousands of frames of animation that would later require motion tracking or compositing at some pretty awkward angles...so I'm probably far better off by just figuring out a means to do it within C4D. Thanks so much for the reply and the tutorial.
  6. Hi guys! I'm working on a short animation project and my brain is pounding. Maybe you can help. I've got a multi-layered Photoshop file with 2D faces on each layer. I need to wrap my mind around how to animate the 2D layers so that they can give the impression that the character is speaking with some emotion. I read a post here from a few years ago, but I'm unable to get what I need with that specific process. Essentially, I've got 20 different mouths, 25 different eyes (L/R) and need to be able to manipulate the pupil size as well. Pose morph doesn't seem to get me anywhere and the UV selection under pose morph seems to complex to maintain all of these parameters within a single file. Can you guys PLEASE give me some suggestions...maybe even a sample file so I can FINALLY understand this mess? THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!
  7. Thanks for the reply! I've got to find a means to fill the void outside of the city, but I keep getting the horizon of the image above my eye-line. The crux is that no matter what image I use or how I map it to my sky object, especially when I go upward looking down. I knew the illusion was going to be difficult, but I've seen it done 1,000 times...but never with an explanation of how they reached the effect. I guess that I might have to look into compositing the background in another package. Thank so much and if you think of anything else, or if you know of a tutorial somewhere that might shed some light on the subject, I'd love to know about it!
  8. Hello all! I've given this every bit of my concentration, but I am STILL failing!!! I've got a city that I made from scratch on a 10000 x 10000 that needs to be supplemented with a "sky" background that can work as a background to hide the fact that the city is on its own. My specific need is to have this city "distance" map on the sky to create an environmental fall-off from ground level, eye level and with motion perspective shots. I've tried the environment tag with an without fog to no avail. I've mapped the image to a cylinder and a sphere but when I move my camera, it's clear that there is an obviously abrupt stop at the edge of my little city. You guy are always on point, so I know if you can't do it, no one can! Thanks so much!!!
  9. Thanks Kiwi! I've been considering Modo, but my budget will only allow for one addition at the moment and Z-Brush is my priority. I always feel sad when I download a trial, LOVE it and then can't afford it. I mean, I just learned that the Easter Bunny isn't real this year....so....I try to set the bar low. That way, I'm never regretful in my purchases!
  10. That's how I've been handling it thus far, but I've got 1,104 pieces of extruded aluminum that I'm creating for a parts catalog and every one of them has at least one angled cut. Some even have upwards of 20 very precise angles. I was trying to find a means to simplify that. There was a plugin for version 15 that would hake every slice two separate objects with closed faces...but I cannot find an equivalent tool for R17. Thanks so much! Back to work I go...
  11. Hi all! I'm in a quandary and need to know if I can use my knife tool to cut a box at any line/plane/loop and have it create a solid, closed-hole if I were to delete the outermost points. In other words, say that I have a 100x100x100 cube with no subdivision and I want to slice it on the Y-axis using my knife tool and then delete the points to one side of that cut and have a solid face where the knife tool made the cut? I've been doing it with boolean objects and "close polygon hole", but the shapes are becoming far more complex and the cuts are at odd angles making it rare when the "close polygon hole" tool works, and is WAY too time consuming to do every object with a boolean object. Any thoughts?
  12. Hello all! I'm about to close out a side project but just learned that one of our renders had a significant problem. I'm using a moving video background with a "background" compositing tag, a foreground object with animation and a particle emitter to create a "heat warp" effect within C4D. I have achieved the effect, in the sense that it distorts anything viewed through the haze. I'm used a transparent material with mild diffraction to get a distortion look...but when the particles travel beyond the foreground object, they appear with no transparency and no observable effect. I've attached an image in the hope that it clarifies what I'm speaking about. I appreciate anything that you might have to help get this sorted. THANKS!!!
  13. My apologies. I wasn't actually meaning for that to sound like I was asking you to do the work, I was simply wondering if you might be able to present an example. That said, I am grateful for your help and I'll give the sweep tool a shot. I've always worked as a modeller and rigging was a distant contemplation...so, I never really spent a lot of time learning. I have, however learned a lot here today and I sincerely appreciate all your effort!
  14. Thanks to you, I've finally been able to wrap my head around the bend deformer. I hate to even bother you again, but could I be so bold as to ask you to mock-up a file from this video so that the folding flap has a boolean at a 45 degree angle that creates and angled bend? I've got so many bend deformers that I can't sort out the proper placement of my boolean cutaway object. I know I said it before, but I really appreciate your time!
  15. Man, I've got bend deformers all over the place, but It's got me laughing out loud at how simple this was. I do NOT know why I couldn't grasp that concept the first time around! THANK YOU for the fresh eyes! Might have saved my butt! Just one last question (and potentially a follow-up) if you don't mind...Is it normal to have deformers that aren't even near the deformed cube so long as the result is correct, or should they always wind up touching the cube? I only ask because this piece had numerous compound bends and the deformers seem to go way outside of the cube body to get the proper bend. And a follow-up, is there a limit to these deformations on a given object?