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  1. That was what I was trying just before I got here and read your reply. Thank you SO much fro your time. I'm trying to work with one of coding buddies to make a generic slider and unified control interface where you can simply assign the appropriate action and range to the slider...but it's becoming a mess because of all of the possible variables. I'm trying to get pose morph to control my character's mouth for voice matching...but, MAN! there is a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff in doing it this way.
  2. Hello everybody! I'm finally finished modeling the last character for our new Netflix short film, so I'm moving to animation. Before I run headlong into the fire, I'd like to get and idea of how to go about building a controller interface that looks like the one in the link. I understand sliders, values and Xpresso...but I can't find anything that resembles this. Are there any helpful tips or tricks to building this controller? THANK YOU!
  3. Yeah. I just rebuilt the entire rig. I've been modeling for a long time, but I've been taking on more and more projects from concept to delivery...and building reusable rigging COULD save me a lot of time if there were a means to simplify re-weighting the joints....but I love what I do...so I'll do whatever is need to get it done right. Thanks again!!
  4. I was thinking that I'd reset the bindings, but there are a few hours in getting the hands rigged...so backtracking and needing to do it from scratch might make me lose what mind that I have left. Thanks. I'll see if I can get it together.
  5. Hi guys. I've repurposed one of my rigs to a new character, and all hell broke loose. I had to scale the rig to fit the geometry, but after updating the skin, the arm goes wonky. I've aligned my goal, my bones and my hand controller...but even after using "freeze all"....the thing does it's own thing. How can I move a rigged IK goal to the center of the rotation point without screwing up the entire rig? Thanks!!
  6. Paper sketches to Zbrush rough sculpt, fine-tuning of mesh, retopology, rough-in polypaint UV maps and export all-quads model to OBJ. Then the OBJ goes to C4D for rigging and animation with all of the UVs cleaned and modified in Photoshop. Zbrush lets me rip through surface modeling/scuplting as fast a my mind can think, C4D allows me to use a very reliable rigging system and Photoshop is tried and true for UV, bump maps and alpha overlay graphics. Then, I render multi-layered PSD files (z-depth, AO, GI, alpha, bumps and texture) with the C4D physical rendering tools for a clean render with a lot of lighting control. I typically would have just built the entire model/sculpt in C4D and used Bodypaint for all of the textures as well, but these characters needed a lot of organic flexibility...and I've become almost too fluid in Zbrush to use the C4D modeler. I do build all of the scene objects, mechanical models and scene lighting in C4D just because the geometry of the accessory items is typically very simple. From there, I either modify and composite the final image in either Photoshop for still or After Effects for animation. Then, I slam a brew, cuss at myself a few times, hug my teddy bear and go to my happy place as I cry myself to sleep over being the only person in my family NOT to have completed law school. Yep. That's the pipeline.
  7. Hi everybody. Some of you might remember my posts about two years ago when I introduced Oliver and Trouble to the internet. Well, now I've created a new series that is going to become a short animated series for kids. King Ed of the Dead is going to be for kids 8-16 and will be targeted at teaching kids some of the values that are often overlooked. It's a very, very complex thing to create 30 minute animations for Netflix! Those guys are AWESOME to work with, but man! They really put the screws to you...press you harder and faster than you thought that you'd be able to go! In a fateful twist of irony, I created all of the characters with zbrush and rigged them for animation in C4D with a FAR more realistic look...but the consensus was to simplify them and make them more "fun" and less "dead". Anyway, here's a frame from the non-animated webcomic series that debuts next week. Feel free to share your thoughts. You can find King Ed at www.Facebook.com/KingEdoftheDead/ if you're interested in following along.
  8. Thanks so much for the wisdom. I never thought of outsourcing the clothes...but it makes a lot of sense. What kind of mesh should I build as my cage? Do I loosely block it out with minimal subdivisions or would cylinders connected to the higher poly mesh be my best bet?
  9. Good suggestions. I'm getting a reasonable fabric flow, but I'd love to get the kind of interaction that I get when using a cloth rig. Is there a way to use a low-poly proxy to function as a cloth collider? I've never used Marvelous Designer. Is it worth the investment, considering that 90% of my work doesn't involve clothing or rigging?
  10. Hello all. I've recently hit a wall on this and need some ideas. I have studied over 20 posts here and still haven't found a solution to my issue. I've created a character, used the character rig tool to set up animation and now I need to change the clothes. I've been trying to use the cloth simulation, but the collider body seems to cause c4d to crash...even if I reduce the poly count. I've tried to rig the clothing with bones and dynamically link them to the skin for deformation, but it just doesn't look correct. So, how do I take a rigged character, and add clothes without cloth and still get reasonable animation to the clothes when the character moves? I was going to attach a scene, but it is over 25MB...so here's a link to the zip for your review. Any ideas would be helpful. Forgive the bone rig. It was tossed together to give you an idea of what I'm currently seeing. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AngeaYbIyEwFiAMd86gGElXFitE-
  11. Thanks so much. I'll give it a shot after I make a backup. I'm just worried that all of the materials that I have purchased and created over the last 4 or 5 years aren't all gone...that would be horrifically bad at this time of year with all of the new work coming in. Thanks again!
  12. Hi guys, I recently purchased C4D R18 for a terrific price...and I LOVE it! However...I have an extensive body of materials and textures for R13 that I cannot seem to load into my R18 materials browser. I've added the new texture path in R18, but I'm hoping to delete R13 since I'm upgrading and do not want to have to load everything from scratch. Is there a safe way to copy and paste all of the texture/material data and then delete R13?
  13. One last thing before I crash for the night...would it be too much to ask to have you dissect the rig down to it's standard core, IE...remove the "bendy" parts so that I can try to recreate what you've accomplished? I can see the way that it functions and I'm getting the controls down, but I'm still not able to build one from scratch without getting a spaghetti arm. Thanks so much for everything!
  14. Got the message. Being that it's 4AM and I'm finally getting ready to get some sleep, it will be later in the day, but I'll have something in your account by Saturday afternoon. As an aside, I cannot find the thumb and finger controllers for the life of me. I am trying to get some finite control over the character's ability to hold on to an object, but I can't seem to find the thumb and finger controls. Do I need to be in the "complete hierarchy" to see them?



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