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    I bought C4D to create motion graphics to include in videos I create for my two boy's hockey teams. I'm also teaching my boys how to create in C4D and After Effects.

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  1. Sure, the opening credits to MPFC had animation that your video reminded me of - the opening sequence with the flowers and, of course, the animated hand. Here's a link for comparison. Cheers.
  2. It made me laugh, had a bit of a "Monty Python" feel to it. Well done!
  3. Here's my attempt at subtle atmospheric glow. The file is quite large due to textures but I can upload some basics if you're interested.
  4. What I do is save each take as its own file. So, one file may be using camera 1, frames 200-300. I'll save that as a file, making sure to properly name the output file. I usually use the name of the save file. Will all of the files I want to batch render open, I add each file in turn to the render queue. Start the batch render and that's it.
  5. Here's one I did a number of years back. I created the general puck shape and then created two polygon selection areas - one on the top for the logo and a loop selection along the side where the knurling is. I used tiled displacement to create the knurling effect. Lastly, I shrunk wrap text splines onto the side and then lightly extruded to create the text. This was the way I used to create the text and the knurling. If I only wanted knurling i'd use Cerbera's approach as shown. Cheers.
  6. Chris' xpresso tutorial on GSG just changed my life. I finally get it & it will save me big time.

    1. dondo


      Once you get past that initial hurdle, you will start using Xpresso all the time. The 10 minutes of setting up a rig can save you hours down the line. I just set up a rig that turns off all of one group of lights with one checkbox. Incredibly helpful.

    2. Videofrank


      Sorry, I just saw your comment now. You're right, now that I have (sort of) got the hang of it I can see a ton of uses for it - things I didn't want to do because it would have been too labour intensive. The more I learn the more I realize how little I know. Good times.


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