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  1. Thanks, Cerbera! That's perfect--I don't know the hair engine very well and what it's capable of.
  2. Thanks, Cerbera, See attached. I think I have most of that happening in order to get the guides to detach. How would I go in now and selectively delete some guides/hairs?
  3. See attached. The concept is that a X-Mas tree loses some needles. Then a vacuum is going to come through the scene and remove a path of needles. Is there a way to selectively delete the hair guides at this point? Thanks everyone. XMasTree_Test.mp4
  4. Wrapping Paper Being Torn Off

    Actually it won't be a box. It will be an object of some sort. @_@
  5. OK, I got a doozy. 1. I need to wrap an object with wrapping paper 2. The wrapping paper needs to be torn off, and have torn edges This is way above my pay grade. Please advise. Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated.
  6. Want to Keep Sharp Geometry

    Thanks everyone. It was the displacement in the material that was causing the smoothing [face palm].
  7. Want to Keep Sharp Geometry

    Sorry, when you remove that. Same deal.
  8. Please look at the two photos. I'd like to keep the sharp geometry of the first image and I guess I don't understand why it's being smoothed out--there isn't a phong tag or a Subdivision Surface. Any insight would be appreciated. : )
  9. Hi, what is 'Ps'? This will be video footage.
  10. The image attached is not quite funky enough, but imagine going from this to something else sort of futuristic and bold. The makeup could completely dissolve off then build on, or it could shape shift and hue shift during the transition (e.g. eye shadow shape would morph as color morphs).
  11. I have a concept where a model's makeup would change from one state to another. It would have a futuristic feel to it, as if she presses a chip that is embedded in her temple. Anyway, any thoughts on the best way to do this? I'm thinking i would need to model her face exactly and object track her head. I could use the CG head to apply the make-up to and use various blend modes to make it show. Not sure how easily removeable placing tiny markers on her face would be...
  12. Mesh Sticking

    Yes, I've noticed. ; ) Thanks for this info. If I do scale project will it scale al the objects within my project or can I perform it on a single object?
  13. Mesh Sticking

    It's not weighting. I think it got screwed up when I scaled the model up. Rectro: I'm doing a quick funny thing for work, and I don't rig much, so I went for it. It's not a serious project. But yes, thank you, I will start to check for issues before I start to animate.
  14. Only right under his chin is some of the mesh sticking. I'm rotating mid-way up his spine and all the joints are linked upwards. I really don't want to have to redo the joints since I have my animation done and it's just this issue. Any thoughts?
  15. Oh. Well my work computer has 18, so I'll do it on there. Thanks again. : )