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  1. For some reason when I click and drag the textured square at the top left of a floating window, it's not letting me dock the window somewhere. It just opens up the contextual menu.
  2. Thank you Cafe Logo Designer, that makes a lot of sense. Does anyone think, doing mocap to animate a simple reference figure would be of use to a body animator? They could overlay it into the scene. Or would it not be any better than just reference video or just be counter-productive?
  3. Cafe Frequenter, thanks for the info. What kind of software did you have in mind? Is there software that can do 'Ready Jet Go' without the exaggerations?
  4. Thanks for the thoughtful info. I'm going to send you a private message.
  5. Is the ability to motion capture movements and apply it to a cartoon model, body movement and facial movement possible outside of large studios. Is there anyway to create something like "Ready, Jet" Go in this way? Or what about mocap for the body and manually animating the face?
  6. kkamin

    Character Modeler Wanted

    Looking for a character modeler for 2 characters. Please see the attachment: I'll need the bear modeled and then just the girls's head and I will provide you with the body. It will be in the style of the image on the right. Don't worry, I will provide you with illustrations of the girl and bear sketched in the style on the right, in a t-pose. •rigging the arms and the eye lids for blinking is a bonus •if you can paint the textures too that is a bonus Please private message me a quote and let me know which services. BTW I'm working on C4D R18.
  7. kkamin

    Realistic cord

    I have a hand that swings back and forth as it walks, and I want it to hold onto a dog leash. The other end is connected to the dog. How can I get a realistic result out of the cord? I'm imagining it'll involve a spline. The one thing I'd love to avoid is having the cord get longer or shorter. Thanks for your help!
  8. kkamin

    How Can I Track This?

    Thanks again! You helped me rethink this. You're right about the chest, and the distance data I entered into the vector constraint didn't produce an accurate relationship between the head and body, but I do have a good starting point to manually animate the chest and neck. Object_Track_Analysis_v05.mp4
  9. Here is the scene file: https://we.tl/t-wgkExKsH85 If you click on the 'Head Tracker' (It's the Object Tracker I renamed), you'll see the User Track points where they should be. If you deselect the Head Tracker you'll see them jump in space. If you delete the Vector Constraint tag on the Head Tracker it will jump back to where it should be. @_@
  10. Don't know why this is happening. When I add a vector constraint tag to my Object Tracker and enter the known distance between markers, it causes my tracks to offset in space (see attached video). Then when I connect a null to the object track it's not in the right place and things are not lining up. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! objectTrack_Issue_1_1.mp4
  11. Thanks, Vizn. This is awesome. Yeah, it's weird how it just won't work the way you think it would. Thanks again.
  12. Yep--doesn't work with gradient in texture mode. File attached. I have it animating over 30 frames to show the issue. Turn off the Spline Wrap to see arrow with proper texture. Thank you. TBT-Model__Arrow_v02.c4d
  13. Hello, I have an arrow textured so that it feathers off to complete transparency towards the back end. I used a 3D gradient and have set it up to apply to the'Object' and defined the distance correctly. I can move the arrow around and the alpha will work regardless of where the arrow is located in the world. The issue is that I want the arrow to travel and wrap on a curved spline--I'd like the arrow to curve and take on the shape of the spline. I'm using Spline Wrap and having it travel and curve on the spline is fine but the issue is that the gradient I have assigned to the alpha channel on the arrow seems to be stuck at world zero (where the actual object is located), so that when the arrow on the spline travels through the scene, it's effect will be dependent on where it is in relation to world zero (where the actual arrow is and not the instance or whatever Spline Wrap uses). I'd obviously like the textured arrow to just keep it's texture while riding on the spline. Any help would be much appreciated.
  14. Thanks, everyone. Daz3D looks like it will work! They make the Headshop plugin for Mac but it's v9.2 and looks so-so. We use Mac's at work in our creative department, so unfortunately, I'm at a loss for some great software.
  15. kkamin

    How Can I Track This?

    Thanks for the insights, Havelot. At least I'm maxing out the built in tracker's capabilities. Lol. I'll go with your suggestion of using the chest track as a general guide for the neck and manually move things around as needed based on where the head is. For her near hand I might try to glue a foam cube to the back of her hand with markers on it and for her far hand I might have her hold a stick with a foam cube on the end for the same purpose. Thanks again!