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  1. Creating a Subtly Waving Tarp

    Awesome, Cerbera. Thanks for all the ideas. Gonna try some deformers and having an animated bump channel (noise shader). Quick question: do you think Marvelous Designer could do wrapping paper? Like a self-wrapping box?
  2. I'm working on a video where there is an Extreme Home Makeover moment where somebody pushes away an image on wheels to reveal a new scene. Right now on the wall are tracking markers. I'd like to replace the surface with a CGI tarp textured with an image. What I would like to find is a procedural way to add some subtle waves to the tarp (since tarps are not perfectly taunt) and add a small animation to the tarp--have the waves move around a little bit so they pick up light a little differently--makes it feel as if someone is pushing a tarp through a scene and there is some subtle kinetic rippling happening. Hope that makes sense. Thanks for reading.
  3. We couldn't find a great looking procedural solution (e.g. particle systems) due to the complexity needed (wasp orientation, wings need to stop when landing, needs to crawl after landing, needs to reverse orientation when leaving, etc.). I ended up manually animating about 400 wasps. @_@ But maybe X-particles could handle the task. Thoughts on a procedural solution?
  4. Hello, I have a shot where the camera tilts upwards and there isn't a set of tracking points that are there the entire shot. How do I get the Motion Tracker to track the entire shot. Any help is much appreciated!
  5. Thanks, everyone! It's working great!
  6. Hello, I'd like to have a grid of cloner blocks, say, 12x12 pop on randomly (go immediately from 0% opacity to 100% opacity). Going for a lo-fi stop motion look. What would be the best way to achieve this? Thanks for reading.
  7. Swim Eddie! Swim!

    Great stuff! How did the animate the characters? Motion capture or manually?!?
  8. Ha. Thanks. Derp.
  9. Book Cover

    Hi, I like your concept. I think there is some good stuff happening. I think the lighting does need some work, it feels very stark and I'm not sure if it fits the theme well. I probably wouldn't light it from the front like you are doing the shadow on the back wall is a little distracting and attention stealing. I'd try to get some nice specular highlights to show in the saddle to help reveal it's material and shape more. The type I don't think at this point benefits much from being 3D. I think it would work better as a 2D element and I might reach out to a graphic designer to assist with this aspect if you are open to it. Again, a lot of nice stuff going on. : )
  10. Thought I would share a final I completed last year. It's a combination of stop motion photography, video, and CGI. All the clothes are CGI. I modeled a rudimentary washer and dryer based off the real world capture and used that as a collider. I had a tough time getting the clothes to not turn into a polygonal mess at first so what I ended up doing was attach each clothing object to an orb with a belt tag and had it pull it on a spine. Open to all feedback. Thanks!
  11. Cool--thanks for checking that out. It's a work computer so we're going to update to 19 at some point so I can wait, not a big deal (it's a hassle to upgrade because of our render farm). Thanks again.
  12. It's actually not either of these things. Weird. I attached a clean out file here if anyone wants to peek. You'll need to be in the timeline. Subframe_WTF.c4d
  13. Sorry, I must have flipped a switch but I can't find the off button. Don't want to be on frame 120.34324 Please help me smart people.
  14. Thanks so much for the info! Very helpful!