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  1. Object Tracking Issues

    Sorry, no the camera isn't moving. I need to use the motion tracker to generate the tracking markers (manual tracks) for the object tracker and a solver camera gets created at some point along the way. The solver camera currently isn't recognizing the camera is at a tilt. Inside of the motion tracker I'm just loading the video footage and generating the manual tracks, I'm not running the solver in there or anything. Thanks for taking the time.
  2. Object Tracking Issues

    Thank you so much for all that. How would I use the Camera Calibration tag along with the motion tracker Solved Camera?
  3. See attached image. What happens is that a hand comes in and picks up the cylinder and lifts it out of frame. I'm new to object tracking and have some questions: 1. As soon as one of my manual tracks loses it's track (turns red because it leaves frame) the entire object tracking stops. Is there a way to have it continue? I'm thinking I'll need to shoot this wider and keep all the tracks in view the entire time but it seems weird if one track goes out of view the entire object tracking stops. 2. The camera that shot this is tilted downwards how can I get my solved camera to recognize and match this tilt? Thank you!
  4. How to Create Spiderman's Web

    Thank you for the ideas! Cloth is an interesting idea! It's going to take a lot of testing and I agree that getting the ends of the web to stick is a tough one. Also, having it feel like it's being stretched right before the object is yanked back is giving me cold sweats. Lol. I'll post what we eventually come up with if it doesn't look dumb as hell.
  5. How to Create Spiderman's Web

    Are you serious that the film had 30 artists working on the web effects?
  6. CGI Request Form

    Thank you for taking the time to write such a thorough response. This is very helpful and I appreciate your anecdotes.
  7. I'm being tasked with creating Spiderman's web, the type when he is grabbing something. Ideally it would look like it does in the movies in terms of photo-realism. Any help on this would be much appreciated.
  8. CGI Request Form

    Hi, I work in animation and visual effects and my department often gets requests for custom CGI. It could be anything and it's something that a creative director specifically wants created. The issue is that, to create something from scratch like this can be a long process, a lot of back and forth and false paths traveled. We are trying to create a CGI request form that tries to get as much info from the client as possible by asking the right questions. Does anyone have experience with creating or seeing a form like this? Looking for ideas. Low hanging fruit are things like: description, lighting reference images, texture reference images, sketch of design, etc. Thanks!
  9. They are using PhoenixFD to create the white water. I'm on a Mac.
  10. Hello, I had a sim artist create some alembic files to create water and ocean foam. Both import great. The ocean foam are particle caches. The problem is I am using a Cloner object and loading the Alembic foam object into the object field to generate the foam (using a soapy bubble). Anyway, I feel it's not generating all the particles that are in the Alembic file--it feels quite reduced. Is there something I'm doing wrong or a better way to use those caches to populate with geometry? Thank you for reading!
  11. I'm not going through puberty. See attached image. All my guides are swept to the side bet I'm getting unwanted hairs over the middle of the lip. Is there a way to brush the hairs directly or someway to solve this?!?
  12. Attaching an Object to a Point

    Thanks, CBR! And thanks, Bezo for the scene file--very helpful!
  13. Hello smart people, I'd like to do some PLA to a spline and make an object the child of one of the points. Any advise would be much appreciated!
  14. Maps Between Major 3D Software

    Do you know if I export a C4D scene with Arnold materials--would that FBX file open with Arnold materials in Maya and 3ds Max?
  15. Maps Between Major 3D Software

    Cool--thanks! I don't have experience exporting to other platforms.