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  1. I'm exploring a CG option for creating frost or ice crystals that melt from a center point. Imagine a point that grows into an expanding circle. Just using a circle matte or a jagged matte inside of After Effects and wiping away an image of ice crystals doesn't look natural. Perhaps there's a way to have ice crystals grow from the edges inward and then I can reverse the footage. The thing I think will sell them melting is having them actually animate do the branches of the ice crystals are ungrowing to nothing. Hope this makes sense. Any ideas would be appreciated!
  2. kkamin

    Create Beveled Text

    Awesome! Lots of techniques to try out. Thank you for taking the time everyone!
  3. kkamin

    Create Beveled Text

    Hi Ayush, Thanks for your reply. The issue with that technique and getting the bevel to pretty much hit the center face of the text (cannot use 'constrain') is that some characters like 'A' get screwed up because of the narrow point. I've played with geometry type, intermediate points, etc. (all parameters) and it still gets pinched no matter what I do. I'd like to avoid going in and cleaning up the geometry manually if it can be helped--I'm not the best or fastest modeler. Thank you.
  4. Any ideas on how to get text beveled like this?
  5. Hi, I'm looking for referrals on some kick-ass lighting and shading artist within the US. The cream of the crop and someone who works in CGI product photography. Cinema 4D environment isn't a must. I'm looking to hire either a consultant or a mentor. Thank you!
  6. kkamin

    3D NULLs Inside of After Effects

    Oh cool! I'll give this a try! Thank you!
  7. Hi, I'm often using 3D NULL tags in order to replace screens on my 3D objects (phone screens, computer screens, etc.). I feel the products have been modeled close to scale. The issue is inside of After Effects. The image that I'm parenting to the generated 3D Null ends up needed to scale down to less than 8% and often less than 4% and it makes it hard to be precise at that point and hard to move it around without wanting to pull my hair out. The image I'm parenting is usually around 1920x1080 (nothing unusually big). Does anyone know how I can get the scale of this assets to not be so small and unmanageable? Thanks for reading!
  8. HDR Light Studio looks awesome in the sense you can generate custom HDRI lighting in an intuitive way. Are there any competitors out there who offer such pinpoint control, and interface feedback?
  9. Cool. Thanks for the insights, everyone. We ended up having to get software to convert it to another file type that Cinema would accept.
  10. New to CAD conversions. Does anyone know if C4D would natively convert an .X_T file, and if not, what a good converter would be for this? Also if you have experience with this, what challenges does a .X_T bring to the tablet in terms of getting the file to look right inside of Cinema? Thank you!!!
  11. Cool. Thanks for the insight! I found a fix is to switch over to the Standard Renderer.
  12. Hello, I have a mesh sequence (.bin) and I used the RF_Connect plug-in to import. The mesh is a series of three fluids that mix together. I have my material set up to use the vertex maps created by the mesh sequence to assign a different color to each fluid. See attached for setup. It renders fine in the viewport but when I render it out to the Picture Viewer, it only shows one color for everything. HELP! Bonus: It won't even render a frame on Team Render. It stops almost immediatedly. Any help would be much appreciated!
  13. I'm on R18 and this happens to me all the time. It's like the Hair object becomes corrupt at some point so then I need to go back to an earlier version and copy and past the hair into the current scene and redo a lot of work. Someone mentioned doing motion blur inside of After Effects, but you will get superior results within C4D and often RSMB or crappy Pixel Motion Blur produces janky results. Anyway, does anyone know if R19 resolved this issue?
  14. Sorry I wasn't very clear. I can apply a rainbow gradient (in 2D UV) to the color channel of the hair and only one color shows up. Say for instance only red shows up on the hair; it doesn't matter if I put another colored knot right next to the red knot, no other color will show up. It's as if the scale of the gradient is huge and my hair object represents only a thin, thin sliver on the slider and there is no way to distribute colors because of that.
  15. Hi, I have a zebra mane that I would like to alternate between black and white stripes. When I try to apply a gradient to the hair's color channel, I can't get the gradient knots close enough to even show more than one color---I have two different color knots on top of each other. It seems like the scale of gradient is huge but my target is super small. I've run into this with other applications of the gradient too. Any ideas on how to get the gradient to reflect the correct scale that I am working with? Or any ideas on how to colorize the hair in this way short of having a separate hair object for each stripe. Thank you!