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  1. Flowing Ribbon

    Thanks for the reply and the link. This is the ribbon with just the spline wrap deformer. The ribbon needs to build on like this but I'd like to have it more flowy feeling. RibbonTest_v01.mp4
  2. Flowing Ribbon

    Unfortunately the ribbon needs to create very specific shapes on screen like a heart or a circle. So I'd like some of the cloth dynamic type stuff you are suggesting but how could that work under these conditions?
  3. Flowing Ribbon

    I'm tasked with making a ribbon create shapes as it flows across the screen. I'll make a ribbon and use the 'Spline Wrap' to have it create the shape. My question is how can I make it feel more organic and flowy? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Thanks, everyone. Thanks, Cerbera for the materials tip. Do you have any recommendations for intermediate/advanced tutorials on materials? I'd like to get a lot better at this. ABMotion, I tried your method but what I got was a 100% environment texture reflection when the mix strength was at 100%, meaning the bulb lost all it's color, and when I dialed down the mix strength it just looked funny because the room lost contrast and became dim (not realistic looking). My bulbs have sharp reflections and I think having blurred reflections you might be able to get away with a semi-opaque environment channel. BUT, your example looks good and I think it's because the HDRI you are using is really warm and close in hue to your color channel. I think I can run my HDRI through Photoshop and tint it to the bulbs color and this should be a workable solution. Thanks!
  5. I'm working on a Christmas Tree animation and I want the bulbs to reflect a room scene but maintain it's metallic look. Obviously right now it's reflecting the 3D scene. The metallic bulbs have a distinct look when they reflect the environment around them: they maintain their color and that color gets imposed over the reflections. I tried using the Environment channel but it's not compositing realistically with the metallic look--it's either being fully reflected at 100% and when I pull it back in opacity it get's dim and muddy looking and not realistic. I'm not savvy enough to know if I can stick a texture in the Reflectance channel and have composite well and have the bulb retain a metallic look. I'm not opposed to doing a separate pass where I get rid of the floor and walls and stick the room on sphere that encapsulates the scene to get my reflections but I was hoping there was an easier way.
  6. Thanks, Cerbera! That's perfect--I don't know the hair engine very well and what it's capable of.
  7. Thanks, Cerbera, See attached. I think I have most of that happening in order to get the guides to detach. How would I go in now and selectively delete some guides/hairs?
  8. See attached. The concept is that a X-Mas tree loses some needles. Then a vacuum is going to come through the scene and remove a path of needles. Is there a way to selectively delete the hair guides at this point? Thanks everyone. XMasTree_Test.mp4
  9. Wrapping Paper Being Torn Off

    Actually it won't be a box. It will be an object of some sort. @_@
  10. OK, I got a doozy. 1. I need to wrap an object with wrapping paper 2. The wrapping paper needs to be torn off, and have torn edges This is way above my pay grade. Please advise. Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated.
  11. Want to Keep Sharp Geometry

    Thanks everyone. It was the displacement in the material that was causing the smoothing [face palm].
  12. Want to Keep Sharp Geometry

    Sorry, when you remove that. Same deal.
  13. Please look at the two photos. I'd like to keep the sharp geometry of the first image and I guess I don't understand why it's being smoothed out--there isn't a phong tag or a Subdivision Surface. Any insight would be appreciated. : )
  14. Hi, what is 'Ps'? This will be video footage.