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  1. So I have a stone wall made up of a few hundred separate stones objects ( extruded splines ) and I am trying to get them to fall in to place like tumbling rain. I have the wall setup in final place. What would be a good Mograph and effector / fields setup for this? They need to fall in rough rows to the finished position. Perhaps bouncing off each other? I am thinking of mograph and fields as they do have small gaps between them and making them dynamic objects would drop the stones at the start. Or should I be looking at X-Particles which I also have. thanks in advance for any Ideas.
  2. Hi, Why doesn't MAXON have an official forum?
  3. The House builder tool? Prime Tools and Helpers ( String of Pearls and all the others) Just adding the R20 to visualise.Lib4d to R21 doesn't work - can see and add it but the builder doesn't actually work I am sure there is a lot of other stuff missing..
  4. Volumes Dude. Its amazing. Or the plugin Meshboolean is really good if you don't like the volume mesh output.
  5. UK prices are up now... £55.19 - monthly C4D - 1 year payment £95.99 - month by month cancel anytime. £79.19 - monthly C4D with redshift - 1 year payment £119.99 - month by month cancel anytime. Perpetual - £3300 Might have to change region at the bottom left to UK https://www.MAXON.net/en/buy/ But the big problem here is everyone that has a perpetual licence is now royally screwed. There is an FAQ entry which is just confusing "If you own a perpetual license of Cinema 4D, you’re eligible for discounted Cinema 4D subscription pricing. You’re also able to upgrade to an R21 perpetual license. Some future Cinema 4D upgrades may be available only to subscription customers, while others may be available as perpetual licenses at upgrade pricing. Specific timing and pricing of each upgrade is not yet defined." Basically they have just killed the resale value of everyones perpetual licence as there is no price for this upgrade beyond your MSA and " future Cinema 4D upgrades may be available only to subscription customers" which fragments things again!!!! FFS MAXON Cinema 4D sort it out! it's just a big kick in the nuts for anyone that has just bought it like me.
  6. Presumably... if they are keeping perpetual... they will have to keep it forever? If they deny an upgrade in the future. It kills the value of the software instantly. Adobe at least did kill CS suite outright and kept it updated for a number of years.... this is different... They will HAVE to maintain an upgrade path. Still doesn't stop me being really annoyed about it as they Specifically told me in may there won't be subscriptions and I bought it ( see previous annoyed post ) I'll be speaking with them the Morning.
  7. So... I bought C4D Studio in May. With the Yearly MSA. I could have got the new Subscription in a month for just above the current Yearly MSA cost ! Perpetual is now a lot cheaper than I bought it for so resale has plummeted ( but who the hell will buy it now anyway?) We don't know what is happening with MSA moving forward - Current Perpetual doesn't have cineversity?!? We Don't know how much future perpetual upgrades will cost. Personally I want my money back ( minus say 3 months subscription price ) and then to move onto Subs. I feel I have been lied to and screwed out of 3K when I specifically asked my UK Sales guy and even the German MAXON if it's likely to go subscription as £3K+ is a massive hit for me ( Especially as the job fell thought I bought it for ) and a subs model would be a lot more affordable and easy to manage ( even as a billed annual 737.88 euros! ) for a freelancer. The difference of 2.7K could have gone to a new machine which I need. Also subscriptions are completely tax deductible. Where is my upside?
  8. So. I am pretty annoyed. Having saved up a bunch of money and bought it in May. They release subscriptions which are the same price as MSA on it's own!!! Perpetual is now a lot cheaper than I bough it and has devalued the resale... not that anyone would by it now anyway. Great for new people, but what happens to people that have only just bought it? Sucks
  9. Ah man. It had better not be some insane price cut. Only just bought it in May! Anything else probably welcome :) Is it the big red "Do my work" Button?
  10. prowl

    New Mac pro

    So the interesting thing here is that OpenGL has been depreciated in the latest MacOS so MAXON are converting the viewport to metal2 and that’s a big deal. I suspect they will will change the pc side too perhaps to vulkan which is the successor to OpenGL. The specs are insane and probably to much for a lot of people and the ram alone would be 18k to max out (1.5tb!) The big big unknown is the price of the upgrade GPUs - vega2 which you can get as 1 GPU, 2GPU or 4GPU with the stupidly fast 84gb interlink. My guess is 1k, 2.5k and 5k I am sure there will be sweet spot with a 18 core, 2xgpu and 128gb ram, 1 tb ssd for about $9k still a lot but it is a work tool - I always use the comparison with a tradesman that needs a truck and tools and that could easily hit 20k with a second hand truck or 49 with a new one. I do wonder if they will release a plain old “Mac” to fit in between pro and mini now at about 3k using i9s or whatever with 4 pcie etc - the iMac Pro is great and all but lots of people don’t need the screen and want some expand ability.
  11. decent sale on 7th may 2019 ... https://www.MAXON.net/en/news/MAXON-news/article/Flash-Sale-30-Off-New-Licenses/?fbclid=IwAR02QkNxo8z-NuIGEYOEhe2f-whOojRJ0xDKkLimQquvAka4LCjNunPfCLc Spread the word.
  12. All great points! I just wish it was one product. I've been into studios that have Visualise and no MoGraph was a real pain. Also means you can't open a standard C4D file everywhere... so fragments your users. That said - decent sale on 7th may 2019 ... https://www.MAXON.net/en/news/MAXON-news/article/Flash-Sale-30-Off-New-Licenses/?fbclid=IwAR02QkNxo8z-NuIGEYOEhe2f-whOojRJ0xDKkLimQquvAka4LCjNunPfCLc
  13. The best thing adobe did to stop fragmentation and version headaches did was use the subscription model. No one has any reason to not be up to date and using the same software* MSA is MAXON’s subs basically with high upfront cost but feature limitation is not the way to do it. Unity has a good model but I am not sure how you PROVE your earnings to them? The honour system? *They should have a cheaper per app cost tho to create a custom bundle... I never use the web stuff for example.
  14. prowl

    My R21 Wishlist

    I'm on a 32" 4K on windows right now and it's all very crisp? I can only guess you don't have your settings right? You know you can also customise the interface font in preferences - I am using Nirmala UI at 14 and it's fantastic. As for 21... Expresso update would be nice. Volume Cache Faster volumes - it's CPU only at moment. Leverage that GPU goodness. Better Volume Mesher. Auto Retopology that works. VR mode! Camera control / Modelling / sculpting Better Viewport rendering Hopefully redshift integrated into the Viewport - not for rendering (yet) just actually so you can see what's going on without having to use the viewport node on every material. Selection tools. Now here's the Biggie.. you ready for it. A compositor! A really good Hybrid / Layer based 3D compositor with Cinema's awesome straight forward adaptive interface. Anything to bury the awfulness that is mostly single threaded mess that After effects has become. Imagine comping footage in C4D like environment. Same cameras and render settings lights etc Possibly layers AND node based AND 3D environment. OpenFX plugins. Could be potentially live (with redshift) - so multi layer 3D renders are automatically updated in the comp view. Work in low res and then render out at the end. The possibilities are endless. Damn... it could be a beautiful thing. MAXON - I am not a programmer... but have a great vision. Give me a call ;)
  15. I do remember being really confused with the old modules system - But do people buy the other options? Such weird pricing with different bits missing from Prime, Visualise, Broadcast. I am all for paying the right money for development etc - but it is about cashflow for me and a lot of freelancers I suppose. £150 a month is managable but 3K quite a chunk of change in one go - and pretty hard to swallow with Houdini Indie @ $269 1yr/@$399 2yr which is the full app with only a couple of small limitations. You don't even get the MSA for the first year for free... so potentially you can have the previous version after only a short period. There could be a freelance version which is single seat Studio without network rendering - with a max earning thing like Houdini / Unity for like 1K a year.

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