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  1. prowl

    New Mac pro

    So the interesting thing here is that OpenGL has been depreciated in the latest MacOS so MAXON are converting the viewport to metal2 and that’s a big deal. I suspect they will will change the pc side too perhaps to vulkan which is the successor to OpenGL. The specs are insane and probably to much for a lot of people and the ram alone would be 18k to max out (1.5tb!) The big big unknown is the price of the upgrade GPUs - vega2 which you can get as 1 GPU, 2GPU or 4GPU with the stupidly fast 84gb interlink. My guess is 1k, 2.5k and 5k I am sure there will be sweet spot with a 18 core, 2xgpu and 128gb ram, 1 tb ssd for about $9k still a lot but it is a work tool - I always use the comparison with a tradesman that needs a truck and tools and that could easily hit 20k with a second hand truck or 49 with a new one. I do wonder if they will release a plain old “Mac” to fit in between pro and mini now at about 3k using i9s or whatever with 4 pcie etc - the iMac Pro is great and all but lots of people don’t need the screen and want some expand ability.
  2. decent sale on 7th may 2019 ... https://www.MAXON.net/en/news/MAXON-news/article/Flash-Sale-30-Off-New-Licenses/?fbclid=IwAR02QkNxo8z-NuIGEYOEhe2f-whOojRJ0xDKkLimQquvAka4LCjNunPfCLc Spread the word.
  3. All great points! I just wish it was one product. I've been into studios that have Visualise and no MoGraph was a real pain. Also means you can't open a standard C4D file everywhere... so fragments your users. That said - decent sale on 7th may 2019 ... https://www.MAXON.net/en/news/MAXON-news/article/Flash-Sale-30-Off-New-Licenses/?fbclid=IwAR02QkNxo8z-NuIGEYOEhe2f-whOojRJ0xDKkLimQquvAka4LCjNunPfCLc
  4. The best thing adobe did to stop fragmentation and version headaches did was use the subscription model. No one has any reason to not be up to date and using the same software* MSA is MAXON’s subs basically with high upfront cost but feature limitation is not the way to do it. Unity has a good model but I am not sure how you PROVE your earnings to them? The honour system? *They should have a cheaper per app cost tho to create a custom bundle... I never use the web stuff for example.
  5. prowl

    My R21 Wishlist

    I'm on a 32" 4K on windows right now and it's all very crisp? I can only guess you don't have your settings right? You know you can also customise the interface font in preferences - I am using Nirmala UI at 14 and it's fantastic. As for 21... Expresso update would be nice. Volume Cache Faster volumes - it's CPU only at moment. Leverage that GPU goodness. Better Volume Mesher. Auto Retopology that works. VR mode! Camera control / Modelling / sculpting Better Viewport rendering Hopefully redshift integrated into the Viewport - not for rendering (yet) just actually so you can see what's going on without having to use the viewport node on every material. Selection tools. Now here's the Biggie.. you ready for it. A compositor! A really good Hybrid / Layer based 3D compositor with Cinema's awesome straight forward adaptive interface. Anything to bury the awfulness that is mostly single threaded mess that After effects has become. Imagine comping footage in C4D like environment. Same cameras and render settings lights etc Possibly layers AND node based AND 3D environment. OpenFX plugins. Could be potentially live (with redshift) - so multi layer 3D renders are automatically updated in the comp view. Work in low res and then render out at the end. The possibilities are endless. Damn... it could be a beautiful thing. MAXON - I am not a programmer... but have a great vision. Give me a call ;)
  6. I do remember being really confused with the old modules system - But do people buy the other options? Such weird pricing with different bits missing from Prime, Visualise, Broadcast. I am all for paying the right money for development etc - but it is about cashflow for me and a lot of freelancers I suppose. £150 a month is managable but 3K quite a chunk of change in one go - and pretty hard to swallow with Houdini Indie @ $269 1yr/@$399 2yr which is the full app with only a couple of small limitations. You don't even get the MSA for the first year for free... so potentially you can have the previous version after only a short period. There could be a freelance version which is single seat Studio without network rendering - with a max earning thing like Houdini / Unity for like 1K a year.
  7. So I am looking at the pricing on Cinema... I currently freelance ( for past 10 years) for a medical company and do all their in-house training animations however they have decided to get in a 3d Student ( Bosses son to do them instead) which is fine - I'll be helping them out I am sure. Studio only - I understand the reason for Lite / Education versions, but really do understand fragmenting the Range. It only creates confusion! Does anyone even buy Broadcast/Visualize? Personally I think they should only have Studio but hey ho.... I missed out on the £900 any version > 20 studio upgrade discount (not that I could find an old Version to buy) which is annoying So this is what I have worked out: Option 1: Buy it then MSA - Big initial outlay then a reasonable amount per year £2850 Perpetual £525 MSA per year / £43.75 a month. Over 3 years: £4425 Over 5 years: £5475 Option 2: Rent it - £900 for 6 Month Rental £1800 a year £150 a month Over 3 years: £5400 Over 5 Year: £9000 But no MSA / Cinversity another $295 yr1 then $95 a year. So approx 9500 over 5 years. So Buying it is the way to go? You can resale if needed/retire I understand? Do you guys think with the new CEO they might change the whole payments to Subscriptions or something different? Anyone have any inside knowledge about upcoming flash sales? they have been 30% 1 day sales for the past few years around end of April / early may. Thanks
  8. It is up to date. I'll change the profile. I've narrowed it down to redshift! If the plug in is in the plugin folder Volume Mesher Crashes... if it is not it doesn't! I've raised a ticket with Redshift. I can remove it in the short term to get my work done. Sent the crash report to MAXON. very odd. Did a preference clean... then a reinstall Cinema first... all working Some other small plugins... all working Redshift... Crashed moved the Redshift plugin and it worked again. crazy. Nothing RS in the scene at all no RS windows open.
  9. So I swapped out my old 250gb SSD with a new 1tb NVME SSD and and cloned over the OS and added more ram - Everything is working it seems Barr Volume mesher - I can build objects but Volume mesher is crashing C4D the second it has any calculations to do - Any idea why that might have happened? I am hamstrung by IT who have my machine locked down and I can't legally even copy out and send the Crash report - Any idea what I might be looking for? { ExceptionNumber = 0x00000001 ExceptionText = "EXC_BAD_ACCESS" Address = 0x121928b7c Thread = 0x700010567000 }
  10. I am using the take system and I have altered a material in say Take 1 of 20 - how do I get that back to the main Take. Thanks
  11. X-Particles or Cycles for 40% off !!! Now that's a deal. https://insydium.ltd
  12. Thanks - I always forget about the V key! And XS tab looks perfect! just as an aside... insydium has a work around for plugins for free... https://insydium.ltd/products/bridge/ r12 to r20 bridge... work work with some plugins... Interesting idea - they've not tried all obviously but it's free!
  13. Does anyone know of a Plugin or script that can have a window showing currently open projects as appears under Top menu>Windows So they all appear as a list... The best you can do is drag the Projects button somewhere and click on that then the list. It's only a step less I suppose but I often have to swap between 10+ files quickly copy and pasting between them. Would be really handy to have them in a constant list And secondly a window plugin with Recent files?
  14. Probably can do it in C4D or takes 5 mins using C4D and After ffects 100% luminance material on the spinning plane in C4D Rendered out as a Png sequence. with standard renderer - should takes seconds. Into Aftereffects. Use the standard Vegas plugin: Segments: 1 Width 5 Animate the Rotation. play with the start end opacity - but that looks like 1 to 0 to me. Or just have a look at the my file... https://drive.google.com/open?id=1swsNO5X28P3obO-XkzCjQKa0Ztw-2SGJ Also an airplane funnily enough from a project a while ago. Done.
  15. Don't have to worry about Taxes?!? How does that work then? Not paying them could certainly bite you in the later...



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