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  1. prowl

    How to do this effect in c4d?

    Possibly doable in C4D or takes 5 mins using C4D and After ffects 100% luminance material on the spinning plane in C4D Rendered out as a Png sequence. with standard renderer - should takes seconds. Into Aftereffects. Use the standard Vegas plugin: Segments: 1 Width 5 Animate the Rotation. play with the start end opacity - but that looks like 1 to 0 to me. Or just have a look at the my file... https://drive.google.com/open?id=1swsNO5X28P3obO-XkzCjQKa0Ztw-2SGJ Also an airplane funnily enough from a project a while ago. Done.
  2. prowl

    Looking for pricing advice

    Don't have to worry about Taxes?!? How does that work then? Not paying them could certainly bite you in the later...
  3. Is a bug or normal behaviour If you have an instance of an object as Union/subtract under a Builder and Mesher, it works fine in the editor rendering.. but if you export it as an STL object it ignore any. Cube Mesher ---Builder -----Torus -----Cube (Instance) (Union) Attached a file If works if you collapse the mesher - but obviously that's destructive or if the Cube is not an instance. TorusCube.stl Volumet to STL bug.c4d
  4. prowl

    Volume Builder / Mesher Cache

    Ok - Thanks - would be great... :)
  5. I have a Volume Builder and A Mesher. Is there anyway to cache these without Collapsing them. Freezing them as it were. The volume information is not saved with the file I guess? If I go to another open document and come back it recalculates the volume Builder - even if the Auto Update settings is off. So is there a tag that should work with this to cache it?
  6. Awesome... so I didn't think to check the object filter list and I've never known about Selection objects. Completely passed me by in 10 year of using C4D. Amazing thanks.
  7. Is there a way to script a button to globally turn on and off all the r20 Volume objects? I've work out a way to do it xpresso... but would need manual linking for each project. Its much easier to build in Poly then switch on - as I am working at a very low voxel size - 0.1mm I'd love to be able not just switch on / off ALL volume builders at once All Volume Meshers Anyone have any ideas?
  8. So I have a indoor scene and a bit confused with the GIIt's a camera only move with a number of Area lights and no moving lights or objects? There are light strips that rear colour lights on the walls. Do I untick full animation mode and have the GI only calculate on the first frame? I tried baking but no luck - just crashes.