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  1. I’ve said this before I really hope this new core, nodes , and Red giant merger and redshift acquisition are will lead to making a MAXON Compositor.
  2. I am selling one of my R21 Studio Licences. A big Project has completed. £3300 New - selling for £2000. I’ll cover the Transfer fee. MAXON have confirmed you’ll be able to R23 in September/October for a fair amount, presuming they are keeping the same Number parity for S and R. Thanks.
  3. Open a ticket here. https://support.MAXON.net/kb/index.php
  4. I suppose it's a very different approach for different professional workflows. I Don't know anyone that still uses it. Like no company, agency, Freelancer or personal friend I have work with in last 5 years. CS6 is 8 years old and It's not been on sale for 3 years. Had terrible Multiprocessor support for Premiere and After effects. I couldn't work with someone who was using CS6 as it's completely impractical for exchanging files.
  5. So that's nothing to do with Catalina as such. It's a purely 64 bit OS. So old 32 Adobe apps don't work. Some might call it Planned obsolescence, and in a way it is, But supporting 20 year old machines and tech is why windows is so horrible ( well that and the UI!) Windows is a complete ClusterFudge because it's so rooted in the past and has awl 32bit ( and 16 bit! support ) - It's a complete mess from a code standpoint with multiple legacy stuff all over the place. Microsoft knows this and so Windows 10X is coming. All new UI 64 Bit but can run 32bit apps in a container shell
  6. Sure well the help system online only was really stupid. This was I sure just a miscommunication I am sure. If that's the case.... please be making a MAXON Compositor / editor... Please... After effects sucks.
  7. Ahha! So I wasn't going crazy either... that's what I read. I suspect it was just a Miscommunication between the engineers and Marketing team / whoever wrote the post I am pretty sure that one Forum post won't have changed any minds that quickly - "Hold on a minute... this one guy is right WHAT are we doing " But it all turned out ok in the End! Might want to edit your first post or you'll get loads of people saying the same thing without reading though.
  8. No idea why some people have issues with Catalina. Been working fine for me for months. Literally not had a problem at all. I did a clean install on my iMac Pro though... and have and No problems either on my new Mac Pro. However... you read the article incorrectly as I did the first time - It's not forcing you too... YET.... 10.3.6 is still supported. "To run future releases of Cinema 4D on Mac, you’ll need at least macOS High Sierra 10.13.6, though the recommended version is macOS Catalina 10.15.x. You can check the Metal compatibility in the macOS System Information,
  9. I have some industrial power station type Cad > C4D files that need sorting out, optimising as they are too big to work with - either collapsing the huge file structure to objects and simple texturing 5-6 or so that will be supplied. there are about 6 and need to be done ASAP. I’ll pay a fee per model and I’ll need a NDA signed. many thanks!
  10. I suppose it's just an anomaly that you CAN'T simply do it from the Customise Commands Window. Tags are so important and it's not as obvious as some. Especially as they have changed the grouping in r21 I have no idea where they are Half the time So a proper plugin could: Setup a tag within it then: Apply/Remove/copy/replace to: Selected Object Type Children Parent Namespace .* ( all things containing Field "DOOR" for example )
  11. Who do you work for?! I've done that in the past and had to lay out a business case and need. Problem was that they did it and all of a sudden I was tabled as the Guy who could handle ANY graphics rubbish for the entire company.
  12. Anyone know of a way to Quickly swap between the Unit display without having to go into Preferences and dig down every Time? Preferences > units > unit Display Can I stick some script code on a button? Basically I'd like MM, CM, M, KM as buttons... I swap a lot between them from file to file.
  13. For the most if you are not seeing a noticeable speed increase.. your setting are wrong would be my guess. even on a 980ti.
  14. So some simple way to add Tags to a Toolbar... so you don't have to do the right click, search though objects There is a convoluted Script way to to this.. https://ace5studios.com/tag-buttons/
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