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  1. I am selling one of my R21 Studio Licences. A big Project has completed. £3300 New - selling for £2200. I’ll cover the Transfer fee. MAXON have confirmed you’ll be able to R23 in September/October for a fair amount, presuming they are keeping the same Number parity for S and R. And that will Include all of the S22+23 updates. Thanks.
  2. Open a ticket here. https://support.MAXON.net/kb/index.php
  3. I suppose it's a very different approach for different professional workflows. I Don't know anyone that still uses it. Like no company, agency, Freelancer or personal friend I have work with in last 5 years. CS6 is 8 years old and It's not been on sale for 3 years. Had terrible Multiprocessor support for Premiere and After effects. I couldn't work with someone who was using CS6 as it's completely impractical for exchanging files.
  4. So that's nothing to do with Catalina as such. It's a purely 64 bit OS. So old 32 Adobe apps don't work. Some might call it Planned obsolescence, and in a way it is, But supporting 20 year old machines and tech is why windows is so horrible ( well that and the UI!) Windows is a complete ClusterFudge because it's so rooted in the past and has awl 32bit ( and 16 bit! support ) - It's a complete mess from a code standpoint with multiple legacy stuff all over the place. Microsoft knows this and so Windows 10X is coming. All new UI 64 Bit but can run 32bit apps in a container shell. So they are still going to have all the old junk in there but silo'd. Defiantly for the best. Just "announced" API's - Metal has been here for 6 years and metal 2 for 2.5... Personally I think depreciating old tech is incredibly important to push things forward. Apple is always at the forefront of that, Thunderbolt / USB-C, Ditching 32 bit and crappy OpenGL. Hell PC Mobo's still have a serial port. The best thing Adobe dod was to go subscription as it means that EVERYONES files will be up to date. There is no excuse for them not to be. It was a complete nightmare with clients / studios before. You'd have to keep 5 versions of Adobe stuff on your machine... just in case!
  5. Sure well the help system online only was really stupid. This was I sure just a miscommunication I am sure. If that's the case.... please be making a MAXON Compositor / editor... Please... After effects sucks.
  6. Ahha! So I wasn't going crazy either... that's what I read. I suspect it was just a Miscommunication between the engineers and Marketing team / whoever wrote the post I am pretty sure that one Forum post won't have changed any minds that quickly - "Hold on a minute... this one guy is right WHAT are we doing " But it all turned out ok in the End! Might want to edit your first post or you'll get loads of people saying the same thing without reading though.
  7. No idea why some people have issues with Catalina. Been working fine for me for months. Literally not had a problem at all. I did a clean install on my iMac Pro though... and have and No problems either on my new Mac Pro. However... you read the article incorrectly as I did the first time - It's not forcing you too... YET.... 10.3.6 is still supported. "To run future releases of Cinema 4D on Mac, you’ll need at least macOS High Sierra 10.13.6, though the recommended version is macOS Catalina 10.15.x. You can check the Metal compatibility in the macOS System Information, Graphics tab. We want you to have the best experience possible running Cinema 4D, and to ensure that we'd recommend updating to macOS 10.15. There are several enhancements to Metal in the latest macOS which will improve the performance and interaction with the viewport in future versions." It will kill some people's older hackingtosh machines or means they cannot upgrade to r22 Personally I am all for it as Metal 2 is substantially better than OpenGL and will hopeful lead to huge performance jumps... Which is why they are doing it I am sure. With the Mac Pro launch, Apple has actually partnered up with MAXON / Redshift / Otoy etc and is providing proper Metal support and Programmers to these companies and should be a great benefit.
  8. I have some industrial power station type Cad > C4D files that need sorting out, optimising as they are too big to work with - either collapsing the huge file structure to objects and simple texturing 5-6 or so that will be supplied. there are about 6 and need to be done ASAP. I’ll pay a fee per model and I’ll need a NDA signed. many thanks!
  9. I suppose it's just an anomaly that you CAN'T simply do it from the Customise Commands Window. Tags are so important and it's not as obvious as some. Especially as they have changed the grouping in r21 I have no idea where they are Half the time So a proper plugin could: Setup a tag within it then: Apply/Remove/copy/replace to: Selected Object Type Children Parent Namespace .* ( all things containing Field "DOOR" for example )
  10. Who do you work for?! I've done that in the past and had to lay out a business case and need. Problem was that they did it and all of a sudden I was tabled as the Guy who could handle ANY graphics rubbish for the entire company.
  11. Anyone know of a way to Quickly swap between the Unit display without having to go into Preferences and dig down every Time? Preferences > units > unit Display Can I stick some script code on a button? Basically I'd like MM, CM, M, KM as buttons... I swap a lot between them from file to file.
  12. For the most if you are not seeing a noticeable speed increase.. your setting are wrong would be my guess. even on a 980ti.
  13. So some simple way to add Tags to a Toolbar... so you don't have to do the right click, search though objects There is a convoluted Script way to to this.. https://ace5studios.com/tag-buttons/
  14. Just a follow up on this.. I am thinking about getting this...can you actually customise the dial for C4D at all? Or other apps that are not mentioned specifically?
  15. OToy aren’t exactly known for keeping on schedule... rs3 beta is great and the c4d nodes system is great now. I’m using it happily for local work but anything I have to renderfarm is still on RS2
  16. "The new Mac Pro itself – buyers of which are due to get a free licence of the Octane X Enterprise Edition – shipped in December." Nice of them to give a free year. I suspect Apple are subsidising this and probably paying for development / providing Metal coders. Redshift are being more cagey. I have asked a few times. It's pretty unfair to not keep people updated when it's no secret and has been official announced. Just need to know if it's something I can plan into projects in the future. I've just bought my Mac Pro ( I have a few PCs so will use them as render nodes probably when I can get my head around the licensing for C4D, Redshift and Octane) - But damn I am looking forward to using a Mac again.
  17. R21 Mac OS SwitchResX for monitor contorl So my Saved Dual Screen Layouts always opens on a single screen. I have the main app window on Left and a second with Rendering / Materials / Content browser etc in a second window on the right. Even if I save it it opens with the second window overlaid. Possibly related is if I group expand anything in the seconds right hand window.... it fill the LEFT hand screen. Anyone have any ideas why? It never used to have in R20.
  18. So I am fairly sure there was a large financial incentive made by Apple for Octane / Redshift / MAXON and all the other partners like Avid / Blackmagic Unity and Unreal shown at the launch and I am sure that was dependent on getting the release date. The industry support is there and Metal2 is mature enough to take on CUDA what is interesting is "The final and full commercial release of Octane X Enterprise Edition will be offered as a free license to customers purchasing the new Mac Pro." from - https://home.otoy.com/octane-x-wwdc2019/. - Which is pretty damn cool. Personally I am running a hackintosh with a 1080ti at the moment but will be buying one of these with a Duo card - I can't abide using windows day to day and while I have a workstation for 3d Studio Max thats all I use it for. I do wonder is you can just stick an AMD GPU in there like a Radeon VII as that would still be pretty powerful for a lot of used and a lot better than the Stick 580x which I can only presume is there for Audio guys that don't need Any Graphic ommph.... And hopefully we will get GPU updates every year or so from AMD. That was the biggest mistake with the Cylinder. Those GPUs should have been replaceable and they should have updated them! Would still be a valid machine for a lot of people if they did that. Hell even added thunderbolt 3 and external GPUs.
  19. Can anyone with a Mac r21 see if the Replace with... is working at all? Works fine for me in r20 but not getting the picker (arrow+?) to choose the replacement object.
  20. So I have a stone wall made up of a few hundred separate stones objects ( extruded splines ) and I am trying to get them to fall in to place like tumbling rain. I have the wall setup in final place. What would be a good Mograph and effector / fields setup for this? They need to fall in rough rows to the finished position. Perhaps bouncing off each other? I am thinking of mograph and fields as they do have small gaps between them and making them dynamic objects would drop the stones at the start. Or should I be looking at X-Particles which I also have. thanks in advance for any Ideas.
  21. The House builder tool? Prime Tools and Helpers ( String of Pearls and all the others) Just adding the R20 to visualise.Lib4d to R21 doesn't work - can see and add it but the builder doesn't actually work I am sure there is a lot of other stuff missing..
  22. Volumes Dude. Its amazing. Or the plugin Meshboolean is really good if you don't like the volume mesh output.
  23. UK prices are up now... £55.19 - monthly C4D - 1 year payment £95.99 - month by month cancel anytime. £79.19 - monthly C4D with redshift - 1 year payment £119.99 - month by month cancel anytime. Perpetual - £3300 Might have to change region at the bottom left to UK https://www.MAXON.net/en/buy/ But the big problem here is everyone that has a perpetual licence is now royally screwed. There is an FAQ entry which is just confusing "If you own a perpetual license of Cinema 4D, you’re eligible for discounted Cinema 4D subscription pricing. You’re also able to upgrade to an R21 perpetual license. Some future Cinema 4D upgrades may be available only to subscription customers, while others may be available as perpetual licenses at upgrade pricing. Specific timing and pricing of each upgrade is not yet defined." Basically they have just killed the resale value of everyones perpetual licence as there is no price for this upgrade beyond your MSA and " future Cinema 4D upgrades may be available only to subscription customers" which fragments things again!!!! FFS MAXON Cinema 4D sort it out! it's just a big kick in the nuts for anyone that has just bought it like me.
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