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  1. Hi C4D Cafe, I've been trying to learn 3D animation/compositing and tracking for some time now. I've learned what little I can over the years. At this point, given that you can't learn it all is there a more specific part of 3D study that would benefit me if I were to work with live footage vs. in the box graphics etc.? I understand that the typical route of learning 3D is environment, tools, modeling, materials, etc. but is there something somebody should focus on more than another if they plan on dealing primarily with live footage composites and 3D tracking rather than general 3D? I want to be well-rounded in my approach but I have a curious mind and can get to interested in things. For instance, UV mapping...? From a distance it seems like something general I should know in a tracking/compositing approach, but will I end up spending time in that process? I'm not sure if there's more than one approach one typically takes towards 3D. I hope this makes sense, if it's a pretty much generalized study i'm happy to take it all in. It's all really fascinating to me, but I want to be realistic and eventually professional. If anybody has any feedback or perspective it's appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Hi Cafe Folks, I'm using Smart Tween as a procedural easing tool in Xpresso. I have a cube falling>bouncing on to the floor. I put this object in an Array object and want them stagger in their animation. Do I have to create a group(null) of objects and Object Index animate them to stagger, or is it possible to use Xpresso to offset SmartTween to stagger an array of boxes?
  3. Hi Everybody, After a few years away I'm trying to get back into the swing of learning C4D. I figure a good way to work with basic shapes, camera, motion, etc. is to build and animating graph with title. I don't really have the money to spend on graph plugs so I was wondering if anybody knew of any that were up to date and could help step me through the procedures of building an animated bar graph or something, preferably with data use or Espresso etc. Thanks for any help/feedback. It is appreciated.
  4. Getting shapes to look the way I want under lighting.


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