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  1. peace Hrvoje, thanks for that, ur xpresso seems much easier than yaders, but how would one get the material transition on the Delay Effector_spring overshoot like yaders, if u notice its magenta then transitions to orange then back to magenta on landing, i know its gotta be sumthin simple.
  2. i saw derya ozturk do sumthin like this where he had the colors change according to the aniamtion speed of the pieces of the fracture, i am a xpresso rookie so i only got so far any help would be appreciated, around 09:54ish https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaylist/volume_3_siggraph_2016_rewind/siggraph_2016_rewind_-_derya_ozturk_new_mograph_features_in_r18
  3. where are the animators from Pixar when u need them, instead of walkin was thinkin more so independent suspension rollin, but in place
  4. yeah, i'm up on turbosquid was probably gonna get a premade joint from them and go from there, thanks for the knowledge!!
  5. i was asked can "can u make it look like a VW bug in back? sheesh! any good tutes out there on rigging a toon style car, i'm very virginey on the modeling tip but I can follow instructions, been playin in c4d for yrs, just not seriously, like an on -going old student, but this is serious, can't be rushed, understood! now can we talk about sketch and toon with splines?
  6. not really movin that much except to wave hi, walkin towards the viewer in place, this for a VR set, and yes they want a back section done
  7. i haven't even inquired into what the price should be for sumthin like this?
  8. I was more so thinkin of purchasing a completed model and tryin to rig that?
  9. Peace to all and thanks for any and all help, heres the task, i've been givin this image and told to animate it for a ten second spot, the problem is i've only played with motion graphics in c4d very lil modeling and this is the only source image no rear or side, but a 360 view is needed, so a back is need to be created, turnaround time is mad short, i'm using c4d r 17, any suggestions would be highly appreciated! peace! brooklyn

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