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  1. Also, UPDATE 2: The Bones were not the problem. I found one of my Nulls (under the bone hierarchy) had a scale of .0095. This was super weird since I'm usually compulsive about keeping/reseting my scales at (1,1,1) and such. But anyways, yea, it was the scale (for some reason) causing the knife tool to appear to snap, then jump off the point, and not make an accurate cut. So if anyone else is experiencing weirdness like this, double check the scale of nulls!
  2. For this project no. It's a robot mech with interchangeable parts. I like to rig the basic model, then pose to extremes... then add detail or cut down armor plates, ect, to make sure they fit and don't intersect. The UVs are all done on the solid parts that I can swap in and out... mech-bot... so no skin. I guess I don't actually need to use the bones (I just like them out of habbit and visual guide). I have since just swapped them out for Nulls that I've IK'd.
  3. Well... found the issue. For some reason, it won't cut properly if the object is a child of a bone. Even with no IK-chain. The model is a robot-mech... and for my usual r16 workflow... I do additional modeling after I rig it. Again, this totally works fine in r16... it's how I always work. But, yes, maybe I should let MAXON know... see what they say about it. It could be a bug... or maybe they didn't design the new tools for this specific workflow.
  4. This is seriously getting ridiculous. I couldn't use r18 because of the knife tool issues and reverted to r16. Now, AGAIN, in r19... the knife tool STILL isn't working. In that, for many objects in my models, the line cut will not lock onto points. It highlights them in green and then immediately jumps off to the side when I try to make a cut. I just can't stress how insane these new knife tools issues are. C4D can't make a point to point cut anymore REALLY!!!???

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