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  1. Yeah but at some point the handles cant be dragged out any longer, if i want a steeper curve at the inflection point. Then i need a keyframe in between. The dopesheet gets so cluttered then. In After Effects there is this plugin "Motion 2" where i can adjust ease in, ease out plus the steepness in the middle without aditional keyframes. But maybe even the Smart Tween plugin for C4D didnt do that? We now found https://nitro4d.com/product/magic-animcurve/ by now, but that also just quickly adds curves that you can do by yourself without using additional keyframes. Not so bad though. Plus it's free.
  2. Hi! Since R20 the Smart Tween plugin doesnt work anymore. Also tried Insydium Bridge to get it to run, but no luck. The plugin ads an Xpresso node for easing equations to C4D. How do you people add interessting easing to your animation, if not with that plugin? Max
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