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  1. I forgot the tail! Something else to delay the UVing, at least.
  2. Hear you there. I am still working on a 2013 imac without GPU as my IT department simply cannot understand why anyone would need any workstation that costs more than $1000.
  3. If you have your own sub, would you not be able to download R21 to use at work and use your own login?
  4. This might help a bit, but your models are not very good and will not deform properly. needle.c4d
  5. Look upon my works ye mighty and chuckle... Here we are at hour 3 million and I have nearly finished it. My next step would be unwrap this whole shebang and then texture, unless anyone has any other workflow advice? I watched that whole Cornelius Dammrich video the other day and he made a whole scene and didnt unwrap a damn thing. He made a robot in about five minutes in Fusion 360 which again makes me wonder why I am struggling with edge loops in C4D for days. But you can put a Melt deformer on this guy and watch him turn quite satisfyingly into a puddle which makes it all worthwhile, maybe.
  6. Aaaaaaaah, I use a graphics tablet, so the action of reaching for the delete key automatically pushes the pointer into the top right bit of the screen! Is there a way of stopping this from happening? I suppose then I would never be able to delete a whole model. I guess I will have to learn to delete with my left hand... Actually - I have added a delete command in the palette at the top next to 'reset PSR' and I will try and use that instead. Thanks for your help.
  7. Now I am trying to model a bit quicker, I am inspired to write about a problem I always encounter but has never seemed important enough to ask about. When I want to delete some polys what happens, almost invariably, is that I select them, press delete, and the entire model vanishes. I tut in irritation, undo and try again, but the model is deleted again. I undo, delete the polys again in exactly the same way, press delete, and they delete as expected. How can I stop this from happening? I assume there is some workflow issue I am getting wrong - is the object manager involved in this? I'm sure it is some basic user error and if you can put me straight I can move on with my life. Thanks.
  8. Hey there, I have some bitmaps I have made at the correct size to drop onto my object to completely fill certain polygons. C4D handles this very well when you make a polygon selection, (I think it embeds a unique UV layout into each material tag you apply?) But if I have unwrapped the object, all this goes to hell and I need to apply the textures manually in UV Edit mode, which is like being waterboarded. Is there a way to preserve C4D's ability to instantly project a correctly sized bitmap onto a poly or group of polys after it has been UVd? What I want is a 'Fit to Polys' command, like the 'Fit to Region' command we already have.
  9. Good lord, I thought the triangle was an abhorrent freak of geometrical nature, never to be given house room in a mesh. I have a lot to learn. Presumably this would not be OK if you wanted to deform the mesh - only if you wanted to model without SDS and have fewer polys?
  10. Supremely educational, as ever, thanks. Can I understand from this that the triangles are OK in a hard surface model like that?
  11. Hey there, I have put this together in the best way I know how and present it here to ask if there's anything I can do to optimise it? I have tried hard to keep it as good as possible. On one side I have left connecting boxes, on the other I have collapsed them into kites (a term I learned from Cerbera the other day) Is one better than the other? Is there anything else I have missed, apart from weighting the edges instead of corner cuts? Thanks TESTSLAB.c4d
  12. What are you texturing with in these?
  13. Freemorpheme


    How did you model in the round cobblestones? I dont see them in the mesh.
  14. Hi, If I have a setup with one scene and five takes, and I want to add a new object and only have it visible in one take, what is the workflow? At the moment if I add an object it is seen by all takes, and if I want it to be visible only to one take I have to manually go through and hide it in the other takes. If I put it on a new layer, I still have to manually add that layer to the other takes and turn the visibility off. I feel there must be a better way? Thanks Rich
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