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  1. Does anyone know of a way to set up a watch folder for C4D? I would like to save a file with assets from my home PC to my Drive or Dropbox, and have my work computer see it, pick it up and start rendering away at it so its ready for when I get to work in the morning. This is the dream. I know such a thing is technically possible since some render farms do it, but I dont know if anyone else has a similar solution?
  2. I didnt get much from the video, can anyone explain what this does?
  3. Anyone know if this is likely to appear ever? I am thinking about buying MLG11 and if 12 materialises and has loads of stuff on UVs I will be a sad little boy. It's not cheap enough to just get it on a whim.
  4. I have cranked the per frame rate up to 50 which seems a bit excessive but has fixed (most) of the problems
  5. In case I was too glib - I'm after some help to get the smashed bits to complete rest and not wiggling about like they are on a shake pan. Is this because of the Voronoi? Is there a way to bake a Voronoi out and just have the bits? Or would I have been better not using a Voronoi and just knifing it up manually? All help appreciated, as ever.
  6. This might help you get a bit closer. Yes, the dynamics will be different every time, until you bake them. floors.c4d
  7. Can anyone fix the jittery bits on this exploding crate? Damned if I can do it. jitters.c4d
  8. So people only ever use a procedural material with VF?
  9. My Voronoi object is paying scant respect to my UV's, can anyone help? Thanks cratetest.c4d
  10. Has any more been heard about this: http://lesterbanks.com/2017/05/register-bodypaint-open-beta/ Did this turn into the OpenGL improvement in R19?
  11. So I see Rizom is having a sale. And I really dont get on with Cinema's UV tools. I feel they are overdue an update... which means if I drop £130 on Rizom now and then MAXON unveil a glossy amazing set of UV tools I will kick myself for pulling the trigger too early. So what do you reckon the chances are of seeing an amazing set of unwrappers presented in R21?
  12. Thanks, I think I get all that - apart from this bit: What is the process for this? Is this something done in Cinema?
  13. Thanks. Here are pics of the low poly, high poly and textured mesh so you can see what I mean. You think I should have UV'd the original first?
  14. Hi there, I thought I would make a rock to practise making something in C4D and sending it to Substance and rendering with Octane. So I made a low poly mesh and used the sculpt tools to make a big blobby rock with 2 levels of sculpt subdivision. When I brought in a premade Substance, it looks OK at a distance, but up close its a bit of a mess. I have to use Cubic mapping to get anything, as the UV mapping is horrific. So I thought I would unwrap it and actually send the mesh to Substance Painter to texture it. My question is, what is the workflow to unwrap a sculpted mesh? Should I make the hi-res mesh editable and use that? Should I have unwrapped the low poly box mesh first before I sculpted it? I see a lot in Substance workflow instructions about 'low poly mesh and high poly mesh', is this what they are talking about? Should I save them separately somehow? So many questions, if anyone can help, thanks.



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