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  1. Hi gang, I have created a material based entirely on the reflectance channel with color, roughness, metallic etc maps from Substance Painter. Some forum posts I have been reading indicate its possible to save a preset from C4D so I dont have to plug in all of the maps every time. Is this the case? What I am after is something where I can set a material up with maps, then swap out the maps maybe so the material updates. Is this a possibility? Or is there an easier way to achieve this? Thanks
  2. That was good information, thank you - but I did mean the picture on the mat
  3. Is there somewhere I can add my weight to this idea? It seems very odd such a thing isnt included, 5 years since the poly pen came to c4d.
  4. Hi - I would like to use the Poly Pen for things like welding and extruding edges, but when I do I find that it has too much freedom of movement and creates wildly non-planar polys. If I am pulling some edges out to make new polys I would like to restrict the creation to one axis so the polys are all aligned. Also if I am manipulating points, I quite often find out that they have moved around merrily in Z when I thought I was making an operation more like a slide. Can I restrict the pen to do my bidding? Or should I just be using the Slide tool and the Bridge tool?
  5. Sorry, so if I had had a doubled density mesh from the start, I could have looped the corners and got harder cuts without the deformation?
  6. OK, back to the drawing board. Was I right in thinking this is a result of not having a dense enough vertical mesh?
  7. Right, so as to save me the disappointment of edge weighting and finding out later it didn't work, I tried to box model the whole cylinder. I was very proud of myself coming up with a quad method to loop the edges of the curves and to keep the cuts to a confined space and not propagate to the edge of the mesh. Buuuuut, it turns out there is still some distortion in the cylinder now. Is this unavoidable at this stage? Am I suffering for not simply doubling the vertical cuts in my cylinder when it was still parametric? Robot41_test7.c4d
  8. I would probably texture this in Substance - would that rule out using edge weighting?
  9. Thanks, as always for your detailed response. It's invaluable to imagine the thinking behind, as well as to see the mesh. For instance I see now you can split a quad into three quads, who knew? I will plod on and report back with my next roadblock...
  10. People do manage to make some cool stuff, but you have to fake it somehow.
  11. I know after many years it must be difficult to analyse how you do it, but can you give me an insight into how you think about making edge flow and quads? Do you just see it immediately or do you mess about with the mesh a bit? When you look at my mesh, do you instantly see what is wrong?
  12. OK, after a mere 7 years of practice and 4 hours of work I have made.... this... I challenge anyone to come up with a more perfect piece of geometry... god help me... Is this OK? I really tried hard!
  13. But surely imminent new UV tools would have been announced at the R21 release? Especially since they know we have been waiting so long. Even if they had said 'coming soon'.
  14. I cant login in to Cineversity. Even made a new account, reset my password etc , just got this: Am I being dim? I wanted to use the CV Toolbox plugin which will install, but then hangs and does nothing when I try and verify my login.

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