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  1. I wondered why everything I rendered had the Jolly Roger in it I have done some troubleshooting and can confirm it is certainly my fault, although what I have done is not yet clear. Maybe the gods of 3D are telling me to uninstall R20 and start learning this node thing everyone talks about. Thank you all.
  2. Do look into other renderers if you get into 3D more seriously, I never got any really good results until I moved to a GPU renderer. And when they change the name of U-Render to something more sexy, you can be sure lots of people will recognise how good it is
  3. Is that what Hrvoje would say? I just got through telling our new recruit C4D has the tools for the job!
  4. Now do it again with the Physical render
  5. Yeah, C4D should be able to give you good results. I would turn off the displacement and just try and light a glossy sphere by itself. When that looks good, turn the displacement back on. Alternatively, if you are just looking for nice renders, you can try the demo of Substance Painter - then you can model in C4D and render in Painter, which is a lot of fun.
  6. Yeah, sorry you cant just slap on a Substance and hope for the best. The good news is that every year it gets a bit easier, in the past you had to dig very deep into modelling, unwrapping, lighting, materials etc to get anything looking good. And in a few years time, it will be as easy as you hope. But for now you have to look into your lighting and rendering setup. You will be able to get good results with the Physical render alone, but you'll have to be prepared to toy with the settings, I would say the lighting is mostly what's giving the gloss look there.
  7. A good tip is to start a new scene with the smallest amount of things in, so you can troubleshoot better. In this case, you dont have enough subdivisions in your objects for the displacement to activate. Here is a new scene that might get you going. Squidfix.c4d
  8. That's what I thought. Must be user error somewhere then... thanks
  9. Hi there - can I use my R20 install with a MyMaxon account? Work have just sent through my new login, but all that has happened is that my beloved R20 install with my million plugins etc has now ceased to operate. Is this expected behaviour?
  10. The camera zooms out when you pick focus?
  11. Ah I see what you mean. No, I was careful with the framerates, which means it must be something introduced in the original file. I'll have to go back and check the c4d file.
  12. I wanted to make something that people at my work would like, so I make a little scene with easter eggs in that they would recognise. I wanted to build it around this little rabbit model that we used for a big campaign and keeps getting reused for this and that. I'm not sure about the camera work, I tried to keep it quite simple.
  13. Happy to hear critique, although I cant possibly change it any more, unless you spot something REALLY broken.


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