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  1. Local Alpha Rendering??

    If you put a compositing tag on the crystal you can object buffer it and then get an alpha channel for the object, then you can cut out everything else.
  2. Local Alpha Rendering??

    You want to see through the windowframe, but you dont want to see through the glass? I'm afraid I dont get it.
  3. Siggraph 2018 C4D Live

    What time zone are they in? EDIT -it's PDT
  4. Randomising your children

    Thanks for that. Do you feel there should be a better way as well? Is this the kind of thing I should be busting Xpresso out for? I will use your solution in my scene, thanks again.
  5. Hey guys - anyone got any ideas about how to attach my little clothes price label to the bit of string? I have tried every tag in the book, but nothing seems to do the trick. I would like to have the dynamics make the label drop down the string, so not attached at the bottom, but loose in the punched hole... I would settle for attached at this point if that's all I can get. Cheers hanging_tag.c4d
  6. Can you randomise certain children of an object in a cloner? For instance I have a table, say, with salt cellars on it. I want all the cellars to be randomised in x and z. But I cant think of a way to achieve this with a cloner object. It must be easily possible, but I'm damned if I can figure it out. I attach a test file. Thanks Untitled 3.c4d
  7. Will this build work?

    I would, but milage may vary http://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i5-8400-vs-AMD-Ryzen-7-1700X/3939vs3915
  8. Will this build work?

    It would be worth saving up for a little bit longer and getting an 8 core CPU
  9. Differences in IRR and Picture Viewer

    I ended up turning it on and off again, copying to a new scene file, deleting and recreating the render settings etc. Something somewhere fixed the problem, so I can't say what it was causing the issue. User error somewhere, as usual.
  10. With the same settings, I get very different results in the IRR and the normal picture viewer. The PV gives a very dark result with some weird shadows and some terrible artifacts in the corner of the room. Can anyone say what I should be looking out for? Physical render with GI, ambient occlusion. Irradience Cache and Light Mapping
  11. Substance Painter Summer release

    Thanks, that's really helpful. MAXON should give you guys a free MSA for your contributions to the community.
  12. Substance Painter Summer release

    Thanks Dan, I must say I'm still scratching my head. Can you tell me what a Substance is? I think since Reflectance it's much easier to import maps from other programs as they all find a place somewhere in the stack, but this is based on my experience bringing textures in from 3DS Max. When you say '1:1 ratio between the actual model and UV islands' do you mean to make the UVs all a comparable size to get the same detail? And am I right in thinking I can model something in C4D, unwrap it, send the mesh to SP, texture it, export baked texture maps which I can then apply to my model back in C4D?
  13. Substance Painter Summer release

    Can anyone clue me in on the workflow from C4D to Substance Painter and back again? It's something that must seem so obvious to pros that they dont bother to mention it. I have seen some people mention unwrapping in C4D first, others seem to apply basic materials in C4D then export directly to SP. If I wanted to texture the lantern they have in their recent demo video, and I had modelled it in C4D, how would I round trip it out to Substance Painter?
  14. Making objects follow curve of surface

    Like this? TestScene_fm.c4d
  15. R20 Node Material render test

    What is the benefit of a node system over the layer system? Can anyone explain it to me like I'm 5?