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  1. Since you appear to have a Morpheus-level insight into the inner working of C4D - do you know of a way to expose the broken phong edges of an object for an edge selection? For instance if I have a hard surface object, I know the edges are broken across all angles set by my phong angle limit. But while the Phong Edge Selection tool can see these edges and use them to make Polygon selections, the Select Broken Phong Edges does nothing until I have selected the edges and manually broken them. I wonder if there is a way of asking C4D to make an edge selection of all edges that are affected by the angle limit?
  2. Had you? I'm so sorry, I didn't see that. I thought your comment said that selecting UV edges was not currently a part of the tools you were making. I will revisit the comment.
  3. Does Blender have the capability to make a selection at UV Edges? I have a workflow issue that I have unwrapped a model with Rizom, reimported into Cinema, and now I need to set the Phong Edge Breaks to be the same as my UV splits, or I get baking errors in Substance Painter. C4D doesnt allow you to select UV edges, so I am wondering if I can use Blender as an intermediate step to sort out the smoothing before I import to Painter. How does Blender handle Phong edges / Smoothing groups?
  4. Maybe? I thought you had to come back to Cinema to sort out the smoothing groups there. I'm not really sure how it works. @DasFrodo gave me the advice a while ago to make sure all UV edges were also broken Phong edges, but I have never worked out a method of actually doing it.
  5. Thanks. Presumably this means if you unwrap in another application you are screwed?
  6. You can have a look at the MLG videos: https://www.thepixellab.net/making-it-look-great-11-hard-surface-modeling-for-cinema-4d Or now I think about it, I think all the Vertex Pusher vids are on Youtube now. Let me find the link... ... no, they have been removed. You might try the C4D CONTENT tab at the top, or look at GSG's famous minecart tutorial: https://greyscalegorilla.com/intro-to-cinema-4d/
  7. Hi there - is there a command for selecting UV seams on a mesh? I would like to select them to make sure the phong edges are also breaking. Select Phong Edges provides nothing so I assume the whole thing is smoothed. I would like to easily select the UV edges, then break the phong shading at those points. Thanks
  8. Thanks Cerbera. I did check the phong tag thinking it was a % difference, but didnt think to check the edge breaks. The reason the UVs are so tiny is that these two objects are part of a much larger edifice all unwrapped to the same UV grid, so there are other objects taking up the negative space you can see.
  9. I have a couple of questions about these two meshes, which I believe are identical. 1. One is showing distortion around the ngons made when I used the bevel deformer, but the other one isnt and I cant work out why. 2. Do you think I should spend ages fixing these ngons or is that simply part of life when using the deformer? 3. When I try and copy the UV tag from one to the other it corrupts. Why would this be? Thanks UV_tanktest.c4d
  10. I have heard they cloned him from DNA taken from Ben Kingsley and George Michael.
  11. I forgot the tail! Something else to delay the UVing, at least.
  12. Hear you there. I am still working on a 2013 imac without GPU as my IT department simply cannot understand why anyone would need any workstation that costs more than $1000.
  13. If you have your own sub, would you not be able to download R21 to use at work and use your own login?
  14. This might help a bit, but your models are not very good and will not deform properly. needle.c4d
  15. Look upon my works ye mighty and chuckle... Here we are at hour 3 million and I have nearly finished it. My next step would be unwrap this whole shebang and then texture, unless anyone has any other workflow advice? I watched that whole Cornelius Dammrich video the other day and he made a whole scene and didnt unwrap a damn thing. He made a robot in about five minutes in Fusion 360 which again makes me wonder why I am struggling with edge loops in C4D for days. But you can put a Melt deformer on this guy and watch him turn quite satisfyingly into a puddle which makes it all worthwhile, maybe.
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