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  1. Freemorpheme

    How are my UVs? Call 0800-YOU-SUCK-AT3D

    Certainly can, thanks for having a look. Any modelling or unwrapping help always welcome, as ever. Thanks greeble_6_low.c4d
  2. Freemorpheme

    Good guy Insydium - CactusDan Plugins

    https://insydium.ltd/community/cd-tools/ Cool pic of Dan there.
  3. Freemorpheme

    How are my UVs? Call 0800-YOU-SUCK-AT3D

    Can any of you lovely people tell me if there any awful unwrapping errors in the mesh that I have put up here? This gives horrible shading errors on the map bakes in SP, and I cannot think why.
  4. Freemorpheme

    How are my UVs? Call 0800-YOU-SUCK-AT3D

    Does this include a mesh under a SDS and then with it turned off? I did some test maps from SP and they looked fine back in C4D, but when I turned the SDS back on all the textures stretched out, and I'm not sure what to do about it, apart from make the mesh editable before I export the FBX.
  5. So I have unwrapped the top of my test object in C4D and put the UVS out like so. However when I pop it into Substance Painter for texturing it is too low res. So I have a couple of things to ask: 1. I am right in thinking UVs are resolution independent and there is no way to 'upscale' a UV when exporting? 2. If there is no more room on your UV square, then you should take some objects out and give them their own UV coordinates? You can't make the square bigger? 3. If this unwrap isn't working for me, the best solution would be to cut the big object in half and rearrange it somehow? 4. Ideally all UVs on an object should be around the same scale - this means that on a smaller object in the same scene you might choose not to scale the UVs as big as they can go in the UV space since then the resolution will be very different to the larger objects? 5.While I'm thinking about it - Substance Painter talks in terms of a high res and low res mesh. Am I right in thinking you would save out a subdivided mesh as a high res and feed it into Painter? Is that what they mean? Thanks
  6. Freemorpheme

    Duplicate UVW tag to similar mesh

    No I just duplicated one of them, unwrapped it and thought I could copy the tag over. Guess not.
  7. Freemorpheme

    Duplicate UVW tag to similar mesh

    Can you put the scene in so I can have look? This is what I get. When I duplicate the tag, the map is broken.
  8. Freemorpheme

    Duplicate UVW tag to similar mesh

    Yes, that's what I want, but when I try it, it breaks the mesh. Did it work for you?
  9. I have a mesh that has a UVW tag on it - I would like to copy this tag over to other similar objects but when I do the map becomes distorted. They have all been placed so I would prefer not to duplicate the object, although I appreciate that wouldnt take long with the transfer tool. But I'd like to know what's going on. Can you help? uwv nubs.c4d
  10. I have unwrapped my meshes ready for Substance Painter, and I would like to know if all the objects (these things in the pic are modelled separately) should have similar scale UVs, or if it is OK for them to be so different. Thanks
  11. Freemorpheme

    Can I extrude this loop?

    Is there a way of quickly extruding this loop to make an edge loop around the base? I dont want the cuts to go to the edge of the mesh. Thanks
  12. Freemorpheme

    SDS not working

    Thanks. With your help, this is what I ended up with:
  13. Freemorpheme

    SDS not working

    Can anyone look at this mesh and tell me why the SDS doesnt work? I feel like I've modelled it OK (for once). I attach the file Thanks greeble_d2.c4d
  14. Freemorpheme


    There is a real illustrated look to the gold detailing that is interesting.
  15. Freemorpheme

    Shading Error

    Can anyone tell me the quickest way to close this hole up and maintain the flow? Also I see shading errors on the corners, can anyone explain these? Thanks greeble_d2.c4d