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  1. AO shading error

    Thanks cerbs, I will remake it according to your instruction. Before I saw your reply I tried to remake it low poly using a torus, but ended up with another terrible shading error when it's under an SDS. I have clearly made a fundamental modelling mistake, but to my eyes the model seems OK. Can you point out what I have done? bloodcell_error2.c4d
  2. AO shading error

    Thanks guys. Just to be clear, the flat bit I have made in the middle with stitch and sew is non planar, meaning the points are not all on one plane? Would a pole in the middle have been better than the route I chose?
  3. AO shading error

    When I turn AO on in a standard render, I get these triangly shading errors in my model. Can anyone tell me what I have done wrong? blood cell.c4d
  4. Modelling and Editing an Object

    That is a suh-hooooooper dense mesh you have there. You might need to go back to before making the SDS editable to get a hole in there.
  5. Record Bend Deformer Keyframes

    OK thanks. I thought maybe it was a more often used technique, it seems like something that would be handy. Perhaps there is some Xpresso magic to do it.
  6. Hi - is it possible to record a mouse interaction with a Bend deformer (or any deformer) in real time? I have tried to record my test cube bobbing around using Cappucino and with the record keyframe functions on the timeline, but without success. Thanks
  7. Know a Whale

    Lovely. How did you do the underwater lighting on the whale?
  8. Have I cut this correctly?

    Thank you. I'm glad to see vertices with 5 lines are OK. While I'm on the subject, when I try to unwrap it I get this bendy shape - is this acceptable? I feel like it should be straighter.
  9. Have I cut this correctly?

    Ah I see. Well, as long as I know I have not made a completely fundamental error. Now all I have to do is unwrap it, which so far, seems impossible very difficult impossible.
  10. Have I cut this correctly?

    I am just making it for practice at unwrapping something, so maybe? I have added some edge loops in since I posted it, if that is what you mean.
  11. Have I cut this correctly?

    I am making a simple shape with two holes in - I have cut it up after bevelling out the holes but it seems very busy and I cant help but think there was a better way. Always keen to get workflow advice from my elders and betters... Thanks twoholes.c4d
  12. Substance Painter, UVs and BodyPaint

    I have struggled through a few projects using it, and have watched all manner of tutorials including the now-legendary fuel tank one, but I still can't use the damn thing and have developed a healthy loathing for it, so it's not received wisdom. It's the only part of C4D that seems to make no intuitive sense to me.
  13. Hi there, I have been looking into Substance Painter after working on a beautiful model someone made at work with SP and Vray. I dont have Vray on my machine but was able to make a very passable render by importing the relevant maps into the various reflectance channels in C4D 17. SP looks very good for certain types of model, but I am confused about unwrapping. I have seen some videos where users simply colour various parts of the model in C4D or Maya and import the whole thing into SP where it appears to unwrap everything. I have seen other vids where the user laboriously unwraps first in BodyPaint. Since the horrors of using blasted BodyPaint have stopped me from really learning a lot about unwrapping and solid texturing I am keen for any alternative method - can anyone clue me into the correct workflow for a roundtrip from C4D to SP and back again? Thanks
  14. Geometry check

    Yes, the question is about best practice - is it best to extrude the edges out to make the attachment, or is it best to model it separately and pop it on the side? I take it from your answer the best practice is to do them all separately.
  15. Geometry check

    Hi there - I'm trying to model a cupboard with an attachment on the side. While I can solve it a number of ways, I'm trying to make sure I have got the geometry correct. I would like to add more shelves to the thing on the side - if I wanted to do this while keeping it one object, should I cut horizontally into it a few more times and pull out the shelves? Or would this make a mess? Thanks cupboard.c4d