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  1. For instance I have been making polys with the poly pen and stitching them together - but I am wondering if starting with the box and putting it under SDS right away might be the best move.
  2. Hi there, I have some quite challenging curvature to put into a solid model. I normally box model these things and use SDS but I havent had to control the curves quite as much before as with this model. Anyone got any good tips and tricks for this kind of smooth curved surface?
  3. This looks great. I would say you maybe went a little OTT with the particles - unless your house is particularly dusty!
  4. I think you have to fake it using the Spectral shift or adding a volumetric using dispersion only.
  5. I have accidentally welded two points together and glued two big portions of mesh together. Is there a split vertex command anywhere to separate these bits?
  6. I like it. Does the font have capital A that go both ways?
  7. Yes, seeing them emitted is not important, I just thought it would be a way of piling them all in, before I discovered the problems in such a setup. Presumably it would be possible to get my test scene to work if it was necessary to see them fall into place? Or is this something that calls for a third party solution?
  8. The figure you see there like Christ the Redeemer - he is supposed to be in those cages ejected by the emitter. But he's just standing there. This is a test scene, ultimately I want to create a machine full of squidgy toys like this without posing them all individually.
  9. They were 4770K. It's a bit too easy to make a PC these days, everything is very modular and simple to put together, so the first component I had to install that actually had a tolerance I needed to stick to I broke it. I just tightened the sink as hard as I could, thinking it would give a better seal. Then I got a new one and did it again
  10. Can you say what the features are that you didnt like? Was it the usability or the results you didnt like?
  11. So as a follow on to my last problem, I have made a test file to try and get an emitter to emit some caged soft bodies. I can't get it to work, but I'm sure I must be a couple of checkboxes away from success. I want the emitter to throw out these figures to stack up on the plane - with different variations in the layer stack I can get slightly different results, but none are quite right. Can anyone elucidate? test_figure_Q.c4d
  12. Ah I see, thanks. After building a cage this did get bunny falling a treat - but the new problem is there's only one of her in the emitter - more accurately there are lots of her but they are duplicated in exactly the same space, one on top of the other. Is there a way to remedy this? test_bunny_Q.c4d
  13. Hi all, I would like to fill up a big tub with these bunnies, and hoped I could do that with a soft body tag and then let them all drop into the tub. But I cant get step one of the dynamics to work. As soon as I apply the tag, the model goes pretty haywire, and locks my machine up. It's not my model, but it seems pretty well made, the poly count is low and I am not asking the earth - can anyone advise me? test_bunny1.c4d
  14. I blew 2 CPUs when I built my PC by overtightening the heatsink. Had no idea it was a thing. Took it to a repair place and got them to do it eventually, which was a wise investment.
  15. And what site was this sale of the century found on?
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