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  1. I know after many years it must be difficult to analyse how you do it, but can you give me an insight into how you think about making edge flow and quads? Do you just see it immediately or do you mess about with the mesh a bit? When you look at my mesh, do you instantly see what is wrong?
  2. OK, after a mere 7 years of practice and 4 hours of work I have made.... this... I challenge anyone to come up with a more perfect piece of geometry... god help me... Is this OK? I really tried hard!
  3. But surely imminent new UV tools would have been announced at the R21 release? Especially since they know we have been waiting so long. Even if they had said 'coming soon'.
  4. I cant login in to Cineversity. Even made a new account, reset my password etc , just got this: Am I being dim? I wanted to use the CV Toolbox plugin which will install, but then hangs and does nothing when I try and verify my login.
  5. i *just* bought Rizom, dammit.
  6. Thanks. You didnt happen to keep the C4D file, did you? I have remade all that and it is subdividing wildly differently from yours. I am doing something fundamentally wrong. You appear to have virtually no control loops in the two little boxes and they are dividing beautifully. I have a million loops in and they are wrong as balls.
  7. There's only one ngon in this, and I can run that out to the bottom edge. I mean, I know it's a horrible mess. Modelling is hard as hell. Can you think why the squares have been rounded off by the SDS even though I filled them with support loops?
  8. I will try this and post back in with my appalling results!
  9. Thanks. And the bit by the hip I was attempting, with the offset polys, would you model that into your cylinder now by moving the existing points, or would that distort the cylinder?
  10. Hi - I have resurrected an old model to try and sharpen up my skills. It has some indentations in a cylindrical mesh - do you think I should add the floating polys in like so and join them up, or make a cylider and then try and model in the extrusions? Both seem challenging. I'm making the bit down in the hip area.
  11. Nobody knows. Maybe, but not while Adobe can still milk money out of it. Possibly they will gather enough tools to have a separate 3D Creative Cloud subscription which will include Substance. While we are on the subject, I see Adobe have billed me for another year of Substance, over a week before my sub ended and didnt even send me an email to tell me! So I have been billed full price for a year's sub just before the Black Friday sale! Cheeky mfs. If one buys the $50 maintenance upgrade for Painter and Designer, this cant be converted to a permanent licence can it? I would have to cancel my subscription, pay the $49 conversion fee, then also pay the $50 maintenance fee to get next years upgrades, is that correct?
  12. 30% off Rizom https://www.rizom-lab.com/rizomuv_store/
  13. I'm not sure what soft interpolation is. Cut the offending bit to a new scene and post in in here.
  14. I think its the interpolation on your spline rather than the Sweep. Try changing that.
  15. I see GSG are having a Cyber Tuesday sale: https://greyscalegorilla.com/2019/11/save-the-date-40-off-sale/
  16. Just the fact we can sit in front of our one machine and with one brain manage to turn out anything at all that approaches what the cream of ILM and 100 million dollars got you thirty years ago is pretty impressive. And even more excitingly, in thirty more years we will probably be huddled in front of fires eating rats and sheltering from the climate apocalypse, very much building on the promise of Terminator 2.
  17. Given the revived thread confused me, I thought I would make a new one, that I hope will soon be filled with tasty deals on software and training. I am hoping Black Friday Santa will be bringing me a 50% discount on Rizom in his cybersack, anyone else have a wishlist?
  18. So if you have a subscription active, you can still convert to perpetual now, or up until November 2020. My subscription ends on 24th November. Black Friday this year is 29th November, so it looks like I will have to renew my subscription at full price on the 24th and then grind my teeth when they drop the price a few days later. Or lose my option to go perpetual.
  19. Seems like the rig exports OK, but the skin attached to it doesnt export at all. I am looking at this as a solution now: https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/99599-exporting-dae-with-bones-for-xcode/
  20. Hi there, Is it possible to export a Mixamo loop to a DAE? I can export out the rig, but then the mesh doesnt move. I can bake the keyframes down, but still no dice. I can bake right down to PLA keyframes on the mesh and delete the whole rig, but still nothing exports as I dont think Collada supports PLA. Any got any advice?
  21. http://workbench.tv/ are looking at this this week. I would recommend everyone look at their site and consider donating to their patreon as they dont get the love they deserve.
  22. If you wanted to make a massive pile of leaves to cover something up, and then blow them away, like a logo reveal, how would you do that?
  23. Thanks a lot. I cant believe its so complicated. Did it work for you? When I try it the entire thing just resets back to the original scale. And given I dont want to scale the whole null to a certain value, I only know the diensions of one of the components it would seem to be non-viable scaletest2.c4d
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