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  1. Jollytop

    Hair Stripe with Material ?

    Fantastic Just what I was looking for. Thanks Dan;)
  2. Hey, Just wondering how you would get a strip of hair to appear with a different color without creating another hair object. Is there a way to do this in the material. Getting horizontal colors is easy, but not vertical along the hairs like in this picture: Thanks:)
  3. Jollytop

    Hair object - Unwanted Hairs / Accuracy

    Thanks Dan, Great info, really appreciate it;)
  4. Jollytop

    Hair object - Unwanted Hairs / Accuracy

    Thanks guys, really appreciate the help. I just meant that after creating a basic haircut there are strands remaining that I can't get rid of. If you look at the screenshot you can see that the guides are much shorter (in order to create bangs). But there are all these extra hair fibers poking into the eye area of the mesh which I can't get rid of no matter how I move the guides. There is a hair collider tag on the object and the dynamic radius is set to 1 so there should be no penetration. The only thing that removes them instantly is what I said above about bringing down the interpolation to 1. But im not sure if thats just a bad workflow or something. Also im wondering if the scale of the object has any effect on the way hair functions, as my object is on the smaller side. Watching the videos, really great information here that will be very useful. Thanks.
  5. Hello, I can't seem to figure out how to get rid of some extra hairs. Adding more guides for added control doesn't work and I already removed all the guides near them. The only thing that has worked is bringing the 'interpolation from guides' down to 1. But that makes the hair kind of flat and uniform. Is there any other way to control these random hairs that I am not seeing? Is there a way to get more control of the actual hairs not just the guides? Thanks:) Take care.
  6. Hey guys;) I have some video footage I would like to place into the scene which has a green background (chroma key). Is there a way to make the green background transparent within C4D without having to go into After Effects or similar program? Perhaps some way in the transparency or even alpha channels to remove the green? Thanks a lot:)
  7. Hello everybody! I have just spent the last few hours banging my head against the keyboard. I have finally found the answer, which for whatever reason is never discussed and hard to find in the search. When using open GL in the viewport, you have a limit of 20 lights (8 by default). It is dependent on which lights come up first in the object manager (so the first 8 lights from the top will be visible and then "all" other lights will be cut off). I was working on a project with many lights 15 + and couldn't understand why most of them turned off at a certain point. Then things got even weirder when I started moving the lights around in the object manager and the ones on top would turn on again (usually cinema doesn't care about where your objects are outside of hierarchies). This was so confusing and aggravating I started to think that my program was glitched. Anyway, I just thought I would write this to help anyone else that might be confused and frustrated like I was. You can go into preferences and under OpenGL set the maximum number of lights to 20 if you need, or you can turn off openGL in the viewport all together, or use render region on a low setting to see your light setups. I hope this information helps. Take care. ...........................................................................................................