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  1. Just got a basic noise stretched on length V but the render doesn't show it as stretched. Any thought's why it's not showing up in the render?
  2. Thanks giangianni, seems odd that the tracer spline options (ie. intermediate points etc.) don't help compensate for that but it's a pretty light scene so will give the frame rate option a shot. Cheers
  3. Thanks for the response westbam, C4D file attached. Sweep-Tracer.c4d
  4. I have a tracer inside a sweep object tracing some spinning nulls and it looks smooth in the render view (left) but when I output it to png seq (right) is has kinks in it. I've tried a bunch of different spline settings but nothing seems to work. Any thoughts as to why this might be happening? Example of what I'm talking about here:
  5. Thanks for the reply Voytech, I couldn't get it working from your screenshot, any chance I can have a look at the scene file? Cheers
  6. This has been bugging me for a while as it was an option in the boole tool when I used to use Lightwave. Is there a way to have an object inherit another objects material as they intersect? Like it does with the boole object but without cutting/subtracting from the other object. For example; Unseen blue sphere would leave a blue circle on a red cube when the two intersect. Thanks in advance.



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