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  1. I have a flower model that i've animated to open and bloom. Animation runs about 50 frames. I've placed instances of this flower around a logo and I want them to bloom in a random/staggered fashion. I tried to use a Time track on an instance but they don't seem to support it. I also tried using an Xref of my flower with this Xretime plugin, but I don't think it works in R18. I could use a cloner, but i need to be able to hand place my flowers and I don't think i can do that with clones. The other option is to have unique animated flowers for ever instance, but I think my viewport would die. Is
  2. I need to create branches/roots overgrowing some ruins (see below) and I want a high level of control (don't think IvyGrower will work.) Zbrush has this wonderful zsphere tool that creates a sort of joint-chain where you can reposition any part and all the child branches will move with it. I'm looking for some rig or technique that works similarly, or offers this kind of control. I'll figured Manuel is probably busy running his shop but I'll email him to see if he still has that project. Thanks.
  3. In the link below, someone mentions an xpresso rig for creating branching structures. Apparently it was build by a guy Manuel but it's no longer on his website (Entagma.com). I'm wondering if anyone has a copy of the file somewhere. thanks. https://forums.cgsociety.org/t/generic-branching-setup/1255232 http://www.entagma.org/download/Branching03.zip (broken)
  4. I'm trying to use Hair to grow grass, moss, foilage on geometry. I'm able to use a falloff texture to control the placement and length of the hairs, but when I drop in my plant geometry into the hair everything falls apart. I assume the Hair material tag has no control over hair when using custom geometry. Is that the case? If so is there an alternate solution for this? I've considered clones, but i'm concerned it will be too heavy for my scene. hair_test_07.c4d
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