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  1. Cerbera - Thanks for the swift response! I was expecting hair dynamics to work with regular dynamics, so I'll have a play with soft bodies and connectors (which R15 does seem to have) and see what I can figure out! Many thanks again :-) Paul.
  2. Thanks Simmy. I made the tube using a spline and a sweep generator, so I don't know if its 1 poly thick or not. Im not that experienced in Cinema 4D as you can probably guess! Can I make my tube thicker using the method I used to create it? Many thanks Paul :-)
  3. Hi, Im still on 15.008 since thats what I have installed on an old Boxx render pro and I cant easily upgrade it (no wifi connection etc...) and I understood that the client and render machines had to have the same version installed, so I decided to stick with 15.008, which is a working solution. I may be wrong on this - I'm certainly no expert in these matters! Many thanks
  4. Hi, I am trying to get an object to move (under gravity) down a spiral tube, followed by a tether. The object falls through the helical spiral tube no problem (I seem to have figured the dynamics out for this) but I am having problems with the tether which follows the object down the tube. I have set the tube, through which the tether should follow, with a hair collider tag, but the tether still seems to pull "through" the tube. Any ideas on how I can stop this would be VERY much appreciated! Many thanks Paul. PS : using Cinema 4D R15.008. Scene file attached. Thanks :-) Dynamics problem.c4d