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  1. ahven

    Corona materials

    Can you post some example image how does the error show in render?
  2. amazing work for a one man studio
  3. ahven

    Steam A Bot

    if image does not show go here https://ahven.cgsociety.org/4bd8/steam-a-bot
  4. ripple shader cannot be baked because it´s a shader effect no particle geometry or such
  5. My first animation project made with cinema 4d and twinmotion. I got project as a c4d file exported from archicad then many of house models were optimised in Cinema 4d. Some of custom furniture was modeled in cinema 4d. Most texturing, lighting and animation was done in twinmotion. Twinmotion has some limitations but I think its good tool. Video edit done in davinci resolve. Let me know what you think?
  6. ahven

    CPU 3rd party renderers

    "interiors with something perpetual you will want to get cycles4d or Redshift. " Can you elaborate why you need cycles or redshift for interior archviz? imho corona workflow is much more adaptable for any user. You can easily convert vray materials into corona too.
  7. ahven

    Corona materials

    You can use corona bump map channel for normal maps.
  8. ahven

    Corona c4d renders

    Artwork made with Corona renderer for cinema 4d
  9. ... forum update and info about c4d version is not automatically kept. Using r19
  10. My first one. Fully cinema 4d shaders and reflectance shaders only. https://www.artstation.com/kraphik3d/store/KXRg/mech-model-marauder-type-cinema-4d-file
  11. ahven

    C4D R19 ProRender (GPU) rendering

  12. ahven


    Well I don´t know. Archicad can export c4d format and I work with architects every day. Cad formats: engineer formats are more likely to be useful like solidworks step , sat etc.
  13. ahven

    Architectural interior

    Mediocre arch viz. Lighting is too overblown. Needs to improve lighting, sun light is bad, shadows are missing. Color palette and materials design are very plain. Camera position is too high because ceiling does not needs to be shown that much.
  14. perhaps you can also try to render separate AO pass and use that in comp. Also shadow pass is useful.