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  1. Recently I was learning Archicad 23 and did not have time to learn Blender until now.
  2. This is Easyupload animation challenge. 1. Make a new banner video for easyupload.net 2. Artistic idea: Show file transfer between user and cloud. Animation needs to show a cloud and a computer. You can use Mograph and Cinema 4D + you can use After Effects. 3. Final video output is 640x480 px and 30 fps. Encoding should be MP4 without audio. 4. How to deliver? Post a download link on this post. Price: Winner gets full user account for one year at easyupload.net Normally package is worth 99 euros. Here is original one currently using at site: http://easyupload.net/themes/flow/frontend_assets/images/home/banner_video.mp4 #cinema4d #motiongraphics #mograph PS: User terms at easyupload http://easyupload.net/terms.html
  3. I think there is lot of potential with Blender now for C4D users because of new interface.
  4. I feel C4D is much like BMW. Simple user interface and premium german quality.
  5. Older tutorials featuring Xpresso and Hair tips. Added more old tutorials. http://base80.com/2020/05/03/proximal-hair-shader/
  6. Seriously great stuff. Love the use of different approaches with 2d/3d.
  7. I did not use any plugins and run simple animated cube in viewport and it crashed. Nvidia 960M gfx card on a laptop. With R19 there´s no problems like this.
  8. For me R19 was and still is the best version. Does not crash often. R21 has serious stability at least when running on laptop nvidia graphics cards. Any nvidia updates won´t fix any viewport crashed.
  9. fantastic stuff as always, thank you!
  10. v-ray phantom scatter - how to scatter grass? There are no tutorials how to use csv loading.
  11. Have you tried to blend that pass in Photoshop? I think Corona supports linear workflow.
  12. You don´t need dynamics unless you are making an animation. Why you need to make simple task so complex? Just delete all tags from pillow and move pillow into right place.
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