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  1. ahven

    Dragon in flight

    Awesome model! Is it available somewhere?
  2. ahven

    CBR Model Wires

    Cool so much nice untextured models waiting for to be rendered and lighted!
  3. ahven


    Needs materials and render
  4. Agree 2.8 is way better than older versions. If they manage to develop it better then MAXON is screwed. Licencing is free with Blender as there is no payment. There is not so much obnoxious threshold in 2.8 when trying stuff in Blender if user has many years with Cinema 4D. First when you opened Blender 2.x version after Cinema 4D you felt that GUI was horse sh**. The unpleasant factor was much higher in 2.5-2.7 versions. I felt my eagerness to learn Blender had a bar set too high because of very bad GUI friendliness. Open source is developed faster than Cinema 4D.
  5. Actually I enjoyed Scatter add on. I have tried some scatter plugins in Cinema 4D like Octanes built in and Forester but Blender scatter is very effective. Also Eevee renderer is pretty fast!
  6. You don´t do anything with power when your sticks are all over the place. Very powerful as it was read in the Blender marketing text. Blender has potential if it is developed into user friendly some day. User base ignore the horrible interface and are happy because it´s free. It was bad in 2.7 but it´s ok with current and almost useful if they remove all tabs from the top menu and change all into graphical interface. No TABS ! One has TABS in Spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel.
  7. Do not use IPR it is buggy it is crappy. I use Native renderer for Vrayforc4d render. You only find problems if you use it. I have tested IPR in Sketchup Vray and there are far not as many bugs as in Cinema 4D Vray.
  8. Sorry guys but I only consider abusing Blender to find free 3d-models and use it only as exporter to Cinema 4D. Otherwise it is much waste of time to learn many 3d-applications. Blender is good if you don´t afford to use commercial 3d-application for example in developing countries. There are amazing new Blender artists coming out from Africa for instance.
  9. Considering Unreal Engine for vrayforc4d or Corona. Too much revisions.....
  10. Seems to be an Empty Draw for Cinema 4D artist in Europe. Experienced with 3D modeling programs such as Maya, 3ds Max, or Blender This is a Remote opportunity for anyone in the US or Canada.
  11. Recently I was learning Archicad 23 and did not have time to learn Blender until now.
  12. This is Easyupload animation challenge. 1. Make a new banner video for easyupload.net 2. Artistic idea: Show file transfer between user and cloud. Animation needs to show a cloud and a computer. You can use Mograph and Cinema 4D + you can use After Effects. 3. Final video output is 640x480 px and 30 fps. Encoding should be MP4 without audio. 4. How to deliver? Post a download link on this post. Price: Winner gets full user account for one year at easyupload.net Normally package is worth 99 euros. Here is original one currently u
  13. I think there is lot of potential with Blender now for C4D users because of new interface.
  14. I feel C4D is much like BMW. Simple user interface and premium german quality.
  15. Older tutorials featuring Xpresso and Hair tips. Added more old tutorials. http://base80.com/2020/05/03/proximal-hair-shader/
  16. Seriously great stuff. Love the use of different approaches with 2d/3d.
  17. I did not use any plugins and run simple animated cube in viewport and it crashed. Nvidia 960M gfx card on a laptop. With R19 there´s no problems like this.
  18. For me R19 was and still is the best version. Does not crash often. R21 has serious stability at least when running on laptop nvidia graphics cards. Any nvidia updates won´t fix any viewport crashed.
  19. fantastic stuff as always, thank you!
  20. v-ray phantom scatter - how to scatter grass? There are no tutorials how to use csv loading.
  21. Have you tried to blend that pass in Photoshop? I think Corona supports linear workflow.
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