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  1. I did not use any plugins and run simple animated cube in viewport and it crashed. Nvidia 960M gfx card on a laptop. With R19 there´s no problems like this.
  2. For me R19 was and still is the best version. Does not crash often. R21 has serious stability at least when running on laptop nvidia graphics cards. Any nvidia updates won´t fix any viewport crashed.
  3. Hi Some of you Cinema 4D users might know great Xpresso website named Cinema 4D base or better known as base80.com . the c4d base Tips & Tricks, Textures and Tutorials for Cinema4d and Xpresso Ex owner of website is also got interested about building the site up. Original content of website will be hopefully restored or at least best parts of it. added: How website used to look... https://web.archive.org/web/20131221042845/http://www.base80.com/ What we need? If you can share your xpresso files in c4d format. Also a brief description of what your xpresso script does would be great. How to share your xpresso files? Submit your files through easyupload.net You can register a free account with 200MB of upload size. Paste link here after uploading since forum disk space would not allow much space for a file to be attached to a post.
  4. fantastic stuff as always, thank you!
  5. v-ray phantom scatter - how to scatter grass? There are no tutorials how to use csv loading.
  6. Have you tried to blend that pass in Photoshop? I think Corona supports linear workflow.
  7. You don´t need dynamics unless you are making an animation. Why you need to make simple task so complex? Just delete all tags from pillow and move pillow into right place.
  8. Turbosquid https://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/1377099
  9. At the moment Substance has a free plugin for cinema 4d... Adobe cash in later
  10. I posted to JB and asked for floor gen link. It´s better than nothing. It takes much time to try to get good seamless flooring tiles in photoshop. C4D Free Resource: Xpresso Floor Generator https://gumroad.com/d/224cc8931450f48b618141b6fd9bd57c
  11. Can you post some example image how does the error show in render?
  12. ripple shader cannot be baked because it´s a shader effect no particle geometry or such
  13. My first animation project made with cinema 4d and twinmotion. I got project as a c4d file exported from archicad then many of house models were optimised in Cinema 4d. Some of custom furniture was modeled in cinema 4d. Most texturing, lighting and animation was done in twinmotion. Twinmotion has some limitations but I think its good tool. Video edit done in davinci resolve. Let me know what you think?
  14. "interiors with something perpetual you will want to get cycles4d or Redshift. " Can you elaborate why you need cycles or redshift for interior archviz? imho corona workflow is much more adaptable for any user. You can easily convert vray materials into corona too.
  15. Artwork made with Corona renderer for cinema 4d
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