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  1. Ok guys, I am already up and running R19! And as usual, each and every year, I check if they have fixed my pet bug. Which I have reported several times. Not fixed this time, either. Ok, I'll wait until September 2018, in R20 they ought to have fixed it It is the camera shader bug, this year, every year, James Introduced in R14, and appearing in various ways in the next versions, R15, R16, R17, R18 and now R19. Works excellent in R13. You can test for yourself: camera-shader-bug.c4d
  2. Cineversity playback just stops

    He he, hope this doesn't apply to the other Siggraph presentations! -Ingvar
  3. Cineversity playback just stops

    Thanks, Cerbera. Are the Siggraph C4D presentations to be found elsewhere? -Ingvar
  4. Cineversity playback just stops

    I want to watch some of the excellent presentations from Siggraph 2017. But I cannot play the Cineversity videos. Yes, they start, and play fine a few minutes, then they come to a halt. I have tried before noon, after noon, in the evening, even during night time, after midnight. I have tried to switch video, then on some occasions I actually can play the other video just fine, so the problem for some strange reason apply just to one video. It seems. But not for long. The video will eventually stop. I live in Norway, 6 hours ahead of New York time. My Internet connections is around 16 Mbs download speed. It is a pity it is like this! It has gone that far now, that Cineversity is not a viable source for C4D tutors for me, because of this phenomenon. The latest video I tried to watch, was Chris Schmidt's presentation on less commonly used features of C4D. Maybe this is the wrong forum, but I thought I could post this here, hoping that someone has a solution for me! I use Google Chrome. Have not tried Internet Explorer (Edge). -Ingvar
  5. Are content libraries partly duplicates?

    Thanks. I downloaded the Studio content, which actually wasn't that much. Then I downloaded the Visualize content, which was much more comprehensive. So it looks like I have to download all of them. -Ingvar
  6. Do I want to install everything, Broadcast .. Studio? Or does the Studio content library contain the other libraries, plus some additional Studio content? -Ingvar
  7. No, that's too round.

    LOL!!! The cows scene is the winner, here. I grew up on a farm, worth mentioning. All in all, superb animation work! Admirable! -Ingvar
  8. GREAT DEAL ---- but a bad sign

    Very interesting, I had not heard of Terragen before. Wonder if the terrains can be exported and then imported into C4D. -Ingvar
  9. Plugin Development - What Happened?

    Is started to develop plugins in C++ in May 2013. Four years now, and counting. These plugins are for character animation. They work, they function well. I made these plug-ins, because I needed them, myself. I am a programmer, C4D is my main tool in my endeavors as a multimedia enthusiast. Non-profit project. I want to market these plugins! Eventually! But the distance from having reasonable well functioning software (plugins) for in-house use, to something you can charge money for, is large. A long road to walk. Things get complicated in the software business. Complexity grows. And eats up resources. "Real soon now" was a common joke about releases of software, when I started in the computer business in 1997, 20 years ago. Until Borland, (I used their development tool Delphi) cut through, and came up with the only reliable and realistic roadmap: "It will be released, when it is ready". I find the OP's post here very appropriate. I have made myself the same thoughts. I own both x-particles, and Forester. So I am eagerly hungry for news, and waiting for upgrades, myself. -Ingvar
  10. Dual socket with Xeon

    I always build my own computers. The last one is the best investment I have ever made. Motherboard is EVGA Classified SR2, running two Xeon 5680 CPUs. In the old days, a computer lasted 3-4 years, then it was passé. This machine I built at Christmas time 2010. And it is still going strong, I use it 8 - 14 hours a day. The OS is running on two SSDs. I never store any data on the OS disks, just the OS and installed applications reside there. So I have additionally two spinning WD Raptor disks (very fast). As if that weren't enough, I have both the SSDs and the spinning ones set up in RAID 0 (striping). Which make things even faster. The result was (is) a very expensive computer, but given that it is fully capable of performing at least 3 more years (10 years or more all together), the price is acceptable. One, just one of the CPUs cost twice as much as my Lenovo laptop. And I have two of those CPUs. Performance is fantastic. I am spoiled. C4D use all of the cores, many other multimedia apps will take advantage of them too. So does ffmpeg, and After Effects, worth to mention Next step here is to replace the SSDs with larger ones, and replace the spinning disks with SSD disks. And eventually upgrade the graphics cards. I will probably build me another pc this year, if economy will allow it. And it will be a dual CPU mobo too. I think ASUS has one that is interesting.
  11. This bug was introduced in R15, and not fixed in R15, not fixed in R16, not fixed in R17, not fixed in R18. I have been complaining about it here in the forum and also sent bug reports to MAXON. Now, finally getting the 18.039 update, it looked like MAXON had finally tried to fix it. But after installing the update and restarting R18, the bug is still there. I wonder what "position inaccuracy" has been fixed then, because the major, obvious fault is still there! The C4D project to demonstrate the bug is attached, as well as a screen shot. If the bug really has been fixed, and there only is me misunderstanding something, please correct me! camera-shader-bug.c4d
  12. Hi, I post this here, although I have used C4D now for a long time. I want to make an animation where a fistful of wet mud hits a wall. It then splatters a bit, and eventually slides down the wall. It will leave some dirt where it first hits the wall, and possibly also leave mud trails behind, as it slowly slides downwards. I have x-particles, worth mentioning. And also Houdini and the engine and stuff, but I have so little experience with this in particular, that's why I ask here in the beginner's forum. I just want you folks to point me in the right direction. C4D is my hobby so far, so outsourcing this is not an option. I want to make it, and thereby have a lot of fun ;) It would probably be a task for x-particles? I know it has the ability to "make things wet", using s dedicated shader for this. And, by all means, it does not need to be super-realistic, it is just the overall effect I am after. If I succeed, I will post the rendered result here, maybe the C4D file too. -Ingvar
  13. Cactus Dan has passed away

    I am writing plugins myself (not published yet), and I asked a question in the forum. To my utter pleasure, Cactus Dan wrote me a personal message, with tips on how to compile plugins for both Windows and Mac (I am on Windows). Such a nice guy! I had looked forward to exchange plugin writing experiences with him further up the road. That he is gone, is very sad. Rest in peace, Cactus Dan, you will be missed, a lot. -Ingvar
  14. Hi!

    You asked me to send you info on the camera shader bug. Here it is:
    The Mograph Camera Shader bug first occurred in version R15. I reported it, but it was not fixed in version R16. I reported it again, but it was not fixed in version R17. And - it ramains in version R18!!
    Please just load the attached project in R13 or R14 to see how it shall be when it is ok. Then load it in R15, R16, R17 and R18 to see various examples of the bug.

    It is as simple as it can be. Just load the project, then press Ctrl + R to render. That's all you have to do! And please give me some feedback on this! I do use the camera shader, and I hope you can fix this in the usual update, which I expect will come rather soon. 



  15. How to create a bevel here?

    Thanks folks! Basically, I try to find out what really is going on here, to learn. I do not have a particular modeling task to fulfill right now, I just play with C4D R18. When using the rectangle selection tool, selecting the inner loop (ring), and scaling it up, I get this: Ok, I will play with it and try to understand how to use the new R18 knife. There has to be a way to: 1. Make a circle on a polygon using the R18 knife tool combined with a spline 2. Extrude holding down Ctrl and dragging 3. Bevel the outer edge of the extruded cylinder 4. Bevel the inner edge of the extruded cylinder So far, I have no problems with 1, 2 and 3. It is when it comes to 4. that weird things happen, if I may use that expression ;) Thanks a lot for your help! -Ingvar