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  1. Hi guys, I have access to color based height maps, from the Norwegian official "map authorities". They call it the DOM format, I am not sure if this is ain international format. The question is: Can C4D read this format, and use it as a displacement map? They used to offer greyscale maps before, now I only see these color maps. As you see in the attached image, I cannot use brightness to create a landscape. Maybe I need a plugin? -Ingvar
  2. ingvarai

    Time travel back to 2000

    I saved the DVDs, the magazines I threw, too many of them, I regret now. Unbelievable, I had a pile that went twice from the floor to the ceiling. Accumulated from 1994 to 2005. I started with computers as a grown up man, with no Internet the first 3 years. So I was an avid magazine reader, couldn't wait for the next cover CD. This was all about programming, I first started with multimedia in 2008. -Ingvar
  3. ingvarai

    Time travel back to 2000

    I would probably have been a C4D user already then. hadn't it been for the introduction price. Yes, very low, but not free. Daz3D Carrara, OTOH, came free on the cover DVD a little later, so I used Carrara until 2012, when I hit the limitations wall , and coughed up the money for the full C4D R13 Studio. I was, am and will probably always be a multimedia hobbyist, using C4D for non-profit projects. I make a living, programming. But pity that MAXON had no free C4D back then, might have saved me all the time using Carrara (which I paid for when upgrades to the free version came along). Nevertheless, at least MAXON had a cross-grade offer in 2012, which was the kick in the butt I needed to go for it. -Ingvar
  4. ingvarai

    Time travel back to 2000

    I stumbled across a PC Plus Magazine Cover DVD, in my attic, and found a version of C4D CE6. Included were some C4D project files, which mostly loaded fine in my R19. The files are form 2000, the DVD from 2003. I had no idea that Cinema 4D could do these things 17 years ago. It is obvious that I have made a few shortcuts, jumping over some basic knowledge, when purchasing R13 in 2012 and then diving right into advanced features. I learnt a few things, inspecting these old files! I learnt so much, it is kinda embarrassing. -Ingvar
  5. ingvarai

    My 2 latest film in a festival

    It is what moves the audience, that counts. When watching it, I tried to switch off my C4D and multi media knowledge totally. You can spend days, perfecting 4 seconds of animation. And your audience won't notice it, not lift an eyebrow. Instead they will appreciate and remember some silly detail you, yourself, didn't pay much attention to at all. -Ingvar
  6. ingvarai

    My 2 latest film in a festival

    Great work! I love "The oval portrait", everything is consistent, colors, light, movements, the mood, the total setting, all together, great! -Ingvar
  7. I am trying to download additional content, using the MAXON online updater. But it will stop. If I restart the task, it seems like it downloads a couple of megabytes, then it stops again. I have tried several days in a row now. Cannot get any additional content, documentation etc. Any advice on this? -Ingvar
  8. @Cutman yes, this will stop (catch) the falling sphere, but not in a realistic way. So my initial question is still valid: I wonder if the cloth itself will have dynamic properties. So that if a sphere is dropped from above, that it will be caught by the cloth in a realistic way. -Ingvar
  9. AFAIK, C4D can't do this today. This is why I ask. Please check the attached project. There is not way for the cloth to stop the falling sphere, as I understand it. Or is it? -Ingvar ClothSim.c4d
  10. I wonder if the cloth itself will have dynamic properties. So that if a sphere is dropped from above, that it will be caught by the cloth in a realistic way. -Ingvar
  11. Ok guys, I am already up and running R19! And as usual, each and every year, I check if they have fixed my pet bug. Which I have reported several times. Not fixed this time, either. Ok, I'll wait until September 2018, in R20 they ought to have fixed it It is the camera shader bug, this year, every year, James Introduced in R14, and appearing in various ways in the next versions, R15, R16, R17, R18 and now R19. Works excellent in R13. You can test for yourself: camera-shader-bug.c4d
  12. ingvarai

    Cineversity playback just stops

    He he, hope this doesn't apply to the other Siggraph presentations! -Ingvar
  13. ingvarai

    Cineversity playback just stops

    Thanks, Cerbera. Are the Siggraph C4D presentations to be found elsewhere? -Ingvar
  14. ingvarai

    Cineversity playback just stops

    I want to watch some of the excellent presentations from Siggraph 2017. But I cannot play the Cineversity videos. Yes, they start, and play fine a few minutes, then they come to a halt. I have tried before noon, after noon, in the evening, even during night time, after midnight. I have tried to switch video, then on some occasions I actually can play the other video just fine, so the problem for some strange reason apply just to one video. It seems. But not for long. The video will eventually stop. I live in Norway, 6 hours ahead of New York time. My Internet connections is around 16 Mbs download speed. It is a pity it is like this! It has gone that far now, that Cineversity is not a viable source for C4D tutors for me, because of this phenomenon. The latest video I tried to watch, was Chris Schmidt's presentation on less commonly used features of C4D. Maybe this is the wrong forum, but I thought I could post this here, hoping that someone has a solution for me! I use Google Chrome. Have not tried Internet Explorer (Edge). -Ingvar
  15. ingvarai

    Are content libraries partly duplicates?

    Thanks. I downloaded the Studio content, which actually wasn't that much. Then I downloaded the Visualize content, which was much more comprehensive. So it looks like I have to download all of them. -Ingvar