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  1. Your'e hired! This work is so impressive - I have no words. For me, C4D is a tool used to get the message through. And this technique is even more efficient for this purpose than all the super-realistic renderings in the world there is. -Ingvar
  2. >If your MSA extends past our next perpetual release you will get that as well. It is impossible for me to get anything tangible out of this. I pay for software in order to get software licenses. The MSA was mostly convenient for MAXON, making it possible to forecast incomes and to better plan for the future. For the customers, it meant earlier access to releases, and favorable pricing. But at the end of the day, as a customer, you have to get perpetual licenses, otherwise it is money out of the window. For the time being, as opposed to the last years, it is not clear anymore what I get out of the MSA agreement. For me, MAXON can cancel the agreement immediately. I will then see if there will be an R22 I can purchase using normal upgrade policies. -Ingvar
  3. My thoughts exactly. Firstly: Lots of Thank You to you, Cairyn, and to the others here who have given valuable input. I am happy to see you folks engaged in this, even if it is not your particular case here. I will reply to DMcGavran in a separate post. -Ingvar
  4. Hi Cairyn, now I am really confused. What you say here, is that it is business as usual regarding MSA? "MAXON told Greyscalegorilla that the MSA program will no longer continue" https://greyscalegorilla.com/2019/08/cinema-4d-redshift-subscription/ If you use the chart here, released from GeryscaleGorilla, there is no mention of the MSA whatsoever after September 2019. https://greyscalegorilla.com/2019/08/what-version-cinema-4d-buy-subscribe/ I am absolutely 100% confused. Not the least because it is not clear that there even will be a R22 at all / or when it, in case it will come, will be released. The yearly cycle of one release 1.st September can be broken. I believe this is realistic, when I read the rather cryptic statements coming from MAXON. So to continue with MSA one more year to get R22 at a good price, it seems very strange right now. Considering MAXON officially has stopped MSA and that MAXON might go the Microsoft route with Windows 10: Constant C4D updates, no new major version. -Ingvar
  5. I believe I did start paying for the MSA in October 2014. And not i January 2015. Which contradicts the statement that "MSA follows the calendar year". If this is the case, I have already paid for 5 full years. I will have to check my account books. -Ingvar
  6. But hasn't MAXON itself cancelled the MSA? ==== New MAXON Service Agreements are no longer available as of July 30, 2019. Renewals of MAXON Service Agreements will no longer be available after August 31, 2019. ==== https://www.MAXON.net/en/products/cinema-4d/new-in-release-21/faq/ As far as I understand, auto-renew isn't possible according to this. I will try to find the MSA agreement I have agreed upon. But there is something wrong here. -Ingvar
  7. Hi, isn't MSA history by now? I got an invoice today, from the Norwegian representative for MAXON. MSA payment. When I protest, they claim that the MSA follows the calendar year, and that I still have to pay, as long as it is 2019. Is this correct? Does the MSA follow the calendar year? Isn't MSA over and out, totally? What if I don't pay? Will my Perpetual license for R21 be rendered invalid? What about you, some of you are former MSA subscribers, do you still pay for the MSA? -Ingvar
  8. Thanks for the link. Very useful! -ingvar
  9. He he, we are connected! It is called quantum entanglement, or Spooky action at a distance https://www.cnet.com/news/einstein-called-it-spooky-action-here-is-an-image-of-it-for-the-first-time/ -Ingvar
  10. This is really fun. And shows that the dynamics in C4D is precise and accurate. Here is the video on YouTube that inspired me to test it in C4D: My project is attached. Have fun! -Ingvar The Dzhanibekov Effect.c4d
  11. I understand this! Thanks for the advice. I am a modelling beginner and will not grow out of this stage, I leave it to those who can. In this case I just needed a quick solution. -Ingvar
  12. Hi Bezo and thanks! Just what I was after. I just select the polygons I want to smooth out, the do an Invert, then apply the Set command. I wanted to smooth out just the edge of the shovel, and I achieved that. The SDS tag wasn't especially intuitive, I am at the beginner's level when it comes to modelling. But now I've got it. -Ingvar
  13. Your welcome! I spent several hours (in fact a whole day) to make C4D R1 usable for me. I just could not work in the new dark environment. Strange that they didn't provide us with a "classic" option for the GUI, in R21 Preferences. I am a programmer, and make user interfaces all the time. And I am super-critical when I use software, and especially software with a bad GUI appearance and / or illogical way of doing things. In Cinema 4D I always felt like at home. I have always loved the user interface, both the very nice harmonic colors, and the very logical workflow, the logical way of doing things. R21 was the first time C4D did not appeal to me. Now it does, having tweaked the GUI colors, as close to the previous versions as possible. -Ingvar
  14. When applying a Subdivision Surface, this excavator shovel becomes nicely rounded. Everywhere. But I want this to take part only on the back side and a few other places in this case. If I remember correct, there was a way to control the Subdivision effect by holding down the period key and dragging the mouse. Is this correct? When using the Menu to do this, the selected polygons are subdivided all right. But no smoothing takes place. What I want is to learn how to do this, not to get this particular object smoothed. The C4D project is attached. -Ingvar excavatorshovel.c4d
  15. Serif Pageplus was the first real software I used when I got my first PC in 1994. I have always liked their products and policy. And have upgraded Pageplus, it is more than good enough for desktop publishing. -Ingvar
  16. Hi, thought I should share this with you! I have played around with various settings in the Redshift Volume now for almost one whole day. In Cinema 4D. My mood gradually went from frustration and almost-give-up to excitement and joy. Now I think Redshift is super duper for these kind of tasks too! And using VDB in C4D - the scene sin this video rendered out in 1-4 seconds per frame. Unbelievable. I have 2 x GeForce 2070. Enjoy! Playing with Cinema 4D (C4D) and TurbulenceFD and Redshift -Ingvar
  17. Yep. But what I have done, is only the same as using the preferences editor inside C4D. When you use the preferences editor, you change entries in a text file (the dark.col file). Copying it over from R20 to R21 as a start, before I fine tune it in R21, is just for time saving purposes. Nothing dangerous here. And for me, it was worth it. Pity that C4D doesn't have a Classic option for the color scheme. Which Windows has had since 1792, the French revolution. -Ingvar
  18. Hi Cairyn! Thanks a lot for this! As a matter of fact, I now have a R21 user interface I am very satisfied with. I have neither touched the icons, nor any real colors. It is just the grey-scale I have tweaked, not the gorilla. I did this, both by playing with the preferences editor, and by editing the dark.col file in a text editor. I started by copying over the dark.col file from R20, edited out entries that cause R21 to crash on startup, and then using the Preferences editor to fine tune the gray shades. I spent several hours on this, in fact a whole day. Now - the final step was to customize my new.c4d project which has to be saved to the same folder where cinema4d.exe resides. I set the Default object color to Gray-Blue And voila!!! I now have a super duper user interface almost the same as R13-R20, and with all the new features of R21. The reason I put so much emphasizes on this is that I just cant stand the new darkroom washed out poor contrast user interface. For me it was love at first sight when I fired ut C4D in 2012. Not the least because of the GUI. So I want to stay with this familiar workplace for me. I have 1920 x 1200 monitors, not 4K. The final dark.col file is attached, for those who want to try themselves. You can always revert back by pressing the Reset button under Preferences. -Ingvar dark.col
  19. The reason that Prorender does not show up is explained by MAXON in an e-mail to me today: The problem arises when the CPU supports SSE 4.2. We contacted AMD (the developer of ProRender) and are now waiting for solutions. Unfortunately, there is currently no way around the problem, and we first have to install a solution here. I don't use Prorender, so for me this is not very important. Hope the CPU suporting SSE 4.2 does not have any other side effects. And why Get Redshift is greyed out in the menu.. for all of us.. this is puzzling. -Ingvar
  20. I found out how to do it - sort of. In the folder C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\MAXON Cinema 4D R21_64C2B3BD\prefs there probably (not always) is a file named dark.col Tuck this away or rename it to dark.col.org, then replace it with a similar from R20. You will then get several errors on R21 startup. But when these are corrected, you get a sort of R20 look. I did the correction, and I have attached a file which works. Now - still some colors need to be tweaked. Question: Does anyone know what the color of objects / meshes is called? Like when you insert a cube in the editor, the color of the cube? To MAXON: After all these years, just changing the user interface like this without givings us an option to revert to the old trusted one, that is unacceptable. I literally get a headache out of this none contrast washed out black GUI. To replace all colors by hand is waaaaay too cumbersome for me. -Ingvar dark.col
  21. Well, it is almost closed. There is something weird going on. Because Prorender does not show up in the Renderer menu. Not that I am going to use Prorender. But the fact that it is not there, should indicate an anomaly. -Ingvar
  22. I am sure many like the new super-dark GUI in R21. I myself get a headache out of it. What is the easiest way to get the previous look and feel back? Other than manually tweaking each and every color, and still not get the very nice GUI that we have had for 8 years or more.. Perhaps someone has done it, and has a preferences file to share? As it is now, R21 will collect dust on the shelf, and I will use R20. Until I need one of the three new features in R21 -Ingvar
  23. Here is an update: Got an e-mail from Redshift today. They have released an upgrade, Redshift 2.6.47, "which includes a fix for an issue that might prevent the plugin from loading in certain types of CPUs" as they write in an e-mail to me. And guess what - now it works in Cinema 4D R21! So this issue is closed in my case, I can now work in R21! -Ingvar
  24. It is very interesting why that would matter. Bacause Redshift runs fine on all ny C4D versions R16-R20. Now, I did contact Redshift immediately after purchasing it and discovering that it didn't like R21. ow, they have released an upgrade, Redshift 2.6.47, "which includes a fix for an issue that might prevent the plugin from loading in certain types of CPUs" as they write in an e-mail to me. And guess what - now it works in Cinema 4D R21! So this issue is closed in my case, I can now work in R21! -Ingvar
  25. As a matter of fact - it is not unlikely that C4D won't support Redshift and Prorender in a VM. Because a VM allegedly will not use the host OS' GPU. But I do not know much about this, and have no time to investigate and simulate hardware in VMware. It is MAXON's job, so to say. As I see it, it is up to MAXON to solve this now. In the mean time I use R20. They have to come up with a R21 update which will fix this, "real soon now", IMHO. And our support tickets are open, and I am sure they work on this. I hope someone else who has a working R21 with Redshift an post a screen shot of their Renderer menu drop down list. It is pretty quiet in this forum, BTW. In 2012, when I first started with C4D, the Café was bubbling over with posts. -Ingvar
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