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  1. Oops.. thank you! I could have sworn that I tried all options.. -Ingvar
  2. I have always used the mouse wheel to zoom in C4D. Functions prima. In R23, when I use the mouse wheel, the scene view will scroll up and down. To simulate the previous behaviour, I have to hold down Ctrl, in addition. This is unacceptable. So I wanted to turn of touch support. As we could before., However, the check box is gone. How do I fix this in R23? I want the mouse wheel bahaviour I had in previous versions back! -Ingvar
  3. Maybe we do not talk about the same.. What I mean, when I use the filter, I thought I would see all 275 polygons. -Ingvar
  4. Ok, when I apply the filter here, I see only a few polygons, out of the 275 existing, -Ingvar filtertest.zip
  5. Ok, thanks. Firstly, I just cannot get the filter to work properly. In my hierarchy, there are 275 polygons. When applying the filter, only a fraction of those will show up. Here is how I solved it - I pressed Ctrl + F1 and read the C4D manual I copied the hierarchy over to a new blank project. I then turned on the filter and right clicked, the chose Select all 'Polygon'. The rest is obvious, I now could cut, then paste all polygons in under another null. -Ingvar
  6. Hi, I have converted a MoText primitive to a huge hierarchy of nulls and polygons. What I want, is just to move all polygons up under the top "MoTextEncrypted" Null. I have tried the filter, in Object Manager, doesn't work as expected. How would you do this? -Ingvar
  7. Ok, I am an x-particles beginner. After I changed the default Sprite text font, the problem vanished. So you can overlook this question I think. The animation speed is now normal. -Ingvar
  8. I have a setup using xpFollowSpline. Everything works very fine. Have no questions here. Now, I want to use a Sprite with Sprite Type set to text. And as soon as I do that, the animation slows down to a crawl. Already when the total number of particles is 33. So - Cinema C4D can handle thousands of objects without being sluggish. What is going on here? A mere 33 letters in the viewport bringing x-particles down on it's knees? -Ingvar
  9. All in all, Dan, you have some real valid points. My (a little harsh) reaction to the R23 overall first-impression, stems from my feeling of MAXON releasing yet another tech preview. When it comes to the "wrong joint orientations", I fixed this myself with the C++ plugins I programmed myself already in 2013. Pity I don't have the time / resources right now to make these plugins mature enough the be public available. I also agree that the sum of the new animation enhancements is larger than one might think, just casting a glance at it. I am about to purchase an upgrade to R23 now.
  10. Yup - you found it! And, if you subscribe to the Truebones newsletter, now and then you will get "500 BVH files for free", or a whole bunch of other animations for a reasonable price. Considering the overwhelming amount of already captured animations out there - available and free, then Mocap inclusion in C4D is somewhat peculiar. It doesn't hurt. And it is nice. But it doesn't add any real value. -Ingvar
  11. Ok. No big problem. It just creates a dissonance with me. Let’s look at it this (my) way: MAXON C4D is a super professional 3D solution. MAXON C4D oozes quality, because of being programmed in an almost military-spec’d, or even space technology spec’d way. It is rock solid, hardly will crash, ever. MAXON C4D is a very expensive. These factors also apply to a Rolls Royce car. The feeling I got when saw these Mocap animations, was how I would feel if Rolls Royce came bundles with a set of extra gas station acquired tires, and that this was advertised. Tucked away in the trunk, ok.
  12. Have you tested it copying an animation form an FBX imported character? Tested it with imported BVH files, where the X,Y,Z axis is oriented differently than the C4D standard? Gimbal locks - catered for? What I reacted to the most, was the inclusion of Mocap files. Why? There are literally thousands upon thousands of free BVH Mocap files out on the Internet. If I recall correct, there is(was) a University or an official institution, that released their whole BVH library, for free. Besides of all this, you have Truebones where you can purchase thousands of mocaps. For biped
  13. The last year with MSA cost me 740,- € Upgrade from R21 -->R23 is 850,- € All prices are ex VAT To what extent the MSA was more expensive here in Norway, than in some other countries, I do not know. But probably. Now, considering that most stuff costs more this year, than last year, I didn't even lift an eyebrow, when I saw this price. As I have said, C4D is a super-expensive hobby/free time activity for me. I do live on the dream of publishing my C++ plugins, and perhaps make some money. But that will happen at the end of a long tunnel I am in now.. I have one strong princ
  14. Hi folks, thanks a lot for your replies. I contacted MAXON, and got a link to the shop where I can purchase an upgrade R21 --> R23. The price is approximately the same as my old MSA agreement. So, I have nothing to complain about, regarding this. In fact, if they continue to offer me an annual upgrade, like this, I am satisfied. I have had a look at the new features in R23. And here are my comments: I have no idea why I need Red Giant inside C4D. I feel these effects belong in post, in a video NLE, After Effects etc. I have no use for a realistic preview/render inside t
  15. Has everyone left? I purchased C4D R13 Studio in 2012, and was on the MSA all the time since then. I have all C4D Studio versions, including R21. Due to several reasons, I have lived under a stone the last months, when it comes to C4D. The start of September used to be the the highlight of the year, a new C4D version released!! This year - silence. What is the status now? Is there an R22? Will there ever be? Subscriptions is out of the question here. I use C4D for non-profit projects. I buy a version, own it, and can use it whenever I want. Take it out of the closet, brush off so
  16. Your'e hired! This work is so impressive - I have no words. For me, C4D is a tool used to get the message through. And this technique is even more efficient for this purpose than all the super-realistic renderings in the world there is. -Ingvar
  17. >If your MSA extends past our next perpetual release you will get that as well. It is impossible for me to get anything tangible out of this. I pay for software in order to get software licenses. The MSA was mostly convenient for MAXON, making it possible to forecast incomes and to better plan for the future. For the customers, it meant earlier access to releases, and favorable pricing. But at the end of the day, as a customer, you have to get perpetual licenses, otherwise it is money out of the window. For the time being, as opposed to the last years, it is not clear anymore
  18. My thoughts exactly. Firstly: Lots of Thank You to you, Cairyn, and to the others here who have given valuable input. I am happy to see you folks engaged in this, even if it is not your particular case here. I will reply to DMcGavran in a separate post. -Ingvar
  19. Hi Cairyn, now I am really confused. What you say here, is that it is business as usual regarding MSA? "MAXON told Greyscalegorilla that the MSA program will no longer continue" https://greyscalegorilla.com/2019/08/cinema-4d-redshift-subscription/ If you use the chart here, released from GeryscaleGorilla, there is no mention of the MSA whatsoever after September 2019. https://greyscalegorilla.com/2019/08/what-version-cinema-4d-buy-subscribe/ I am absolutely 100% confused. Not the least because it is not clear that there even will be a R22 at all / or wh
  20. I believe I did start paying for the MSA in October 2014. And not i January 2015. Which contradicts the statement that "MSA follows the calendar year". If this is the case, I have already paid for 5 full years. I will have to check my account books. -Ingvar
  21. But hasn't MAXON itself cancelled the MSA? ==== New MAXON Service Agreements are no longer available as of July 30, 2019. Renewals of MAXON Service Agreements will no longer be available after August 31, 2019. ==== https://www.MAXON.net/en/products/cinema-4d/new-in-release-21/faq/ As far as I understand, auto-renew isn't possible according to this. I will try to find the MSA agreement I have agreed upon. But there is something wrong here. -Ingvar
  22. Hi, isn't MSA history by now? I got an invoice today, from the Norwegian representative for MAXON. MSA payment. When I protest, they claim that the MSA follows the calendar year, and that I still have to pay, as long as it is 2019. Is this correct? Does the MSA follow the calendar year? Isn't MSA over and out, totally? What if I don't pay? Will my Perpetual license for R21 be rendered invalid? What about you, some of you are former MSA subscribers, do you still pay for the MSA? -Ingvar
  23. Thanks for the link. Very useful! -ingvar
  24. He he, we are connected! It is called quantum entanglement, or Spooky action at a distance https://www.cnet.com/news/einstein-called-it-spooky-action-here-is-an-image-of-it-for-the-first-time/ -Ingvar
  25. This is really fun. And shows that the dynamics in C4D is precise and accurate. Here is the video on YouTube that inspired me to test it in C4D: My project is attached. Have fun! -Ingvar The Dzhanibekov Effect.c4d


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