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  1. So I baked textures for a room and all was fine. I've moved onto a new room and I go to bake textures and this is happening. What on Earth? Now baking textures has never been C4D Renderers strongest suit (I literally cannot wait for Redshift to be available for the Mac) but I'm stumped on this one. This is an editor render This is what the texture bake looks like. This is a direct copy of the same light switch model in my other scene, the bake texture tag was set up the same as was the GI and AO in the render settings. I mean even th
  2. Hello C4D hive mind How would you go about displacing a pillow to make it look like a head is pressing down on it but there not being a head there. Soft body dynamics is just too slow with the complex mesh of the pillow so I thought simply a deformer with a spherical field animating downwards might do it? Just not sure which one is going to do that. Cheers
  3. Yeah, the two png images were the baked textures so not needed. Thanks for having a look though Hrvoje Thanks also for checking the file Cerbera. Ah well, I guess it's a limitation then...
  4. Anyone know how to get a baked reflection to work properly? In the two images you can see the difference between the two. The baked version basically becomes a hugely high contrast version which is unusable for me in my current project. I've basically; - put a material with reflection only on the plane object - baked out that reflection from a camera position - imported the baked object to put in the luminance channel. Any ideas? (scene files uses the Hot4D plugin btw) Reflection Bake Issue.c4d
  5. I'm making a pretty simple eye a a basic sphere with a texture. I need to be able to give the pupil a target to look at and animate the target for it to look around. But. I then need to be able to get that "moving" version mapped onto a stationary sphere. Kind of like being able to "project" the texture back onto a stationary sphere so that I end up with a texture that's moving over a stationary object. I need to use the target tag for animation so that I can be very specific with exactly where it's looking as it's in scale with other things around it.
  6. ah ok then. Thanks for the replies. L8rs
  7. I've just installed CV-VR for R20 and it doesn't seem to want to create render settings when I select the option. R19 works fine. Can anyone else confirm that this is a thing? Cheers A
  8. That's awesome news. I was one of the early testers for effete, and while powerful it was frustratingly difficult to use even for a relatively advance user. Here's hoping we get the simple UI of x-particles to make full use of it. The liquids you could do with it were amazing, but again I found the messier overly complicated and very rarely could create the same simulation twice without having to research step by step again. These were some of the things I did with it back then. Even had a whole bunch of tutorials (until the framework of the plugin changed)
  9. Hmmmmm....the move tool is great now that I understand it, but I'm still struggling to be able to actually set a UV point to be on the edge of the canvas before I even start to use the move tool. Theres no co-ordinates I can see for the uv point when it's selected. Do I need to maybe look into doing my UV editing in another program. I know a lot of people use something else, just trying to remember what it's called...
  10. Ah Brill. Thank you both. Transform tab is perfect CBR, that's what I need. Cheers A
  11. Anyone know if it's possible to snap UV polys to the edge of the texture area in order to get it perfectly aligned to the edge of the texture when in UV edit mode? Cheers
  12. Only just realized that the C4D layout colour of R13 is exactly the same as AE and Premiere. Looking so close to being an Adobe product now...

    1. JLeaburn


      Just got my CS5.5 Production Premium and had the very same thought earlier today while watching some training videos.

    2. rustEdge


      Even has the same location for the layout/worskpace drop-down list.

  13. Working far too hard and have to get up super early in the morning to take a phone call. Bliss! ;(

  14. Nicely Done NZ! You'll need the warmup for when you play England! ;0)

    1. 3DKiwi


      It was a good warm up. The Tongan team played very well in second half. They could do well against other countries. Looking forward to thrashing the Poms in the quarter finals.

    2. 3DKiwi


      England were damn lucky to beat Argentina.

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