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  1. Only just realized that the C4D layout colour of R13 is exactly the same as AE and Premiere. Looking so close to being an Adobe product now...

    1. JLeaburn


      Just got my CS5.5 Production Premium and had the very same thought earlier today while watching some training videos.

    2. rustEdge


      Even has the same location for the layout/worskpace drop-down list.

  2. Working far too hard and have to get up super early in the morning to take a phone call. Bliss! ;(

  3. Nicely Done NZ! You'll need the warmup for when you play England! ;0)

    1. 3DKiwi


      It was a good warm up. The Tongan team played very well in second half. They could do well against other countries. Looking forward to thrashing the Poms in the quarter finals.

    2. 3DKiwi


      England were damn lucky to beat Argentina.

  4. GOT IT!! Mwwwwwwwaaaahahahahaaaaa! R13 me up!!!

  5. Just got my MSA through the post this morning. Now all I need is my shiny R13 box!!!


  7. ARRRRGGGHH! Hard drive packed in just as I was about to do a backup! Lost two weeks of stuff. How much stress can one person take?

  8. conference call in a couple of hours, guess that officially marks the end of my holiday!! Boo!

  9. London is a War Zone!

  10. mmmm..... that was a tasty burger!

  11. Darn 7D decided the memory card was full when it was only half full! WHY WHY WHY!!!!! ;)

  12. Another wall plastered and ready for painting tomorrow...

  13. How much fun is this chat window once you realise you can comment on posts.... ;0)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. morpheus


      Heeeeeeeeee..... Yep! It's now one of my fave things on the site!

    3. Rantin Al

      Rantin Al

      Darn it! Bumped into second place again. ;0)

  14. Brilliant Short! http://vimeo.com/25541923

    1. Rantin Al

      Rantin Al

      Brilliant! Eat your heart out Mama Dolmio. ;0)

    2. morpheus


      Good aint it!

  15. There goes another job due to budget cuts......

    1. bobc4d


      yesterday our city cut 27 jobs, 11 of which were filled.


  17. Nicely done Brian! I too am now AE'ed and Rel12'ed up. All I need now is syntheyes and I am all set. So much to learn tho! Woot!

    1. morpheus


      Yep, it does the planar tracking which I have had a go with. 3D tracking is the one I need for doing some more fancy vfx though. I am basically a one man vfx house with my work in theatre (until I get the budgets to hire people in for days here and there).

      How goes the animation work? I remember back in the day when you were starting with rigging etc... I think we were at the same level once, and then you blasted off into the stratosphere... ;)

  18. and whether to go to the gym while listening to THOR soundtrack! ;)

  19. thinking about what to have for dinner

  20. You're lucky Nigel, I am actually in London!! ARrrrrrrrgggghhhhh! Maybe I will just suck it up and go out with my camera!

  21. HAHA! Summer is just beginning to start here Nigel! ;)

    1. Rantin Al

      Rantin Al

      Sweltering! The mercury has finally thawed out and has just hit double digits.

    2. 3DKiwi


      To be honest I'm looking forward to some cooler weather. Summer has been long and hot. Now at least I can sleep a lot better at night.

    3. bobc4d


      we/ve hit summer temps in April. the lows, 72 are the average high. we are also in an exceptional drought, 5" for the year 18" short since August 2010

  22. GOOD CALL NIGEL! hehehehe! ;)

  23. Watching render lines go down the screen.......yawn!

    1. Husse


      Me too,on two computers!

    2. 3DKiwi


      If you upgrade then you can watch squares instead :)

  24. I feel for you Shaun, I hurt my lower back two days ago and I have to carry my whole studio around with me at the moment. It's on the mend but needs another couple of days...

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