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  1. Those basic animation principals are based on physics and locomotion which predate the rules created in 1981 and will never change. Those basic animation principals are also based on the way organic life actually moves and that will also never change. Only the devices we use to execute such movement is updated. That said, I'm biased because I don't really like this sort of hyper surrealistic (Cool3DWorld) style.
  2. Does anyone know what plugin this icon is for? Saw it in a super sped-up Beeple live stream. Looks like it performs boolean operations.
  3. Yo! Today I noticed that the orange in my render was richer and more saturated when I Team Render than when I render locally. Nothing was changed between renders. Orange is created with Reflectance. The bottom layer is Lambertian for the color, the top layer is GGX, with blur and PET fresnel for the shine. Any idea why the shift in color? TEAM RENDER LOCAL RENDER
  4. Solved: AE was interpreting the footage incorrectly. Used the Interpret Footage function to reset the frame rate from 30 to 24fps. -Haam
  5. Afternoon - I've exported 1057 frames from C4D @ 24fps (screenshot-01), equalling 44 seconds of footage. But when I import the frames into After Effects, which is also set up for 24fps (screenshot-02), my footage is only 35.05 seconds! It's playing faster than it should too. I'm sorta' novice when it comes to AE, so if anyone knows what my issue is, and could lend a hand; that'd be awesome. Thank you! -Haam
  6. Wunderbar! I can't believe I didn't think of that first thing considering it's always an issue of some sort. Thank you!
  7. Hi - Could use some help with this one; been struggling for a couple hours! I have some cloned objects that are passing through a Plain effector, which scales them from -1 to 0, so they appear to be growing as they move upward through the effector. It's working fine, the cloner moves up and the objects appear to grow as they move up. My problem is that the objects aren't rendering as they pass through the Plain effector. If I turn it off, the objects render fine (but I lose my effect). Randomly, the objects pop back into the render several frames later (I.E. the animation is 545f-667f, and the cloned objects begin rendering at 610). I have 2 rigs set up like this and they are both doing it. In the attached images, you can see in the editor the objects as expected, but in the 2nd image, you can see they aren't in the render. Please help! Thanks in advance, Mike NOTE: The objects BELOW the black curtain are a different system. I'm referring to the lighter, smaller objects appearing above the curtain.
  8. It's worth pointing out that it's not completely obvious how to subscribe to a topic when you create a new one. If you're asking a newb question, it's likely you're not a regular to forums like these. Or maybe you have a question but you're not a forum junky like some of us, and again, you miss the option to subscribe. My point is, perhaps it's not always the fault of the asker.
  9. Oh, I see what you're saying. NVIDIA cards would already be supported. Got it!
  10. Right, but MAXON is saying "any" hardware. So, I'm curious if they will work with NVIDIA as well.
  11. Time will tell. I just appreciate a company who's more interested in serving users than filling pockets. I wonder if NVIDIA will play nice with MAXON to enable GPU processing on their platform as well.
  12. Wrong. It's that the content within that section is ridiculously sexist: "Pig-tails and pink ribbons?", "Filing finger nails?", "Dancing with more ribbons.?"...I'm no feminist, the content is just lame. And, if you can't see the blatant stereotypical, misogynistic undertones, then you're eyes are closed. Perhaps better graphics will encourage more usage...We are talking about site improvements here, aren't we?
  13. How about some new emoticons, or at least doing away with the "for girls only" group?!



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