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  1. Hi C4D once again I am in need of the communities expertise. I am currently trying to upgrade my rig and I am in need of some advice! I am currently running on: (image attached for details) Intel - I7 quad Core (RAM- 16GB) single GPU - GTX 1060 I am wanting a render PC and hoping any of you could give me advice on what and where to upgrade! Thank you Steeveo455
  2. i've been looking at my performance in task manager, soon as I hit play in view port using moving mesh, it completely sky rockets my memory and CPU usage, crazy stuff.
  3. If I had an arm long enough to reach to the south I would hake your hand sir :) Thank you so simple yet effective
  4. Ive changed the render instances and also changed open GL numerous times and it only helps maybe a micro second. I am honestly almost out of ideas. I have added the file below. Thank you shader effector.c4d
  5. Hi everyone. I hope this is simple to correct. i'm making a scene using shader/random and cloner set to 4*4*4 for a groovy animation. but i get 5 frames into the animation in my perspective window and it stutters/freezes. My set up is 16 core, I 7 - 3.4GHz with GTX 1060 any advice on how to make it better? picture below is my set up on pref and the scene i'm wanting to make, with out mats etc as of yet. Thank you Stephen



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