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  1. Could you not just use a tiled line texture in the alpha channel of a material on your landscape object?
  2. This might help. http://www.cineversity.com/vidplaytut/nab_2015_rewind_chris_schmidt# it's Chris showing how he made the Dumb and Dumber To titles. All soft body text with lots of control.
  3. And this could be useful too - http://nitro4d.com/blog/freebie/magic-merge/ Great for decimating the geometry and getting rid of all the unseen polys.
  4. The video seems to make a big deal about selecting all the child objects, but middle-mouse clicking the parent will select all the children then you can just hit the Connect & Delete. Job done. Or am I missing something?
  5. Wish I could get 5 months of research signed off by a client! Has anyone got an idea of the budget?
  6. A built-in version of the Blackstar Reference Shader - http://www.blackstar-solutions.de/reference_shader.php would solve a lot of time-consuming workflow issues. Most of the time that's all I really need a nodal system for anyway - linking the same node to many others. I do like the idea of the hierarchical method though. Could be very slick.
  7. Cheerio Nigel. All the best and many thanks for the site and tutorials. I even came third in a challenge! I may be following your decision soon. I haven't upgraded since R14 (despite having an R16 license) because there's not much reason to move. I use VrayforC4D for rendering arch viz stuff and the things that have been 'added' to versions since R14 have been pretty light for me - cogs, grass, motion tracker (I really don't get that one. Who does animation in C4D without AE/Nuke/Fusion? And all have their own trackers...). BodyPaint and MoGraph are (sorry, were) the killer apps in C4D. MoGraph is still great, but it hasn't had a decent update for years. And BodyPaint... it was so ahead of the game it used to be sold on its own, but now look at it. And don't get me started on TRS v. NetRender! There's still lot's to like about C4D - stability, simplicity, the object manager, tags, 'live' nurbs, text handling... But like many here, I'm just so disappointed that MAXON are letting the important areas languish or rot. It just doesn't feel like a modern DCC app to me anymore. Except where a third party has written something. So, Maya, Max or Modo? (maybe that's all MAXON need to do, change the name to something beginning with 'M'!)