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  1. Getting stuck into my project, I've just realised this rig has a gotcha moment. The last watch I used it for had a weird chronometer dial, so the minute hand of the chronometer zips around twice as fast as it should. To fix it you need to half the value in one of the range mapper nodes - see attached screen grab
  2. Cairyn & Jed helped me convert some old COFFEE code into python to breath new life into this rig for an analogue wrist watch with chronometer (stopwatch) & I thought to share it here. I can't really take credit for it, it was hacked it together from another free setup downloaded years ago - unable to credit them with the details unfortunately. Hope it's useful for someone! Watch_XpressoRig_200404.rar
  3. Thanks Jed, perfect To share the love I might re-post the set up in the xpresso channel as a free download for anyone wanting a watch rig.
  4. Thanks for the help so far, I've attached the original COFFEE version. Cairyn, this is for a professional job and I certainly don't want to take the peeved (*edit, I see the cafe still has it's heavy swear censor in place!). Hit me up by PM if you want to talk $$ WatchRig_02.rar
  5. Interestingly, I notice that if you're playing the time line and click ahead to a spot, the seconds hand will jump to the correct point, but then remain there. So it looks like it needs a prompt to update? Unfortunately, activating the 'Frame Dependent' check box doesn't seem to make a difference.
  6. Thanks Cairyn. I've cut n pasted the code into the python nodes and it's compiling with no errors but the setup still isn't working. It's a rig for the time mechanism of a watch, cut, pasted and hacked together years ago from an example I can't remember where I found it. The xpresso tag functions, but the python nodes seem to be outputting a '0' result for the time node, which means the seconds hand isn't turning. I've attached the stripped down rig if you want to take a look. Thanks for your time! Nigel WatchRig_01.rar
  7. Hey hey, very long time & no posting from me, hoping the community can be it's usual wonderfully helpful self! I've dug out an old project and need to convert a couple of COFFEE xpresso nodes to Python. Super simple, but I know next to nothing about this. The problem seems to be with the 'if' statements. Here's the two COFFEE scipts: ------------------ main() { if(cframe <= int(initframe)) out = 0.0; else out = varitime; } ------------------- main() { if(ctime == ltime) ntime = stime; else ntime = runtime; }
  8. Hey there, Has anyone found a way of accessing time tracks with the takes system? I'm trying to keep all my animations in one scene file so would really like to be able to disable the time track for certain takes
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