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  1. update: unfortunately I cannot get UV coordinates from the camera mapping even exporting the animation + texture obj and such creates an UV tag which is not working as intended Thanks again for your support! If I'll ever find a work-around I will update the post. First of all tx for helping me Cerbera! I indeed tried nailing down the camera mapped txt onto an UV before Fracturing the mesh, but never succeded. That's exactly what I am trying to achieve. Tomorrow morning I will try this again - maybe I missed something - but if I remember correctly I cannot generate UV coordinates (both options are grey); will be back with updates! Cheers!
  2. hello, thanks for helping! I tried it and - unless I missed something - it doesn't work. I will try to dig it a bit more thoug, thanks for the head up
  3. Hello everyone, sorry for the weird title, I didn't know how to make it clear I need help with a camera mapped texture applied onto a moving mesh (VFX for a short movie) This is my setup: 0 - I have a video take of an actor from which I created a roto matte. 1 - I fed the roto sequence into a Vectorizer 2 - Xpresso setup allows me to have an animated vectorizer output 3 - Extrude object allows me to obtain an animated mesh from the starting Roto sequence ---- All good till here ---- 4 - I have applied a camera mapped texture onto the extrude object; the texture is the original actor footage. 5 - I now have an animated 3d mesh with a camera mapped video applied. ---- Quite good till here, only issue is that I have to eyeball the texture mapping onto the mesh, but I can overcome this ------- PROBLEM STARTS HERE: I need to use a Voronoy Fracture to explode selected parts of this mesh while it moves, and obviously I need to have the texture to remain attached to the individual pieces, so the Camera Mapping trick no longer works. QUESTION: How can I attach a camera mapped texture onto a moving mesh? How can I basically make it an UV so that the fractured polygons mantain the projected texture? I tried "baking" into a .abc file, .obj, .fbx etc.. but none keeps the projected texture. I am running out of ideas here I hope I could explain myself! Thanks very much to anybody who might come and help me
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